Raoul Milhado is Trailblazing Crypto Luxury in the Blockchain Industry

Raoul Milhado is a lifelong entrepreneur. At the age of 13, Raoul built his first website. At 19, Raoul started his first company – a digital marketing firm. Since exiting from his first venture at 23, Raoul has founded several additional companies. The most recent of them, Elitium, was founded in 2017. Since then, Raoul has been serving Elitium as its founder and CEO.

In the initial years, Elitium aimed to build blockchain investment solutions that would redefine people’s interaction with money from the ground up. The idea developed as a follow-up to another company Raoul has been serving as a managing partner since 2016. The company is called Boatsters Black, a luxury charter yacht platform. Raoul first thought of developing Elitium while developing a p2p crypto payment platform for Boatsters, an yacht charter company that accepts payments in 55 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO.

Today, Elitium functions as an aggregate of wealth management products, each of which can be accessed through the Elitium App. Elitium also has a new-age investment platform known as ECAP or Elitium Capital. This Digital Share Platform allows users to invest in tokenized real-world assets. Elitium Capital is the only digital share platform that lets you invest in unique real estate, build a truly diversified portfolio, and become part-owner of luxury hotels, resorts and real estate properties through blockchain technology.

Raoul also contributes regularly as a thought leader through his articles on the crypto and blockchain industry. 

Professional Achievements

In his career so far, Raoul has founded many more companies apart from Boatsters and Elitium. The first company that he founded was called his marketing business, Brandfirm. After that, he kept on setting up new companies regularly. The list includes Appromoters, Gamemarketeers, Twenty-four, and Think BIG lifestyle. 

In terms of responsibilities handled and skills learned, Raoul led his online marketing company that served more than 100 clients. He acquired mobile application development skills that led to the foundation of Appromoters. He also ventured into advertising with a team of more than thirty people spread across offices from Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, to Los Angeles. 

Raoul also set up Lengers Yachts Spain in collaboration with Nick Gelevert Lengers. Lengers Yachts is focused on selling superyachts including reputed Italian brands like Sanlorenzo. Raoul has also worked as a motivational speaker to empower individuals and organizations with the tools of knowledge, technology, and spirituality. Raoul’s entrepreneurship inspires many to follow in a similar path.

The Vision

In building Elitium, Raoul aimed to capture the potential of the ever-growing crypto industry. To achieve this, Raoul keeps on introducing modern-day investment avenues that help clients explore a previously unimaginable independence, value, and growth. 

The broader vision of Raoul that binds all his crypto-projects in one thread is to expand the periphery of the new digital economy. Raoul believes that a more inclusive digital economy would be helpful for people to live a life of 3 primary pillars: growth, value, and independence.

Raoul does not believe in developing Elitium as a company that would only serve a certain segment of wealthy clients. For Raoul, everyone should have access to luxury and comfort befitting their budget. As his mission, Raoul is also keen to apply the principles of Artificial Intelligence to human’s inherent qualities. A major step towards innovation in the crypto industry.

Raoul’s Views and Opinions

Raoul believes that some radical shifts in the world of finance are imminent. According to him, to make the most out of these shifts, DeFi and CeFi should function in tandem. 

He also endorses the view that it’s the responsibility of the crypto entrepreneurs to educate people about the tenets of decentralized finance. He is also an advocate of decentralized technology in general, especially in the areas of internet and security. Raoul thinks that the practices of the new digital economy may sprout anywhere in the world. In one of his articles, Raoul emphatically says, “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

How Kiavon Buie is Telling His Story to the World Through Music

It was the legendary storyteller Hans Christian Andersen who once said that, “When words fail, music speaks.” Some of the world’s most famous musicians, both old and new like The Beatles or Coldplay, are also narrators who tell powerful stories through the songs they write and perform. For Kiavon Buie, music has helped him tell stories from his life and his many different heartbreaks; and he is now here to share these stories with the world.

Buie is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina. With a mind full of talent and a heart full of song, Kiavon Buie aims to take the world by storm and tell his stories with his music. He believes that music has helped many people find an outlet to tell narratives from their own life. It has become an effective avenue for people who want to express themselves.

Through his songs like “12 AM Thoughts,” “Thank You,” and “Amazing,” Buie narrates to the world his very own life story and all the things that he has gone through in his love life. A gifted songwriter, he truly is able to tell his story through tracks that are full of heart, well-written, and well-composed. Fans have described Buie’s songs as “fire” and “hard-hitting,” with some complementing how his “flow and lyrics matched [his] beat so perfectly.”

Buie has always had a knack for writing songs, all of which are inspired by real-life stories from his romantic pursuits. He believes that while not everything in his love life has been all sunshine and roses, he always tries to make the best of every bad situation and turn it into a beautiful record. As he says, “it makes [him] happy to see how you can turn a tragic heartbreak into a beautiful song.”

Even as a young boy, Buie always knew that he was going to grow up to become a singer. He grew up with a single mom and three brothers, all of whom are also musicians. As he recalls from his childhood, his mom always sang around the house, and he would always find himself joining along, even if he did not always sound well all the time. 

Music was something that Buie was interested in as a kid, and as he grew up, it became an outlet for him to get his thoughts and ideas out. He opened himself to many genres, which helped him fall in love with all kinds of music. Eventually, he was able to find his sound, and he knew that with his voice, he could help change the world through songs.

At the end of the day, Buie believes that he should not limit his music to a specific audience, and anyone can listen to him sing about his life and his heartbreaks. Knowing that love and heartbreak is something many people can relate to, and he hopes that his music will be able to speak to millions of people all around the world. 

To know more about Buie, you can check out his music down on his YouTube channel.

The Rise of Great Like Tony

There’s a rising rapper from Augusta, Georgia who’s primed to give rap a new kind of energy this year and he goes by the name, Great Like Tony. After releasing a few powerful tracks, collaborating with successful names in the industry, it’s undeniable that Great Like Tony is a rap artist to watch.

He writes, produces, engineers his own music, and most importantly, he has big dreams of taking over the world. From the looks of it, he’s got the makings of a hip-hop star. After years of making music on the low, he’s ready to bring his game to the next level, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. This passion just shows how this newcomer is serious in making his name and defining the rap game. 

His career seems to have had an impressive start when he first released his single, Goku, as an attempt to put his name out there. The first line, “I power up like Goku / Bitch, I feel like Goku,” alone is a sure chart-topping hit. It showed his effortless ability to make beats anchored with bouncy synths, pop rhythms, while he keeps a stash of flows and lit bars. Little did he know, this track will push his name to outstanding velocity, one where new listeners follow him in an instant and are waiting for him to release more. 

His arrival in the rap industry is a hot major-label prospect. He even proved himself more when he released his other tracks like “Real Ones Relate,” “The Box,” among a few. His collaboration, “Fiji Water” with D. Mill has also been loved by fans all over the world. Its chill vibes were something they haven’t expected from Great Like Tony, but it proved of his versatility.

Following the release of his songs, fans are loving what they’ve heard so far as he already shows the real potential of carving out a successful lane for himself. This upcoming star is ready to become the artist he was always meant to be. Great Like Tony has a lot to do to take over 2020 soon, but he’s willing to go hard to get there. After all, he knows what he’s capable of doing. “I’m the greatest,” he says. “And I won’t stop until it’s recognized.” 

Great Like Tony has recently released his collaboration with Tonto Coda. This is only a reminder to never sleep on what’s happening with him. Right now, he is shooting even far greater heights because there’s so much that this year has in store for him. And by that, he is on his way to produce more songs, collaborate more, and release more career-making tracks.

With so many possibilities at this time of his career, Great Like Tony should only focus on putting out music that will make him stand out from the rest. After all, at this rate, he’s already being hailed as the next star of Georgia’s rap scene.

Listen to Great Like Tony on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and follow him on social media, Twitter, and Instagram at @greatliketony.

JP Auto Transport On Fighting The Threat Of COVID-19 Together

If there’s something that people won’t forget, it’s a business that goes out of its way to help others amid the crisis. And one such business that has stuck to the value of giving back to the community is the premier car shipping company JP Auto Transport.

Moving to a different state or relocating a vehicle can be stressful and confusing, but JP Auto Transport makes the whole ordeal easier for people everywhere. The company offers local and nationwide car shipping services provided for residential customers, dealership groups, auto auctions, police departments, and government agencies in California. From Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Oregon, and Washington, the service delivers cars cross-state. 

JP Auto Transport has the honor of being one of the largest transporters of police and government vehicles in the state of California. The level of trust that corporations, government agencies, and individuals give to the company shows the quality and customer care that JP Auto Transport gives to their clients.

JP Auto Transport brings every customer that walks through their doors an extraordinary experience by providing full insurance coverage, all-inclusive quote, risk-free booking, and door-to-door services vehicle tracking. The company’s dedicated agents guarantee the status of every delivery. Satisfied clients have raved about JP Auto Transport because of their exemplary customer service and highly affordable price point.

“As an asset-based carrier, we own and operate our own trucks. At the same time, we also partner with over 1,000 independent drivers across the country,” Kevin Parada, owner of JP Auto Transport, explains. “Because of that, we can transport vehicles anywhere in the country, quickly and affordably,” he adds.

Since 2001, JP Auto Transport has safely and securely transported 300,000 new and used vehicles for manufacturers such as Tesla, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, among others. They offer services such as auto transport, international import and export, and warehousing and vehicle storage.

In 2019, JP Auto Transport gained the award of 2019’s Top Logistic Company by Best of Awards. And over the last three years, it has seen a 300% growth. However, beyond success and recognition is a brand that genuinely helps.

When California went into community lockdown, many counties and cities closed down shipping and public transportation. The Los Angeles-based five-star rated car shipping company JP Auto Transport unhooked their car carrier trailers to help move essential goods. They helped bring around goods, including ventilators, food, and protection masks. They also took extra steps to ease the financial burden of farmworkers in Oxnard by providing gift card donations to help with groceries and other essential items for people currently out of work.

JP Auto Transport owner Kevin Prada marks the COVID-19 health crisis as a call for businesses to step up and provide helpful services to the people, in whatever ways possible. He most especially focuses on the vulnerable, those who completely lost their source of income and have a harder time coping with this pandemic.

Today, as California partially reopens after the lockdown, JP Auto Transport is back in business for dealership groups, residential customers who are relocating, and customers buying vehicles online. JP Auto Transport continues to use its leadership in the industry by coming up with ways to help the communities affected by the crisis endure this period of uncertainty.

Read more about JP Auto Transport through their website.