Meet Ryan Alford: The Marketing Influencer And Visionary Entrepreneur Who Is Helping Brands Grow In Real Time Through His Ad Agency Radical

Pioneering new solutions is nothing new for many entrepreneurs and that includes Ryan Alford, the founder and CEO of Radical, a fast-growing South Carolina digital ad agency. After working at some of the most well known and respected agencies in the US, he founded and runs one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the Southeast.

Ryan has over two decades in the ad agency business and is one of the most experienced voices in digital marketing and social media. Ryan saw that client needs and technology were rapidly changing so he set out to fill the gap with Radical.

There are countless small agencies that have no experience in the real world of branding and sell themselves as digital experts to small and medium-sized businesses only to churn clients quickly because they do not service the account properly and cannot provide consistent results or solutions to marketing challenges. At the other end of the spectrum, you have large agencies that cost too much and are stuck in internal bureaucracy, put too much emphasis on  , while focusing primarily on selling retention models that are as old-fashioned as the titles everyone still clings to.” Ryan shares.

These reasons motivated him to start his digital agency Radical. He knew that the industry needed a fresh perspective that tackled the core gaps that businesses have, namely content creation at scale and innovative strategy that didn’t break the bank. Ryan had just the right ideas and experience to build an agency around this.

I started Radical because I knew there was a new agency model needed. An agency model with speed and efficiency at its core combined with real brand experience and innovative thinking. This is the model that businesses both large and small need today. Radical is built to meet the challenges that companies face in an omnichannel environment. Leveraging in-house content production with best in class web development resources and a no-rules creative think tank we are the agency for the new normal.” Ryan explains.

Ryan is also the co-founder of GVL Hustle, which was founded in 2017 by him and Tyler Harris as a way for two of Greenville South Carolina’s most influential entrepreneurs to offer their contribution to their locality through frequent networking events and other initiatives.

Now a successful entrepreneur, Ryan recommends for anyone to start their own business that they have patience no matter what and to know that creating a business takes time.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone starting a business is to understand that it takes time to build a sustainable business. Most start-ups fail because of a lack of patience. Even when the business concept is right and you have early success it takes patience to scale properly. There can be a rush to expand too quickly and with that comes more issues. You can start hiring the wrong talent. You can get overextended on cash flow. You don’t service your clients properly and take care of the customers that got you started.” Ryan advises.

Aside from continuing to grow his Radical Agency, Ryan is also focused on expanding his podcast, which is his way of sharing his insight with others as much as he can. Ryan believes that his techniques and skills could drastically help others who are interested in similar industries.

I am focused on expanding our company’s podcast, RADCast, as a means to share our marketing knowledge and provide value through guests who share their unique perspectives and strategies. I am also continuing to build my personal brand to facilitate more business opportunities for Radical and to create more speaking opportunities.” Ryan says.

Alex Saenz Shows What Is Possible If We Do Not Let Our Hardships Get The Best Of Us

Being young comes with many stigmas attached to it. Many people do not trust you and think your default behavior is recklessness. Alex Saenz is a young real estate entrepreneur. At 19, he pushed through these stigmas and finally made his first closing. This first deal changed everything for Alex. He was young and had already closed a sale and quickly began closing other sales. He began to expand his team and hire other agents to help build his business and close more sales.

“Having closed my first real estate deal by January 2016, I took off in real estate. I was 19 when I closed my first real estate deal! In 2016, still at the age of 19, I closed 12 real estate wholesale deals for $120,000 in revenue. Keeping living expenses low, I invested nearly everything back into business. I hired two sales guys to help hunt down more real estate deals, by 2017, the real estate company grew to five total team members!” Exclaims Alex.

Alex has never looked back since beginning his journey. His business took off and he was able to create his real estate business All in Entrepreneurs with his two partners: Carlos Reyes and Sal Shakir. He also has started creating youtube videos in which he shares his life story and ways to help others learn the tricks of the real estate trade.

“In 2017, my company closed 62 deals for $615,000 in revenue with more than 60% profit margins. This was all done at 20 years young. In 2018, being 21, I continued to grow my real estate company and Co-Founded ALL IN ENTREPRENEURS with his partners Carlos Reyes and Sal Shakir. In 2018, Over 100 deals were closed, and it was the first 7 figure year in business and I was only 21. Fast forward to 2020, I have closed over 300+ deals with my 7 figure real estate acquisition firm.” States Alex.

Even though Alex was doing well in his life, he wanted to go from good to great. This change needed to come from his internal work. Hardships during our childhood years often have a long and profound impact on our lives. Alex Saenz experienced a childhood full of difficulties and hardship that he was able to overcome and become the person he is today. Instead of letting it get him down, he used it as fuel to achieve his dreams.

“I grew up in west phoenix from very humble beginnings. I lived in a trailer park from the age of 13-18. During the ages of 13-18, my parents divorced and I dealt with a lot of emotional and mental issues such as anxiety, depression, loneliness and abandonment. Having felt all this, I worked my butt off in highschool and graduated with a 4.2 GPA.” Recounts Alex.

With this kind of GPA, Alex had the opportunity to go to plenty of elite colleges. Instead, his interest was piqued by real estate investing. Though he had very little money in his bank account, Alex wanted to achieve his goal of making six or seven figures, so he began his venture into real estate.

“At the time of jumping into real estate, I had less than $500 in his bank account. This was Money I had saved up from working at a grocery store pushing carts where I only made $7.50 an hour from pushing carts. Having no emotional or financial support, I dove into real estate head first by door knocking and putting signs out on street corners. It took me nine months to get my first real estate wholesale deal. During this time, my mom moved to Nevada, which was 18 hours away. I then had to move into my friend’s house and work out of my friend’s little brother’s room, which was spiderman themed. I started to dig deeper and work harder by marketing for real estate deals.” States Alex.

Though Alex has faced numerous challenges, he has worked hard to overcome them and achieve his goals. He has always had a good mindset, which has helped him come as far as he has at such a young age. In the future, Alex hopes to keep expanding his real estate business as well as continue pioneering his new solar power company.

“I am a millionaire now, currently 23 years old, building more companies, earning 6 figures monthly through real estate, and consulting solar and SAS (tech/software) companies. I am most excited to help others overcome poverty, bad programming and helping younger entrepreneurs achieve success at a young age!” Remarks Alex.

If you want to learn more about Alex’s amazing life story, you can check out his Youtube channel by subscribing to Alex Saenz on Youtube. In addition, you can follow him on Instagram @alexsaenz and check out his business at

World’s #1 Sales Coach Daniel Guaragna Explains His Top Secrets For Closing Deals

Entrepreneur, influencer, and public speaker Daniel Guaragna is a hard man to track down. In our interview, we discuss how he founded Canada’s number-one sales agency and his future plans in the midst of the current pandemic.

Paula Henderson: Tell me a bit about yourself, Daniel.

Daniel Guaragna: Where to start… I am the founder of Canada’s number-one sales agency and sales training company and have been recognized as an internationally renowned speaker on sales and business. 

PH: At age 26, you have already accrued more than $35 million in sales, yet you say you haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

DG: That’s right. Having already achieved so much with my own professional sales agency, I now hope to take my expertise and share it with other entrepreneurs. As the founder of “The Sales Agency” and one of the world’s top sales trainers, I am now focused on taking both of my companies collectively to $100 million in sales in the next 12 months. 

PH: That’s a lofty goal… Any idea how you’ll hit $100 million in sales during a worldwide pandemic?

DG: I’m glad you asked, Paula. My goal has always been the same: Impact first, income second. Over the last two months my company has actually been able to train more than 50,000 entrepreneurs all over the world using Zoom and through adapting our business to other online tools.

PH: Did you say 50,000? That seems a little hard to believe!

DG: The simple word for it is “pivoting.” Instead of holding back during a time like this and thinking that it’s bad to push and sell products, we did the exact opposite. If you really believe in your product and service and you think it can make a significant impact, there is no reason that you can’t market it, even in times like these.

The truth is that there are going to be losers and big-time winners when this pandemic is over. The only thing that will decide them is their ability to adjust and pivot their strategies. My goal over the next two months is to help another 100,000 business owners and salespeople focus time and energy on prospects who most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.

PH: But how can you expect to produce success while training so many other entrepreneurs?

DG: It’s quite simple, actually. We use a common language and common process for going after sales opportunities in every industry possible, from b2b sales companies, to network marketing companies and direct sales companies. My main focus is on helping not only my own sales team but other sales companies thrive by determining early on in the sales cycle when to go after deals, and when to walk away from those with a low probability of success.

PH: When you say “common language and common process,” what does that mean exactly?

DG: It means that we train each client and prospective entrepreneur with a powerful set of questioning and uncovering tools that can help them determine whether or not a deal is the right in the first minutes of conversation. It’s something I call the “world-class conversation formula” and it hasn’t let me down yet. 

PH: Alright, so if I understand you correctly, there’s some type of “secret formula” to making an effective sales pitch. Is that what you’re getting at?

DG: I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds! My secret sauce is simply ensuring that the buyer is the one begging for a sale to be closed and not vice-versa. 

After selling for the last decade, I have realized that every sales trainer and manager teaches their team the same basic principle: how to “push” their clients to a decision. I’m just the first one to cut through the fat and get straight to the meat of the matter. The modern day sales rep and entrepreneur really just have to focus on these three things:

  1. Dig deep and discover the issues behind the potential purchase
  2. Assess whether or not the deal is truly right for the prospect.
  3. Then educate, share, and help prospects understand what they’re buying

PH: Not so complicated after all! Daniel, do you have any advice for those out there hoping to follow in your footsteps?

DG: Don’t wait! No matter what you see outside your door or hear on the evening news, there is no better time than the present to start your own sales career. My goal is to help each entrepreneur I train focus time and energy where it counts, something that every salesperson should strive for.

PH: Thank you Daniel.

DG: Thank you Paula.

Find Daniel Guaragna’s award-winning sales course here or follow him on Instagram for updates on all the latest sales techniques.


Interview Took Place on June 2, 2020 and this transcript has been edited for clarity and length. 

ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards: The Search for the Rising Star in the Art Scene

Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello during the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards 2019 at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Yearly, the ArtTour International Masters (ATIM) Award Ceremony recognizes the best artworks, artists, and artistic achievements all around the globe. This year, amidst the pandemic, ArtTour International continues the search with ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards for 2021.

Art comes in all forms. It has become a part of everyone’s life, even in the smallest details. Art has revolutionized throughout the years, and artists have raised the bar in pouring their souls into their works.

Just as how the music industry has the Billboard Awards and how the film industry has the Academy Awards, most often known as the Oscars, the art industry, too, recognizes the efforts of the best outputs in its sector.

ArtTour International Magazine, in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Create4Peace, has given art veterans and enthusiasts something to look forward to. Each year, the event travels to a new country in a quest to find new sets of individuals that express themselves through art. Since its foundation, the ArtTour International Masters Awards has paved the way for artists from all over the world to advance in their careers and be recognized.

Worldwide, with over thousands of artists aiming to reach the award, only the top 60 selected outstanding artists will be chosen. The reason why the ArtTour International Master Awards has been the most-awaited and highly regarded award program in the international art scene is due to its uniqueness. It is one of a kind program that has successfully united artists in a momentous magnitude while recognizing their works.

Once these artists step into the light of the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards, various opportunities await them in the real world. Noted as “the Oscars of the Visual Arts,” the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards aims to gather the best artists of different art styles and origins in one setting. As artists link together in the program created by ArtTour International Magazine, they will earn global recognition for their careers and activist works. The Top 60 Masters will also promote global peace awareness through intercultural exchange.

Behind the success of this program are the work of a team and the creation of two artists themselves, Viviana Puello and her partner, Alan Grimandi. Together, they have pioneered a multimedia platform for the company ArtTour International. This enabled them to reach out to up to ten million more people.

When asked the reason for creating the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards, Puello says the thing that keeps her moving is believing “in the power of art as a catalyst of change.” She hopes to help artists voice out their messages and have a “positive impact that will elevate global consciousness.”

As Puello understands the hardships of being an artist, she uses her experience to help others succeed with art as an inspiration-driving tool. Now, she is on a mission to continue to support artists at their fullest potential. Using the platform she has, Puello hopes more people will acknowledge and recognize artists and their artwork to combat society’s stigmas. This includes the yearly event, ArtTour International Masters Awards, that will be celebrated next spring in Florence, Italy.

The search for the new set of top 60 masters for the year 2021 has begun. Artists and fans can sign up and nominate in the ongoing search. Visit the ArtTour International  website or the ATIM Top 60 Masters Award page for more information.

PickupAlpha Provides Dating Solutions for the Modern Bachelor

The dating world is a fierce jungle. While some men have succeeded in their search for companionship, there are still bachelors out there who need a little nudge. Whether they are too busy with their careers and business or have zero background in interacting with women, Michael K. of PickupAlpha sets out to help single men in their dating lives. 

The company focuses on launching bachelors looking into self-development and improving their interactions with women by meeting them in person, online, or through a social circle. After being in the game for over ten years and interacting with more than 30,000 people across the globe, Michael is an expert in breaking down social dynamics and dating principles that would ensure success for any man, regardless of ethnicity and demographics. 

PickupAlpha offers a wide range of services that would cater to the needs of its diverse clientele. First, the company has a standard boot camp, a weekend program where clients fly straight to Las Vegas, a city where women from all over the world flock. Michael starts the program with a classroom session and ends with practical applications.

Secondly, PickupAlpha offers an immersion program where clients live with Michael in Vegas for a week up to a month. The process allows the bachelors to explore the city every night. “This significantly accelerates their learning curve and they get rid of social anxiety,” Michael said. 

For clients who can’t fly out to Vegas, PickupAlpha employs a comprehensive Skype coaching program where clients meet with Michael at a regular interval. The dating coach gives them tangible steps and homework on how to land dates. Michael also closely monitors their progress in every step.

Lastly, PickupAlpha also extends its expertise through a premium video program called, a platform where clients get new content on dating on a monthly subscription. “Some videos talk about core concepts and theory on what builds attraction, how to never run out of things to say, how to be comfortable in all situations, how to get physical, how not to be needy,” Michael said. Other content in the program includes a wide variety of filmed real-life situations and locations.

Michael is also one of the few dating coaches who equip clients with wireless microphones and records their interactions. By doing so, Michael can review their encounters later or provide real-time feedback while the date is happening on-site. The dating coach is genuinely the upgraded wingman every bachelor needs to ace their dates and become the perfect gentlemen.

Michael relates to most of his clients on PickupAlpha. Michael refers to himself as a book nerd growing up and was raised by traditional Asian parents. While he excelled in academics, the dating coach has minimal skills when it comes to interacting with women. Today, most of his clients are college-educated and excel in their careers and dominate their chosen fields of business. They fly from Europe, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world to work with PickupAlpha.

On top of his dating expertise, Michael is also a talented photographer and a social media influencer. He helps men improve their A-game by taking stunning and irresistible photos for their Tinder profiles. Vegas Tinder Photography is a company that improves the overall image of bachelors, ensuring that their profile photos reflect their personalities and lifestyle. Michael also manages one of the longest-running channels on Youtube, Squattincassanova and PickupAlpha. He has over 300 videos and combined views of over 15 million and almost 100,000 subscribers on both channels. 

Michael and PickupAlpha focus on being a well-rounded and reliable partner every bachelor needs to improve their dating lives. As the dating coach said, no one can learn the dynamics of social interaction by reading books. One needs to get out there and make things happen. Being a heavy investor, Michael makes sure that every man he works with gets the woman of his dreams. 

To learn more about PickupAlpha, visit their website and YouTube channel.

ZUDO: A Jewelry Brand With A Conscience

It’s rare to have a jewelry line that goes beyond aesthetics, and goes out of its way to ensure it is making an impact within communities around the world. What is mostly a profit-oriented industry for many of its competitors is not the same for ZUDO – a growing jewelry brand that is mindful of the beauty within every culture, language, and race. More than growing economically, ZUDO is about making a difference in the lives of its clients and the world in general. 

To be inclusive, even in the concepts behind their designs, is what the founders of the company envisioned from the beginning. Recognising an undeniable gap in the market with regards to the availability of personalized jewelry for underrepresented groups, the ZUDO founders made it their most important company values to pay homage to the rich culture of their customers. 

Initially, the founders came up with designs that attributed to their South Asian and Muslim heritage. These include customizable pendants, pieces with a spiritual significance such as the must-have staple Allah medallion necklace as well as elegant cuffs that serve as a reminder to always remain patient, kind and grateful. With their thrust to make ZUDO inclusive, the company released empowering collections that featured a wide array of hometowns in the form of a necklace or ring. This collection was called Represent Your Roots. 

One of the many things that people seem to love about ZUDO’s jewelry collection is its durability and quality. Each item can be worn while swimming in the ocean, sweating it out in the gym, or simply enjoying a cool and vibrant vacation in a humid location. Their pieces will never tarnish or rust. ZUDO’s excellent craftsmanship is something that remains unmatched up to this day. 

“ZUDO isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of brand. We go out of our way to make sure our pieces are perfectly created for each individual. Each piece has personal elements that are open to flexibility. All of our jewelry is timeless – in the sense that they will quite literally last forever! We test them in water for weeks, rigorously test their durability and yet they will never lose their color or tarnish,” Ibraheem Nadeem explains. 

Ibraheem Nadeem is the founder of ZUDO. The idea of developing the business came about when he was in search of the perfect gift that would match the beautiful personality of his would-be wife, Zuni. The search turned out to be quite challenging, but he refused to give up. He realized that there isn’t much in the market that represented their South Asian Muslim heritage. This served as the inspiration to build a brand that would later become a company that allowed clients to be well represented. ZUDO is all about creating a personal experience for clients and allowing them to celebrate their diversity. 

Aside from promoting inclusion, ZUDO contributes to organizations that promote mental health and support victims of sexual violence. They are active partners of Heart Women & Girls and MannMukti. Creating awareness on these pressing social concerns is crucial and ZUDO encourages their customers to break the silence on these topics. The result is a meaningful movement of change. The founders intend to take their advocacy a notch higher in the future by building shelters and wells for impoverished communities. 

Learn more about ZUDO by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram account for the latest.

After Finding Her Self-Worth, Niki Srinivasa Works to Influence the Fashion Industry With Inclusion

The fashion world is among many industries in the creative world that are continuously evolving. Niki Srinivasa is one of the many designers who is thriving and innovating the industry. Her passion for the fashion industry started as she grew up. 

In an age of technology, people take in the images and information they see in the media. The norm was being tall and beautiful. Niki was often bullied for her looks, and like many others, she struggled with self-worth. The lack of representation in the media discouraged her for so long.

Eventually, she realized that she wasn’t the problem and that the messages being portrayed were the root of the trouble. A spark lit a fire in her, pushing Niki to become a force for change and champion acceptance, equitable opportunity, female empowerment, and body positivity. She carried these values into her vision, brand, and mission.

She delved into fashion, dedicating herself to finding sustainable ways of creating exciting and unique clothes that make people want to wear and remain environmentally friendly. Whether it is creating fabric from existing textiles to turn into new garments or using natural dye, Niki is always looking to create a sustainable supply chain from top to bottom.

Her journey in the fashion industry began when she collaborated with Modcloth in a round-table discussion. They centered around female empowerment, and Niki was invited to join filming the promo for The Women’s Choice Awards. It was in that event that she showcased her debut collection, which impressed the audience.

She later received an International Design Award at New York Fashion Week, earning the name “one to watch talent” by Flying Solo. She was given the opportunity to showcase her collection in Paris Fashion Week. She would later participate in various media events through companies like Fashion Mingle and Fashion Week Online.

Niki even got the chance to participate in the annual event Vogue Forces of Fashion. After, a flood of opportunities came her way, allowing her to learn from many people and organizations and collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger.

Having found great success, Niki aims to build a global enterprise and revolutionize the fashion and entertainment industries. She has found an opportunity in the sustainable and humanitarian-serving areas which are unique and have largely remained untapped. 

Another area that Niki aims to influence is proper representation in the media. With a new movement that’s continually making people more aware of what they say and do, she feels representation is critical and badly needed for more inclusive approaches that should be adopted in entertainment and fashion.

What makes Niki so unique in the industry is that while others have a competitive mindset, she takes a more collaborative approach. There is often too much room for toxicity in some spaces that is usually counterintuitive. She believes that there is always room for everyone and enough space to go around.

In this time of the pandemic, Niki hopes to develop ideas to help contribute towards those in need and frontliners.

To know more about Niki, you may visit her website or follow her on Instagram.