3 Key Principles eCommerce Educator Kevin Zhang Teaches His 6-Figure Students

Kevin Zhang is best known for rising out of thousands of dollars in credit card debt to generating $20 million in eCommerce sales within his first year of business. While his story is undoubtedly incredible (even more so considering that he is only 24 years old) Zhang believes that this type of performance is entirely possible for anyone with the right strategy and mindset. In the past 8 months, Zhang has set out to prove his hypothesis by shifting more of his attention to the eCommerce education space. Whether it’s speaking at renowned marketing conventions like AffiliateWorld Asia 2019 or leading a weekly live coaching call for the thousands of students in his comprehensive incubation program — eCommerce Millionaire Mastery — Zhang seeks to share his hard-won strategies with the next generation of eCommerce entrepreneurs. During these sessions, regardless of the technical content covered, Kevin generally communicates three key principles for eCommerce success. Unlike much of Zhang’s other content, these principles are not specific strategies for improving conversions or increasing clicks on an ad; instead, they are general maxims he abides by in order to increase his odds of success across the board.

Build a Brand

Central to Kevin’s eCommerce success is his unique approach, which he calls Branded Niche eCommerce (BNE). As the name would suggest, BNE entails creating stores that focus on a specific collection of related products, rather than a single product or an assortment of unrelated products (general store). This strategy offers superior marketing possibilities and protection from competitors. It is difficult to steal customers who are loyal to a brand itself and not just to the product being sold. Regardless of the niche, Kevin Zhang’s students are encouraged to focus on key branding elements such as eye-catching logos, consistent color schemes, and compelling product descriptions. To date, students have created hundreds of successful BNE stores, spanning from fitness apparel to cooking supplies. In a recent internal survey, Kevin’s eCommerce Millionaire Mastery program found that 54% of students who launched a store as a part of the program were profitable within the first few months. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Regardless of the problem, Kevin Zhang has found that the answer generally lies somewhere in the numbers. While this lesson is straightforward, its application can prove difficult. Kevin once spent two days crafting a beautiful ad only to launch it and watch it achieve lackluster results. Instead of accepting the data showing him that the ad was not resonating with his audience, Kevin continued spending money in an attempt to make the ad campaign profitable. It took him a few days of losses to realize his personal attachment to the ad had overridden his ability to accept the data proving its poor performance. 

Prioritize Customer Experience

Customer service is key to any successful business venture and eCommerce is no different. Whether it is timely responses to email queries or adopting forgiving return policies, Kevin Zhang recommends that all of his students pay close attention to the needs of their customers. A customer-centric approach may feel tedious at times, but the long-run payoff is immense as it allows a business to stay in operation longer. Zhang learned the profound difference a proper customer support response can make after his customers’ shipments experienced an unexpected delay. He promptly notified each customer of the delay, apologized for the inconvenience, and offered them a choice between their order being canceled and refunded or receiving a courtesy discount. The customers were so impressed by the brand’s transparency and rapid response that the majority opted for a partial discount, saving the company thousands. 

Kevin Zhang is adamant that students who apply these principles diligently will achieve success in eCommerce, and for those who struggle he is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it is his weekly coaching calls, student website reviews, or even the simple act of answering a Facebook question, Zhang’s commitment to his mentees is clearly evident. He plans to continue updating his course and looks forward to a new wave of 7-figure eCommerce success stories.

Ahaumna and the Spiritual Journey That Led to the Success of Her Brand

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, and life alchemist Ahaumna has always been in tune with the spiritual world. At the tender age of eleven, she had begun studying spirituality, consciousness, psychology, and metaphysics to understand better the pain she was living with. This helped her grow the abilities that now allow her to communicate with things beyond and of this world.

Linking with forces above comprehension, Ahaumna once gave up her material possessions to begin her spiritual journey. The young entrepreneur built her international business at the age of 27, supporting people from all walks of life to become free from the cycles of scarcity, suffering, and survival. 

Ahaumna credits her success to the time when she was spiritually guided to donate everything she owned in her two-bedroom home in Los Angeles and let go of her part-time job. Without the comfort she has been used to, she began living in her car for a year, driving all over the United States of America, going into homeless communities, and allowing herself to experience people, experience herself without anything.

At the time, the life alchemist spent a lot of time in the forest, reflecting on herself and finding her purpose. “I was on track in university to go into the FBI,” she reveals, “and, well, I realized that that was not the way I could really help people to heal and be free, so I needed a period of being nothing, of having no money, no resources, nothing other than my instincts and intuition to guide me to where I was meant to go.”

As she found new ways to connect to the reason for her existence, Ahaumna began building her business while traveling the world. Starting her brand came to her after sitting on a mountain top without a dollar to her name when the spirit of money came to her and showed her she was ready to claim her wealth, to begin charging for the services she had previously offered for free.

She put together her brand online, and, in just her first year, hit the six-figure mark. Using her realizations and the connection she has built with the world and the people around her, Ahaumna helps people take charge of their lives through spiritual healing. She provides solutions to the three S’s plaguing our society: Scarcity, Suffering, and Survival. 

Arising as a leader in the coaching industry, Ahaumna inspires people to make their dreams financially and spiritually a reality. With a degree in Criminal Psychology, advanced degrees in Metaphysics, Ahaumna is a certified yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner, and an ordained minister. Connecting with her audience, she has grown her clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient abilities that have helped her better serve and understand her reach.

Ahaumna continues her services and expands her audience to let more people know that there is someone who cares about them and believes in them even if they have lost faith. “I want them to know that their life means something and that whatever they are going through they can overcome it, that there is support available,” she shares. 

Through her spiritual work, she inspires her audience to change their lives, take the next big step, and reach out to her for support. “Most importantly,” she adds, “I want them to know that they are worthy of their wildest dreams and their life matters.”

The spiritual teacher will be conducting a playshop this August 30 entitled “Unfuck Your Mind.” The event is designed to assist people whose mental health has suffered in these trying times, helping them unplug from the toxic stress, anxiety, and fear that the pandemic has caused. It will be available worldwide as a virtual event lasting four hours. 

Reach out to Ahaumna and learn more about her August playshop through her official website.

Achieving Goals and Self-Fulfillment with Pulse Fitness LA

Some people can understandably find solace in being able to touch up oneself at any aspect of life. It could be in the form of achieving success in academics, or by attaining a new milestone. True enough, accomplishing self-fulfillment propagates an incontrovertible feeling of positivity. And for the fitness enthusiast, Lane Daspit, self-realization is found in improving one’s bodily physique in order to accomplish and sufficiently maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Lane Daspit, more prominently known for his healthy outlook in life, has vehemently encouraged everyone to take a step towards having a better lifestyle. And determined to send this message to people who aspire to achieve self-complacency, Lane created an avenue where he can guide and support these individuals from the beginning of their journey until the end.

Nestled at the heart of the resplendence of Los Angeles, Pulse Fitness LA is a brand established with love for helping others attain the best version of themselves. It is strategically designed to facilitate people in making a holistically salubrious shift without losing oneself in the process. It is a place where they can feel accepted regardless of who they were in the past and what they aspire to become.

Pulse Fitness LA is a boutique gym that offers tailor-fitted services for every individual to feel comfortable and see results at full tilt. While some gyms provide cookie-cutter methods to achieve a particular outcome, Pulse Fitness LA considers the particularity of each person’s needs and disposition, which propelled them towards customizing the services that the gym lays out.

Highly devoted to giving their clients facilities that cater to the latter’s idiosyncratic needs, Pulse Fitness LA took the initiative of continuously innovating to respond to the demands of this ever-changing world. Instead of the run-of-the-mill methods, the gym provides an array of diverse classes, ranging from boxing, HIIT, yoga, Les Mills, step, and core. It also walks clients through strength and circuit training and holistically engaging boot camps.

But aside from the alacrity that their training and classes exude, Pulse Fitness LA decided to launch a custom app for their members to have unlimited access to the club’s news and neverending promotions. As the epitome of technological advancement, the app also serves as a platform where clients can browse class schedules and reserve a spot to attend. This fresh take on innovating procedures removes the crucial step of going to the gym 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time for clients to ensure their place in the class.

Although Pulse Fitness LA is a gym that inherently holds the promise of changing lives for the better, this noble intention did not come naturally from trivial matters. Behind this overpowering pledge lies their founder and the team who are driven to work and create a place that serves as an outlet for different individuals across Los Angeles. Because of this determination to transform the lives of people for the better, the team inaugurated a gym that recognizes the value of keeping fit in the pursuit of becoming healthy. 

At the core of self-fulfillment lies the power of having a sound support system along the process. With Pulse Fitness LA supporting every individual in their pursuit of self-realization, the road seems a bit brighter.

To know more about Pulse Fitness LA, you may visit the gym’s website.

Trapani Law Firm Recovers $2 Million In Allentown Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Trapani Law Firm is proud to announce a $2 Million Allentown Personal Injury Settlement for a Lehigh Valley premises liability accident. Sadly, the victim of the Lehigh Valley personal injury accident lost his life in the Allentown PA gas explosion accident. The victim suffered his Allentown wrongful death at the scene of the Pennsylvania gas explosion accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his entire family.

Allentown personal injury attorney Matthew Trapani had the following to say: “We have been honored to represent the deceased’s children, mother and entire family. As a result of this Lehigh Valley personal injury settlement, the family will have the resources to rebuild their lives. Our Allentown injury attorneys are very satisfied with the outcome of this personal injury wrongful death settlement and feel that justice was appropriately served.” Any further details regarding this Allentown wrongful death lawsuit settlement are confidential.

The Trapani Law Firm tirelessly represents personal injury victims and families across the Lehigh Valley and Allentown, PA, area. Attorney Trapani has recently been involved with infant personal injury lawsuits caused by child inclined sleepers made by Fisher Price, Kids II, and Dorel Juvenile Group USA. If your baby has lost their life or suffered a personal injury, while using a baby inclined sleeper, do not hesitate to call the Trapani Law Firm to speak with an Allentown personal injury lawyer. Furthermore, Attorney Trapani and his team have earned a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on numerous google reviews.

Kristie S., a client from the Lehigh Valley PA said, “Matt has been more than helpful in all advice I’ve asked for. Not only was he conducive to MY schedule, he went out of his way to get back to me right away. He’s loyal, trustworthy and always offers honest advice. I’d recommend him and his practice time and time again. Thank you, Matt for all your hard work and dedication to making sure I felt like a priority and not just another client!”

The Trapani Law Firm handles Allentown personal injury lawsuits across the Lehigh Valley, PA. They represent individuals who have been seriously injured in car accidents, medical malpractice, tractor-trailer truck accidents, birth injury lawsuits such as cerebral palsy negligence, premises liability, cancer malpractice, infant inclined sleeper cases, wrongful death, child sexual assault, brain injury cases and product liability mass torts such as Roundup cancer cases and Johnson & Johnson talc powder ovarian cancer lawsuits. 

The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm understand the anxiety and stress that accompany a personal injury accident. Call the Trapani Law Firm if you or a family member have suffered a severe personal injury due to the fault of another individual or company.

To learn more about the Trapani Law Firm, visit the firm online at its official website or call them at (610) 351-2330.

Rising Star Emoedagreat Serves as an Inspiration Through His Artistry and Passion

Humble beginnings have always served as an inspiration for others. There is comfort in the thought that success can grow from barren origins, reminding people that where they came from does not dictate where they would end up in life. Eric Lattimore, better known as Emoedagreat, hopes to shed light on the fact that dreams can be achieved as long as people dare to pursue them. 

Hailing from Gaffney, South Carolina, Emoedagreat could not remember a time when music did not run in his blood. All his life, he has always had an affinity for music and entertainment. And armed with the passion for pursuing the craft and making a name for himself in the industry, he moved to Los Angeles and demonstrated exceptional excellence in expanding his brand reach. 

This musician, who has achieved partnerships with YouTube and Facebook this year, is taking the industry by storm by showcasing that he has what it takes to create a massive impact in the entertainment realm. Unlike other artists in the scene, Emodagreat does not have a major deal backing him up but is nevertheless creating a solid path to the top of the field. 

Independently making a unique standing for himself, Emoedagreat has crafted his own marketing and ad campaigns. He has successfully figured a way to reach millions of people daily by banking on his inherent creativity and business competence. Recently, this rising star dropped his first solo singles, No Kap, Get It In, Bounce Back & Double Up and these hits are from his anticipated upcoming album, Bugatti Truck Music, which is set for release in January 2021. 

Emoedagreat’s edge as a musician rests on his refusal to be boxed in. With no limit to the style of music he wants to delve into, he aims to become the first artist to have a number one hit in every genre. He takes pride in the masterful way he blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop, infusing them with his soulful vibe, to come up with banging tracks that are guaranteed to spark the interest and gain the love of listeners worldwide. 

This multi-talented artist is planning to be a household name in the different areas of the entertainment industry. Right now, he is also pursuing a career as an actor and is the brilliant mind behind numerous short films, skits, and TikTok content. And dipping his toes into the business of labels, Emodagreat is preparing to launch his very own label called Carolina Plug Music Group (CPMG). 

CPMG, which will be introduced to the market in January 2021, will serve as a platform for artist development and talent management. It is an avenue for other aspirants to learn the trade. With Emoedagreat’s guidance, people who are hoping to make it in the industry will understand how to nurture their artistry and how to enhance their business proficiency. 

Taking part in community events, Emoedagreat has given away toys to over two hundred children to celebrate Christmas and set up initiatives advocating against gun violence. This marketing genius is also often seen in collaboration with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Yvng Ari, who serves as his music producer and AsianRican Films, his cinematographer, and graphic designer. 

With another phenomenal track called My Go dropping this August 15, Emoedagreat looks forward to making a mark in millions of people across the globe. And while he lives his dream of being a world-class musician, he is also driven to continue impacting his community in positive ways and motivating others to believe in themselves. 

Learn more about Emoedagreat by visiting his website and pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

How Kristina Hess Transforms People’s Bodies and Lives

After working for two years as the nutrition director of a vegan food company, licensed dietitian Kristina Hess found herself 15 pounds heavier. Then she had the horrifying realization that she was on the verge of pre-diabetes. As it turned out, what she thought was a healthy diet was actually extremely high in carbohydrates. She decided to adopt a ketogenic diet and managed to transform her health dramatically. Now, Kristina is known as the Keto Nutritionist and the go-to person for Fairfield County’s toughest weight loss cases.

Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN, is a premier keto health coach and licensed dietitian and nutritionist who works with clients to support them in making lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. Kristina Hess uses an integrative and functional approach with her clients, which is deeply based in science. She views everything that happens within people as a connected network or web of relationships instead of isolated elements. This functional approach helps her work like a detective to get to the root of the inflammation and find solutions for all her clients, regardless of their background.

Kristina herself decided to adopt the keto lifestyle after listening to Professor Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., speak about the benefits of a ketogenic diet for treating cancer. Kristina was starting clinical hours inside of oncology practice in Manhattan, and the ketogenic approach intrigued her.

Two years into her own transformation, Kristina Hess has become the go-to person in Fairfield County, Connecticut, for the most stubborn weight loss cases. Her clean keto approach is so logical and nutritionally sound that one could simply call it “Eat Like a Hollywood Celebrity and Watch the Weight Fall Off.” The approach is based on reducing inflammation in the body. And when possible, Kristina runs nutrigenomics testing to identify exactly which type of low-carb plan would be best for each client.

Kristina Hess is the mastermind behind the Keto Symposium, which is set to be the first-ever keto conference in the New York tri-state area. Famed cookbook author Maria Emmerich is headlining Keto Symposium, which also features some heavy hitters in the ketoverse such as cancer researcher Dom D’Agostino, author of Ketotarian, Dr. Will Cole, YouTuber Ben Azadi, podcaster Mike Mutzel, as well as Chris Irvin, author of Keto Answers. The event will kick off next year on September 25, 2021.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kristina Hess is hoping that keto lovers and keto-curious folks will be ready to attend a live event, especially one that is focused on metabolic health, since lifestyle events are one of the most powerful ways for people to learn more, network with like-minded folks, and keep themselves committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Kristina Hess has clients in both private and group coaching. The Keto Lovers Inner Circle is an online accountability and support group that offers accompanying online courses in addition to one-on-one support to help individuals achieve their healthiest life. Keto Lovers Inner Circle members have direct access to Kristina to help them kickstart their transition to a ketogenic lifestyle and encourage them to stick with it when they want to quit. Inner Circle members are provided with unique keto advice based on their specific body, and weekly recipes so they don’t get bored (which is one of the main reasons people give up on any dietary change).

Kristina Hess also offers an exclusive one-on-one accountability program called Type II Diabetes Reversal, where she takes her clients on a week-long retreat to Florida in addition to extensive private coaching.

As the Keto Nutritionist, Kristina Hess is the verified voice of truth when it comes to keto-related advice. She examines every client’s biochemical blueprint to help her determine which type of low-carb approach will work best for each individual. No one else in the keto space dedicates the same amount of commitment to making sure that people follow their own type of low carb to make their health goals come true.

Read more about Kristina Hess, the Keto Nutritionist, on her website. You can also follow her on Instagram for inspirational content.

Rapper and Entrepreneur King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa Defeats Adversity and Conquers the Rap Scene

Hoodrich $langa seems to have reached great heights in his career, but he had to triumph over many highs and lows before coming out a winner.

King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa is a rap artist and entrepreneur who has quickly launched himself to success after a long and hard fight. King was born on April 20, 1992, in Natchez, Mississippi, and had a rocky start in life in the streets of Fayette without a parental image to guide him. But he found comfort in making music at the young age of 7 and grew up being inspired by the major rap artists at the time. 50 Cent, Z-Ro, Twista, T.I., Nelly, were among the figures of inspiration who helped King find his career in music later.

In Junior High, while King was putting himself through school, he started taking the first steps to what would become a successful music career. A much younger King created a rap group with some friends and started songwriting, which led to a string of successful gigs performing at his school. His songs Our Situation, So Fly, and Big Blocks were heard at pep rallies, and King was geared up for even bigger things from that point onward.

King wanted a better life for himself and was aiming for the golden prize. He carried on pushing the limits and ended up receiving a welding certification in 2010, around the time he was finishing high school.

King finally found a job in welding, but where he found real fulfillment was in music. He was still writing songs circa 2017, and with the funds, he saved from his welding job, he started to invest in himself and what would be the foundation to set off his career. He invested in rental properties and kept working on his music, and started performing at bigger venues like an event in Gulfport, MS, where he performed his singles Take a Ride and Suck It.

Having worked in the welding industry for about a decade, King had already saved about a million dollars in savings and took a great leap in creating his own company, R.B.A. Records LLC. At the same time, he also dove right into the fashion business that same year with his own clothing line Hoodrichthings, a collection that includes shirts, eyewear, jogger suits, and dresses.

King committed to his music and had success in his pursuits. He had the chance to collaborate with artists like T-Rell on his single Money Talk and Nino Brown on Bust It Open in 2019. The now-famous rapper Hoodrich $langa also had the chance to perform Bust It Open with Nino Brown in Port Gibson and Baton Rouge.

But what truly sets King apart from the rest of the rap scene is how he gives back to his community. Aside from being a rising music icon, King is also a neighborhood activist and a motivational speaker. He takes a personal approach in his encounters and goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand.

King donates 90% of his earnings to charity, and the beneficiaries include families in need, especially at around Christmas time. He also initiates donation drives to provide bikes, clothes and shoes, dolls, remote control cars, and gift cards. Students also receive his support when he comes up with funds to distribute school supplies, haircut services, school uniforms, and shoes. As for the homeless population, King helps prepare meals, hands out water, and offers coats, socks, shoes, and tents for warmth and shelter.

King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa is the personification of the ultimate rags to riches story and goes beyond his riches by giving back and making a difference. As he stays grounded no matter how high his achievements go, he is sure to reach even more towering heights of success for years to come.

Isaiah Banks’ Freedom Score Helping Americans Everywhere Get Out of Debt

Debt is a rising problem in many American homes. Reports show that consumer debt rose to a total of 13.86 trillion dollars in 2019, including mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and student loans. As more and more households struggle to pay off accountabilities, the services and expertise of people like Isaiah Banks Sr. are of the highest importance.

Isaiah Banks is a motivational speaker and finance coach. He is also the creator of Freedom Score, a company specializing in repairing and restoring credit by providing personal and business funding. Through their services, they help people from all walks of life cancel out their debt, guiding them throughout the process. 

Freedom Score helps both individuals and businesses experience freedom from debt. Isaiah is driven by his desire to help people who are weighed down by the pressures of financial constraints and giving them a roadmap to becoming better.

Isaiah’s service is an uncommon one, though the demand is exceptionally high. Through his method, Isaiah has helped hundreds of clients repair and restore their credit, often bringing fast and sure results. Through Freedom Score, Isaiah can give people funding with softer rates, helping many of their clients bounce back from debt and live with the peace of mind of their glory days. The company also helps expedite inquiry removal from Experian, often clearing credit issues in the national database within 72 hours.  

Isaiah labels himself as a credit enhancement specialist, who helps people through their accumulating debt. The idea to start in this career came to him when he realized how many people were clueless about their rights and options when it comes to personal credit. While most people might resort to drastic or even illegal means to clear their name, Freedom Score educates people on a proven and completely legal method of challenging creditors and creating a road map to pay off debt with as little problems as possible.

Isaiah is 100 percent confident in the system of Freedom Score, so much so that he promises full money-back guarantee if a client’s debts aren’t repaired and restored by the promised time. “We truly aim and guarantee that after allowing us to repair and restore your credit, you will truly be free to get whatever you want and need with a Freedom Score,” shares Isaiah.

With his eyes set on the future, Isaiah hopes to be a means by which people all over the country and even the world overcome debt by instructing them on how to escape the anxieties and stresses of financial debt. To Isaiah, Freedom Score is more than just a company. It’s his way of bringing change to the world.

Isaiah dreams of a day where fewer and fewer people have to carry a debt for decades of their life only to get pinned down by them in their later years. At Freedom Score, the team is always looking to help people who aren’t afraid to invest in themselves and take the leap of faith for a better tomorrow. 

To learn more about Isaiah Banks and Freedom Score, visit Isaiah’s Instagram account.