R. Nicole’s Brilliant Eye for Design and Comfort Comes to Life in the R. Nicole Collection and Tashka

Designing everyday items requires a passion for creating and consideration for the people who will end up using those creations. Because of massive commercialization or inaccessibility, sometimes, the items’ style and design are far removed from its supposed users.

The shoes are too pinchy, and the form looks impersonal; the bags are too bulky with not enough compartments. Most people are pushed to take matters into their own hands and create the thing that works for them.

R. Nicole Sharp knows what the feeling all too well. She, too, pushed to create something that works for her.

R. Nicole worked in the corporate world before she decided to make multiple income streams at the same time in various industries, or also known as a “slash or slashie” entrepreneur. She is managing two different brands of two equally distinct items. R. Nicole is a shoemaker and shoe designer for R. Nicole Collection and a travel bag designer for Tashka Store. Becoming a fashion designer was a dream of R. Nicole, and with her brands, she can finally achieve it.

R. Nicole Collection designs shoes for groups and various organizations, prioritizing stylish comfort together with backend data analytics. Beginning small, R. Nicole designed a pair of shoes for someone to wear to a sorority conference that led to many women being impressed. By word-of-mouth, her talent spread like wildfire, and women were asking for more.  Their customers always have a voice when it comes to the collection’s new releases; they can vote which models will pull through and which needs revision. R. Nicole encourages open communication with her patrons as well, listening to customer feedback and also allows customizations under their new Made to Order Process approach.

Tashka is R. Nicole’s patented convertible travel bag. The inspiration for R. Nicole was based on experience: while she was still in the corporate industry, her frequent business travel bags were complicated and bulky because she couldn’t fit all her items in one bag. Searching the market for a carry-on that suited her best was futile. Undeterred, she set off creating her designs that fulfilled all of her needs in one bag. R. Nicole named it “Tashka,” inspired by the Irish phonetic word “Taisce,” meaning to “store, treasure, or hoard items which we value.”

Patenting and manufacturing Tashka wasn’t an easy process. Some events needed more priority, such as giving care for her aunt with Alzheimer’s, and her health shock that led to emergency surgery. Though familiar with the manufacturing process, she traveled back and forth abroad to source her materials, and it took her years to find a manufacturer that will make her vision a reality. Three product samples later, Tashka was finally released to the market and was loved and bought by many.

Tashka is a unisex travel bag that comes in two different sizes, carry-on, and extended stay, and is a piece of convertible luggage. It adheres to travel size regulations and is lightweight and water-resistant. R. Nicole thought about the design and usability carefully and thoroughly. There are security locks for the zippers, a hook for hanging, and adjustable straps that are foldable and with multi-compartments. There is no wonder why people love it so much.

Without a doubt, R. Nicole is incredibly gifted when it comes to composing objects that greatly benefit herself and those around her, including her ten thousand followers on Instagram. Her improvements have made lives easier for many, and R. Nicole will continue to scheme until she and everyone else can live a life of quality.

Know more about R. Nicole by visiting the Tashka Store website, and her Instagram accounts here and here.

Real Estate Mogul Laura Weisman Shares How Collaboration Helps Her Come Out On Top

In the sphere of real estate businesses, everyone is competing against each other. While having rivals is not necessarily a bad thing, the ultimate determining factor of obtaining success in the field depends on how one plays the game.

So with the capacity to get ahead of the game while keeping the competition clean, Laura Weisman proves worthy of her stellar name in the real estate world.

Laura is the president and principal broker of Living Houston – a luxury real estate firm composed of highly-trained agents committed to providing their clients with concierge-level experience in buying and selling properties. Laura especially takes pride in the fact that the company possesses the topnotch ability to list and sell real estate with the care and conscientiousness it deserves.

To Laura, it was vital to understand the complexities of managing a real estate business before reaching the finish line. Taking a cue from this notion, she then studied the industry and found how the money involved in real estate often came in staggering price tags. The fact that properties involve a substantial investment takes some investors and sellers a while to ponder on their next move – whether to purchase a property or not. And being a benevolent leader of Living Houston, she spearheads the team in providing their clients with the knowledge and services that heed to the call of the client’s central concern. 

That is why, at the forefront of Living Houston, Laura and her team of elite creatives, marketing experts, interior design specialists, administrators, and realtors offer a 360-degree perspective for their clients to have sufficient information about real estate while experiencing utmost care.

However, the successes obtained by Living Houston lie beyond the walls of the company’s eminence and in their president’s strong sense of community.

Hailing from the bustling streets and colored walls of the East Coast, Laura leaves traces of her prowess in a suburb of the Houston Metroplex, together with her husband and four children. While she unfolds the greatness that is sheltered within her, she keeps herself occupied by supporting local communities and showing a strong presence in the fields of athletics and social education. 

Having been exposed to an exceptional display of amity and benevolence, Laura set out to shape her company that encourages a relationship-centered environment between the team and the clients.

So as an advocate for strengthening relationships through community and a natural-born leader, Laura has continuously and successfully emphasized the power of collaboration as an effective way for the company to reach the summits of success. She has worked with numerous local communities and businesses to promote a sense of camaraderie between the people that surround her and the company. With this, she believes that if both the internal and external forces work together, the possibilities are endless for Living Houston in the real estate landscape.

But aside from being the golden thread that holds Living Houston together, Laura can be found leading workshops or coaching realtors to have a success-based mindset and find their footing in an ever-changing and competitive market such as that of real estate.

With Laura and her team at the helm of Living Houston, the company continues to dominate the real estate industry, proving that fairly taking part in the game of life in business will always tower over foul play.

To know more about Laura Weisman and Living Houston, visit her website and follow her Instagram and Facebook pages.

We Are More Than Our Sexuality

Losing one’s confidence due to the judgment of a person’s sexuality is a subject that remains taboo in our society. The community expects us, men and women, to act according to our gender roles. 

The household is where a woman belongs. The man of the house should have more responsibility and, therefore, must be tough. Over the years, more men and women refuse to stand up for themselves due to fear of being rejected by society’s social norms.

The fear instilled by the community could impact the individual’s mental and emotional state. Some men and women have no choice but to adapt to what their society expects from them. These persons cannot adequately express how they feel and don’t know who they are anymore.

Changing a person’s point of view because of their sexuality is not right. When a woman acts more masculine than a man, it does not mean that a man is inferior. When a man feels entitled that he needs to express himself emotionally, it does not mean that he is weak. 

Due to the beliefs set by the community, Linda Tsuei, a divorced single mom of three kids, created a business that would challenge the roles and stigmas of modern society. Prejudice is everywhere. Linda Tsuei’s battle became a battle for everyone. Linda Tsuei created a way to gain back a person’s mental and emotional state through music. The physical movement opened a whole new transformation for each individual participating in the activity. 

As per Linda Tsuei, “Society as a whole needs to change the way they hold ideas and women and men. If we want men to connect to their emotions, we should stop telling them to toughen up as kids. If we want (a) woman to have healthy mindsets, then they need to be allowed to be a woman and recognize that (it) does not lessen their intelligence or abilities”.

Linda Tsuei‘s strong belief in how society should change its values resulted in creating her own business, the “Studio Air.” Studio Air promotes that regardless of age, gender, or background, anyone who deems to step into the physical movement of their bodies through music will find restoration. Linda introduced pole dancing as a way to cope up with emotional trauma and build strength. 

One of Studio Air‘s activities includes Pole dancing. The exercise is said to enhance one’s confidence. The practice helps people connect with themselves from deep within. Pole dancing allows one to move according to their body’s phase and promote a mental and emotional well being. 

This activity may have some similarities with yoga, as both help with inner peace and spiritual healing. However, with the case of yoga, it does not go near the topic of sexuality, unlike pole dancing.

Sexuality and sensuality must not be a taboo subject in our society anymore. Women are not weak. Men are entitled to express how they feel. The social norms keep messing up with one’s belief. We are not to be defined by our sexualities, because we are so much more than that. Our sexuality is only a piece that makes up a part of who we are as a person. 

The same goes for young children who want to take their path. Let the kids be comfortable with what they want to pursue in life. The media and society should not dictate how they should go about their future. 

Linda Tsuei is one of the best examples of people exemplifying how we can show the society that we are all allowed to act and become what we want. Linda shows an extraordinary approach to dealing with the prejudice caused by the standard set by our community.  

If empowering yourself as a person is your goal this year, then you might want to check out Linda’s fun activities through Air Studio’s Instagram account or their website.

Leading Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Group Raviv Capital is Looking to Expand to New Heights

Since 1996, Raviv Capital has been significantly involved in over $100,000,000 worth of commercial real estate transactions. The company has played a tremendous role in over 1,000 residential and commercial units in hundreds of projects across the east coast of the United States.

In early 1996, Raviv Capital was founded by Lior Raviv, a real estate investor, builder, and developer from New York City who specialized in commercial and residential joint venture real estate investments. As a graduate of business and finance from Pace University-Lubin School of Business, he found his niche in the real estate industry. Since then, he has taken on countless real estate ventures, which eventually brought him to the leading real estate company he manages today. 

For years, Raviv Capital has managed, stabilized, bought, and sold over a thousand residential and commercial units across the United States. At present, the group owns and manages a portfolio of over $50,000,000 and is bringing a greater focus on transactions involving multi-family properties.

The group is involved in negotiations, listings, acquisitions, and dispositions of real estate properties. It takes on full-service property management and asset management tasks and hosts tenant-lease consultations as well. It also serves as an investor’s representative in acquiring real estate properties. For the most part, it has explored successful joint venture partnership opportunities as well as construction and land development projects. 

By virtue of its strong foundation, Raviv Capital has been successful in anticipating and adjusting to major market changes that have taken place throughout the years. No change in the industry has brought this group down. With that in mind, it would seem that the group’s unparalleled flexibility and adaptability are what makes the company’s reputation highly-impressive and well-respected in the real estate community.

By getting in touch with the different factors essential in maintaining and maximizing the value of every property that the company has analyzed, managed, leased, or purchased, a stronger relationship between the group and its projects is established. 

But the greatness of this company ultimately comes from the seasoned team that makes up the group. Raviv Capital is composed of experienced individuals who possess an unmatched work ethic and drive to succeed in whatever projects they take on. Led by their passionate CEO and founder, Lior, who has dominated the real estate market scene for over 20 years, the group is equipped with the right skillset, mindset, and tools that are necessary to ensure success in the ever-changing world of real estate. 

Today, the company is taking itself into newer and higher heights. It is looking to expand its reach by acquiring an additional 500 to 1,000 units within two years. Indeed, the new goal is only an initial step toward more milestones for Lior Raviv and his company. With a team that efficiently and effectively puts clients’ interests first before anything else, the group is definitely on its way to greater success.

To connect with Lior Raviv, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Serial Entrepreneur Tyrus Brown Promotes Financial Literacy Through His Empire of Educational Business Platforms

Financial literacy remains an important skill to learn and develop because of how it allows us to make sound decisions, manage money responsibility, and build towards financial stability. But in today’s world, with the shifts in the focus of the educational system and the lack of practical guidance for youth, this much-needed skill has not found its way to the majority’s repertoire.

Best-selling author and serial entrepreneur Tyrus Rashod Brown believes that financial literacy should be part of every individual’s skill set.

Tuck has taken it upon himself to provide the tools to help change the status quo. Through his incredible empire of educational business platforms, he has raised awareness about how essential financial freedom is and what steps to take to achieve success in the commercial space. 

Featured on Fox 13 News, WMC Action News 5, WLBT 3 News, and Local 24 News, to name a few, this highly successful business authority is known for growing over $1.4 million in net profit in three months by trading stocks, flipping real estate, and addressing consultation inquiries during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has owned nearly ten commercial stores all over the mid-South and is now taking over the virtual space, expanding his reach and positively impacting the field of financial education. 

Tuck’s success in the industry can be traced back to his commercial triumph after selling an incredibly high-rated system on his website, where he fixes credits and gets businesses funded. Shortly after, this mogul went viral, growing an incredible social media presence and gaining seventy thousand followers on Instagram, and twenty thousand on Facebook. 

He takes pride in his extensive network and connections as well as on his ability to catch the eye of the most prominent figures, such as Drake, who reached out to him through Instagram. And banking on his following, Tuck launched educational platforms that offer various kinds of knowledge and tools to enhance the financial skills of entrepreneurs and aspirants. 

Through his website, Tuck is able to provide necessary resources to individuals looking into fixing their credit score, hoping to buy land and flip it to make a profit, forex trading hopefuls, and more. Across all his informative avenues, the intention to teach people to be self-sufficient is always in place. 

So far, he has brought his education systems to the masses and created the Independent Course to guide people on how to be financially free using the tools from the Unlearn and Relearn Movement. This specific movement emphasizes financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business, and has been credited for enabling the knowledge learning and skills enhancement of thousands of people. 

Tuck also provides wisdom using other mediums. Through his series of books called The Game Untold, he covers a variety of essential topics, from relationships and psychology to crime and gangs. Not unlike the domination that he demonstrated in other fields, Tuck also proved to be a star as an author by becoming a best-selling writer after independently publishing his books and selling over fifty thousand copies. 

This serial entrepreneur’s belief in the power of information and education in equipping people with the necessary skills to survive and thrive, regardless of the economic landscape, is reflected not only in his personal life. He has built systems that would serve as effective avenues of learning for people who need it.

Learn more about Tyrus Brown by visiting his website and checking out his Instagram and Facebook page. 

The Abundant Me Is Woman’s New Best Friend Towards Enlightenment and Empowerment

Even in modern society, women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men. They also have less access to primary and higher education, more excellent health and safety risks, and less political representation. This patriarchal society seems to cripple women from being empowered, which is incredibly unfair because women should have the same rights and privileges that men freely enjoy. The Abundant Me is a platform created for that purpose- aiming to give women the rights and benefits they deserve.

The Abundant Me is a platform created by Kashon Abdul-Qadir to give women affordable access to spiritual and personal development tools that can create more opportunities and live an abundant life. It is the leading spiritual program that is readily available online. The Abundant Me also offers its retreat resource center for those who are interested in availing of their programs. At present, the company has serviced 1,500 women and it hopes to serve 450,000  women of color from all around the world in the next five years.

The founder of The Abundant Me, Kashon Abdul-Qadir, is a mother, wife, and businesswoman. On June 30, 2017, she walked away from her job that earns a six-figure salary to live her life according to how she seems fit. Her journey to enlightenment was not a smooth one as she suffered from an autoimmune disease called lupus. Her battle with this disease left her very drained, stressed, lost, and depressed. It was during this time that she discovered the power of having a relationship with her divine self.

She decided to undergo a series of training sessions with life coaches and spiritual mentors. With the help of like-minded people, she was able to have a more positive outlook in life, and eventually, good things came to her way. She met her husband, who was supportive of her and her child, got her home remodeled, and had her products from her online business featured in five publications. These experiences led her to the realization that she needs to share it with other women, and as such, The Abundant Me was formed.

The main highlight of The Abundant Me’s program is the Divine Feminine Academy, a 12-week online course teaching Kashon’s inner engineering teachings fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, and money manifesto. 

The platform also has a program that only focuses on Reiki healing and life coaching sessions to awaken and align one’s mind and body through various rejuvenating sessions. These coaching exercises teach women how to identify blocks, remove negative vibrations and aura, and gradually heal this negative energy. At the end of this program, women will find that they are more attuned to achieving their highest form of enlightenment.

What makes these programs very different from the rest is that they do not cost a lot of money. There is no need to shell out tons of cash since it is very affordable. Moreover, these sessions are more often a one-to-one session, which means the consumers can easily ask queries and make the most out of their chosen course. Check out all of these sessions available online on The Abundant Me’s official website.