Sparking Innovative Solutions With Dr. Robert Abraham and Exodus Medical

In a world that significantly hinges on evolution for survival, change is an inevitable phenomenon. However, change always generates new challenges, especially in the arena of health. And as the healthcare sector continues to face these unprecedented obstacles, innovation is key. 

Known for his unique and brilliant ideas, Dr. Robert Abraham opens up a new medical practice, Exodus Medical, to relieve people’s suffering from chronic neuropathy symptoms. And pounding the pavement with his innovative flair, he ensures that the medical field maintains its momentum in the age of constant advancement.

Dr. Robert Abraham, BS, DC, CCIP, who is also the esteemed author of From Illness to Wellness, founded Exodus Medical to bring wellness and neuropathy treatment to those who cannot visit his on-site clinics. For a considerable number of years, he has been providing chiropractic care, laser therapy, weight loss aid, and neuropathy relief in his brick-and-mortar establishment, CryoNext Integrative Healthcare, located in Oviedo, Florida.

Exodus Medical launches as a national and virtual establishment designed to allow patients to book telemedicine appointments and discuss their symptoms and possible avenues of treatment with Dr. Abraham and his staff. With Exodus Medical’s mail-in tests and devices, patients can take advantage of innovative treatments like infrared light treatment and electrotherapy within the comfort of their own homes.

Making use of holistic approaches that are uniquely tailored to each patient’s nerve pain, Exodus Medical provides useful pieces of advice for meaningful lifestyle changes. It delivers efficient yet convenient tests that patients can perform in their own homes. Moreover, the company also sends anyone suffering from neuropathy down the road of recovery.

According to Dr. Abraham, most neuropathy sufferers are relying on medications or injections to manage their illness. However, he believes such remedies are not the ideal long-term solutions. Thus, he makes sure that Exodus Medical lives up to its duty of offering a better way for patients to treat neuropathy and improve their condition. 

Even though Exodus Medical’s approach is not for everyone, it is more than enough for Dr. Abraham to see thousands of patients reclaiming their lives and making up for all the opportunities they missed out on because of their illness. And as a medical professional whose lifelong mission is to serve others, Dr. Abraham exclaims that nothing is more rewarding than seeing his patients happy. 

Without a doubt, advances in healthcare over the past few decades have shown that the industry is doing its best to keep up. And proving to be a frontrunner in this race towards development, Exodus Medical, as led by Dr. Abraham, strives to become a vanguard of health. 

True enough, an arsenal of innovative solutions, such as the discovery of new treatments and procedures, is essential to the fate of healthcare throughout the world. And through his revolutionary efforts, Dr. Abraham has transformed the health industry at a remarkable pace. 

With people like Dr. Abraham, who work tirelessly to bring something new to the table, it comes as no surprise that the future of healthcare is looking bright. 

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Karen Starling Builds Credit Awareness with Star Credit Services

In managing one’s finances, achieving the balance between savings and debt is necessary for financial stability. Moreover, having a high credit score equates to one’s creditworthiness to get a loan, a job, buy a car, or rent an apartment. As most individuals strive every day to earn, improving, and rebuilding one’s credit score is worth every penny of hard work.

For CEO and owner, Karen Starling, bringing credit awareness to the people is essential towards shaping their finances. With over five years of experience assisting clients in establishing great credit, her credit counseling company, Star Credit Services, stands in fulfilling every American dream of achieving a higher credit score. Together with Karen is an elite staff who are fully trained and knowledgeable to provide the best services for their clients in terms of Credit Repair or Credit Consultant Certification Classes and Real Estate Services. Furthermore, the company provides three steps to achieve great credit – Repair, Rebuild, Raise the Score, for clients to see the results.

Star Credit Services treats each client with excellent customer service by fostering a meaningful working relationship, on a one-to-one basis, to meet all their needs and concerns. In the process of getting back one’s financial life, the company helps clients with its first step in facilitating credit repair services. Karen recognizes that errors and fraudulent accounts can affect one’s credit report; thus, by removing the inaccurate and erroneous information is the first primary step in the restoration. 

In the second step, Star Credit Services conducts a thorough audit of the credit report and reviews the information with the respective client. Rebuilding one’s credit can be attained by fixing the inaccuracies and proving to FICO and creditors the client’s intention to arrange payments on time. At this stage, Karen and her team work closely with credit bureaus and creditors to fix and rebuild tarnished credit of clients.

As it is widely known that credit score is an indicator of one’s creditworthiness, Star Credit Services focuses on ensuring the highest credit score for clients as the last stage towards credit restoration. Within 30 to 45 days of the 3-step process, the company ensures that the client realizes their desired results from the tailored services of the company.

Star Credit Services is committed to complete its services on time with client involvement as a priority throughout the entire process. With its one-on-one relationship, clients are expected to be always on track of the progress.

Ethical practices are crucial to Karen as she believes that both client and credit information is confidential; she and her team uphold full honesty, integrity, and professionalism in their transactions. Furthermore, they provide clients with support, continuous follow-ups, and educational tips on credit. 

Karen strives for excellence in helping people with managing their finances. As such, her program Credit Builder Card is designed to help in building credit scores with three credit bureaus. It is accessible to everyone as there is no required credit score. Clients will start building a positive credit history by funding the deposit and making payments on time using the Credit Builder Card. Furthermore, she created a Facebook community, The Higher Credit Achievement Society, as an avenue for Karen to share her expertise and tips on managing credit effectively.

Karen’s mission of bringing credit awareness is bound to make a difference in every person’s life. With her company, Star Credit Services, she makes sure that no one is left behind in managing their finances.

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How Maheshwara Medical College Primes India’s Next Top Doctors

Medicine is notorious for being one of the most challenging degrees to complete. Medical students must master several years’ worth of information to become competent health care professionals. Maheshwara Medical College is one of the most prominent educational institutions in India. The college prides itself on its state-of-the-art facilities and immersive learning experiences that make pursuing a degree in medicine easier and more fulfilling.

The college is situated near Hyderabad, spread over 90 acres of beautiful lakes, rocks, and greenery just beside National Highway 9 (Mumbai National Highway) and the Outer Ring Road. This prime location provides a serene atmosphere for patients to rejuvenate and students to learn. Maheshwara Medical College is known for its deep commitment to maintaining a conducive environment for learning.

The school places great emphasis on its research and teaching methodologies. Teachers are given the freedom and creativity to adapt to the students’ different cultures and personalities that walk through their doors and enter their classrooms. Research-focused training allows students to think more profoundly, giving them a more effective learning experience. All this effort is made to give them the chance to prepare themselves for the uncertainties of the future. The college is dedicated to upholding education, molding their students’ minds, and helping them excel in many aspects of their life to help them become top health care professionals in the future.

When it comes to technology in the medical industry, innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health. Maheshwara Medical College stays globally competitive by acquiring the latest technologies pertaining to specific fields of study. Mastery of such technologies is a priority in providing globally relevant healthcare service to society. The school is outfitted with blood banks, operation theaters, 24/7 emergency center, ICU, SICU, and ETV, which expose students to actual medical operations.

While the pedagogy and facilities may sound overly luxurious, Maheshwara Medical College is ultimately committed to providing global standards of quality healthcare to all social classes. It is their understanding and belief that poverty should not be a reason to exclude one from proper healthcare. This learning philosophy is one that the university looks to instill in its community members, consisting of administrative officers, teachers, maintenance workers, and students. The university also offers various specialized social development organizations to ensure a socially conscious learning experience for all of their students.

The school gives back to its community by conducting periodic medical camps in 36 villages near the campus. In addition to this charity work, Maheshwara gives free consultations to pregnant women and delivers free essential medicines to underserved beneficiaries.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the institution has opened its doors for people suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. Maheshwara Medical College & Hospital is one of the COVID-19 prescreening and quarantine centers in Hyderabad. The school is confident that their institution can help India through this public health crisis and aid their nation in healing.

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Magdalena’s Daughters Promotes Healing, Hope, and Empowerment Among Young Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking, today’s modern form of slavery, continues to impact the lives of millions of people. This hundred billion dollar industry has victimized women, men, and children, and the horrors that come with sex trafficking, forced labor, forced marriage, and more, demand a corresponding comprehensive set of services designed for prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery. 

One of the most integral services in trafficking survivor protection and assistance is the provision of specialized homes. However, in San Bernardino, California, for example, there are no specialized residential placements for female foster youth who are victims or are at-risk of sex trafficking. The result of its 2018 Children’s Network Congregate Care Needs Assessment showed that the county is in dire need of bed availability, along with other specialized services for this population. 

This gap lies at the core of the establishment of Magdalena’s Daughters, a non-profit organization founded in 2018 that aims to provide a solution to the lack of available placements for the youth to live in. Its focus on foster youth who have been removed and placed from one home to another is in recognition of their vulnerability to sexual exploitation and their exposure to other circumstances that may reinforce the trauma that they have had. 

Although Magdalena’s Daughters currently does not have any homes yet, they are working to offer housing opportunities and increasing bed availability for the San Bernardino area in the next couple of years. 

More notably, it seeks to address the different driving forces behind the commercial sexual exploitation of young individuals. Not only will Magdalena’s Daughters offer intensive therapeutic services to facilitate healing and trauma recovery, but it will also promote overall quality of living by encouraging healthy relationships and setting in place a family-oriented environment for its target clientele.

This family set up is particularly essential for the youth as it hopes to deliver a healthy model of how to develop non-toxic connections with others, a skill that will be instrumental as they become adults. Aside from this, a sense of safety will also be nurtured through education centered on safety skills intended to prevent future victimization. In addition, Magdalena’s Daughters also plans to prioritize individual needs during treatment, encourage creativity, teach life skills, and expose foster youth to various careers.

Ashley Hill stands at the helm of this cause-oriented institution. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with foster youth for five years and a state-certified human trafficking advocate, who has provided case management and therapeutic services for foster youth in group homes and foster homes. 

As a former case manager to victims of sex trafficking, she has witnessed firsthand the factors in play that lead the youth to fall into the vicious cycle of sexual exploitation. And not only has Ashley noted for herself the lack of residential setting, but she has also observed a general need for an improvement in the services given to those at-risk. 

Right now, Magdalena’s Daughters is raising funding for a pilot study exploring foster youth in the face of commercial sexual exploitation, and at the same time, is raising more awareness about trafficking in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With its mission to provide intensive therapeutic residential services, life skills, and education to transform the lives of sexually exploited and at-risk female foster youth, Magdalena’s Daughters is addressing an issue that has not received the amount of attention it deserves globally. And through its programs and services geared toward prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery, it hopes to be a place of healing and hope for survivors.

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Premier Chronic Pain Relief Doctor ‘Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic’ Boasts Revolutionary Approach to Healing

Although it may not seem as concerning as terminal illnesses, severe injuries, and debilitating diseases, chronic pain continues to be a pressing medical concern for millions of people worldwide. And in a lot of cases involving this health problem, it remains unresolved, bringing physical suffering and mental stress. 

Acknowledging the burden that chronic pain has delivered to countless individuals, Dr. Chris Stepien established a pain management clinic whose fundamental purpose is to fix what hurts. 

Dr. Chris, a healthcare visionary, earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from Franklin and Marshall College, where he graduated with honors. He is also an alumnus of New York Chiropractic College, where he received the distinction of doctor of chiropractic. As captain of his college football team and a recipient of numerous recognitions, such as the 2005 Team MVP and 2005 American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team, Dr. Chris holds in-depth knowledge of the proper function of the musculoskeletal system. His exposure to physical activities also made him quite well-informed about injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

This health enthusiast drew inspiration from his background to set up a platform that can help fulfill his ultimate goal of helping others live a pain-free life. In addition, his lifetime battle with anxiety and depression also pushed him to alleviate suffering in others by promoting health and happiness. And thanks to Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, Dr. Chris is able to get closer to the fruition of his dreams. 

Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic is a premier chronic pain relief clinic based in Denville, New Jersey. As the guiding founder and guiding force behind this recognized institution, Dr. Chris banks on his decade of active practice in the NYC region to deliver innovative and steadfast strategies to treating chronic musculoskeletal injuries and addressing coexisting depression, guilt, shame, anxiety, and emotional suffering. 

With Dr. Chris at the helm, Barefoot Rehab is on its way to the forefront of the healthcare industry. It takes pride in its unique test-treat-reset methodology model for chronic pain resolution, which promises those with afflictions noticeable and permanent relief within one to five treatment sessions. 

This particular paradigm has allowed Barefoot Rehab doctors to find and alleviate the most common cause of chronic pain—adhesion, or sometimes known as scar tissue. With almost no doctors talking about it, the role of adhesion in pain-riddled conditions often goes unmentioned. But it is actually responsible for causing muscles to be both tight and weak, and the sufferer is left helpless because no amount of stretching or strengthening can remove the issue. 

Currently, Barefoot Rehab is the only clinic in New Jersey certified to find and fix adhesion, making it the go-to trusted provider of pain relief. Furthermore, this industry-leading clinic has set itself apart from others with the way it facilitates release from pain without shots, drugs, or surgery. 

In addition, the staff that makes up Barefoot Rehab has gained a reputation for being empathetic and compassionate. Nowadays, a lot of people still refuse to seek help from doctors because of how the clinical and direct approach they usually adopt intimidates would-be patients. At Barefoot Rehab, anyone who enters its doors not only immediately receives attention but also gets a sense of warmth and comfort. 

Right now, this outstanding “get out of chronic pain” clinic is working toward a wholeness center designed to encourage healing with the use of energy healing, shamanism, psychotherapy, and functional medicine. This, along with any other future efforts, is in line with the Barefoot Rehab’s mission to relieve people from their suffering and restore their sense of well-being.

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