Tracilea Young and CBD Gives People a Second Chance in Life

“Every mother is a wonder woman” is Hollywood star Gal Gadot’s response when her kids tell people that their mother is Wonder Woman. While that is true, it is also undeniable that the plight that some supermoms face is significantly bigger than others. Tracilea Young is outstanding not only for homeschooling her eight children for 17 years, but also for balancing being a full-time mother, working part-time on her relationship marketing business, going to midwifery school, and making it to the million-dollar earner club at the same time.

A model of success, every business endeavor she strives for is met with triumph. She owes this to the knowledge and experience she gained over the years and her ardor for national and international growth. With the desire to make an impact in the world, she achieved the title of president and built the revenue of a massive plastic surgery and medical spa chain to its multiple millions.

Unwilling to settle for just what she had already achieved, her latest venture is toward the effort of living a better and fulfilling life. Several years back, her husband had been diagnosed with cancer and was given only two months to live. He eventually succumbed to the disease, but not until four-and-a-half years later, thanks to her intensive research on prospective plant medicine  to extend his life. The knowledge she gained during those years are now being used on her mission to help people transition back into their normal lives despite the diseases they are facing. In doing so, she also introduced a lucrative income opportunity that is in the CBD (cannabidiol) business.

Her recently launched chain of compassionate care medical clinics already had helped more than 39,000 people receive the compassionate care they especially need in trying times. Through network marketing as well, she had helped numerous people generate a substantial income for themselves.

She chose to partner with Green Compass because it is the  USDA-certified organic hemp farming and processing company. They create the highest level of quality  products starting with the hemp that they and their partner farmers cultivate. It is notably challenging to grow organically, but despite the exclusion of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides, Green Compass is able to grow it to a quality like none other. Thanks to the meticulous handiwork of their farmers, they are able to produce an abundant yield of high-quality CBD oil, which is used for its medicinal properties.

As in any industry, not all production is of high quality, and improperly grown cannabis may even contain harmful chemicals. A loophole that some hemp growers take advantage of is that an FDA approval is unnecessary for products that claim no health benefits. Green Compass gets its CBD products analyzed by an ISO-certified laboratory to ensure that they are clean and free from harmful compounds.

Through her work, Tracilea is looking forward to helping more people improve their health, as well as providing a generative source of income for those who may be needing it as well.

If you are having health problems and are considering alternative treatment rather than the conventional pharmaceuticals, or are looking for an additional income stream, visit her website to learn more about CBD and the benefits it can bring its users.

Brandon Heitmann speaks on his journey to success

Brandon Heitmann is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who is the owner and CEO of Exigent Design & Build. Exigent Design & Build LLC is a full design and build service specializing in hardscape construction in the Metro Detroit area. He and his team are committed to providing the absolute best service and performance in the landscape construction industry from the initial design consultation to the finished product. Any new customer can call them today for a free estimate and design consultation and you’ll notice immediately what separates his company from the competition. 

Nine years ago, Brandon Heitmann started Exigent Design & Build LLC with just a push lawnmower. He soon realized after a few years that lawn and landscaping maintenance were not where his true passions were. He wanted to do something invigorating, something that would jolt him out of bed each morning because he was so excited to get the day going. In the summer of 2017, he began learning more about the hardscaping side of the business. After a full summer of hardscaping, he knew that he found his passion. In 2020, Brandon’s team went from mowing lawns and trimming shrubs to constructing outdoor kitchens and in-ground pools and spas. Brandon Heitmann was able to grow his business from a 4-figure side hustle to a 7-figure business in just 9 years. In this past year, Brandon was able to boost his companies revenue by 700%. The crazy thing is this guy is just getting started! 

Brandon Heitmann says, “There is no better feeling than finishing a client’s backyard oasis and being able to sit back and enjoy it with them and watch them and their family make the best memories with it.” When asked about his company’s name Brandon said, “Exigent means rapid response. That’s what customers want. That’s exactly the type of service we provide.” To Brandon and his team, the name embodies how they execute for every customer they service. Any customer can call them with a problem that needs their attention and the team at Exigent Design & Build will respond rapidly and be available to help with any landscaping, big or small. 

The mission of Exigent Desgin & Build is to be there for their clients 24/7 even after their crew has cleaned up and left. Brandon Heitmann is now on a mission to become the best landscaping company in the world and help other entrepreneurs grow their business. Based on past performance, we believe Him. His advice for those looking to start their own business is to start now and make your dreams a reality. For Brandon, it was turning a mower into an empire. What will it be for you? To learn more information about Brandon Heitmann and his business, click here

Andrew Adin Building His Empire and Influence Early On

Success truly knows no age limit, and entrepreneurs and wealth experts like Andrew Adin are living proof of that truth. At an early age, the master salesman and investor has built an empire of wealth for himself. But even in his financial success, Andrew is turning to a bigger mission and seeks to help others mimic his level of success. 

Andrew started his journey to success as early as the sixth grade. While still in school, he learned to turn a profit by flipping products on eBay. Realizing greatness awaits no one, Andrew later decided that the young achiever was going to become a full-fledged entrepreneur even before hitting college. He started going all-in on his dreams and learned and applied all that he could. He started dropping friendships with kids who were a bad influence and started building himself. 

A healthy and positive mindset was essential to Andrew very early into his entrepreneurial career. He built up his attitude and character while also building up his liquid assets. Most weekends and any day that he could, Andrew would work as a waiter at his parents’ restaurant. Later the entrepreneurial wonder started flipping cars for a profit while still using his high school as a marketplace for smaller priced items like Xboxes, PS4’s, Phones, and anything he could resell at a profit. 

At the age of fourteen, Andrew stumbled upon the stock market and fell in love with the idea. He spent the next two years learning all that he could. By the time the student entrepreneur reached his junior year, Andrew had decided to drop school and go into business full time. He met someone who would help him get into real estate. Andrew ended up starting a real estate business that later grew to fifteen markets with five offices all across the United States. In a little over seven months, Andrew’s business has employed over seventy staff and made over one million dollars in revenue. 

Today, Andrew develops wealth-building programs in the form of online courses, coaching, and mentorship to people who want to replicate his level of success. His commitment is to help everyone succeed by learning how to trade the stock market and grow their wealth. “If I have a hundred followers that I care for, then it’s my job to carry them on my back to get to that next level,” shares Andrew. “If I have 90 winners and have 10 who failed, then that to me means I failed. It’s not about money. It’s about helping other people realize and unlock their potential.”

 Andrew hopes to help more people live the life they believe they deserve by teaching people lessons that schools don’t teach. He hopes that his program could provide that avenue for everyone. More than just being a course, his program is also a community of like-minded people who want to help each other succeed. 

For Andrew, life is more than just creating a great life for yourself. It’s also about helping others achieve their goals as well. Today, Andrew is only eighteen years old but has built a wonderful life for himself and others. He looks forward to spending the many more years ahead of him, impacting as many lives as he can. 

To learn more about Andrew Adin and his mentoring program, visit his website and Instagram.

Top Digital Marketing Agency “Purplegator” Goes Beyond Online Marketing Strategies and Incorporates Mobile Messages Marketing

By combining both online marketing and mobile marketing, Purplegator has established itself as a leader in the marketing industry across the United States. The company has the advantage of having decades of combined marketing experience across varying disciplines.

Purplegator is a digital and mobile marketing agency established in 2014. The company is a sister company of and a spin-off from Advanced Telecom Services (ATS), a leading interactive voice response (IVR) company founded in 1989. Bob Bentz, the president of ATS, grew the company to over $62,000,000 in annual revenue. In turn, Bob is also guiding Purplegator on its way to reaching the top of the marketing industry. 

The primary goal of the company is to help businesses grow through an array of marketing options. The marketing strategies include social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, web development, mobile applications, geo-conquesting advertising campaigns, and more. Purplegator also utilizes text messaging as a marketing avenue. The method has yielded to a significant return on investment on the part of the clients. It also uses geo-conquesting methods, which are useful in targeting visitors to specific locations on their mobile phones. 

Over the years, the rising marketing firm has helped different industries for their marketing needs. It has recruited medical professionals and advertised for real estate, tourism, and restaurants. It has also worked with municipalities and local government authorities for their projects. 

Purplegator seeks to aid companies who lack the tools and experience in reaching out to the consumers. With the firm’s vast network and strong connections, it accomplishes the job of reaching out to more potential consumers based on demographics, locations, and interests. 

This mobile and digital marketing hub studies the clients’ brands thoroughly. The team personalizes the marketing strategies that each brand will utilize. The techniques are unique from one another but are tailored-fit for the clients’ needs.

Being one of the pioneers in mobile technology, Bob has ensured that Purplegator is invested in forming a great team of social media managers, video producers, creative specialists, and more. With that said, the company’s mobile platform is capable of serving 9 billion impressions on a daily basis over 350 advertising networks.

This leading marketing firm does not limit itself to social media marketing; it also explores the use of text messages, emails, and short videos to get the brand’s message across. Indeed,  the marketing space is ever-changing. SEO methods are slowly changing, and new social networks are emerging, noted Business Development Manager, Steven Czyrny. Purplegator is well-aware of this reality, and it is in the frontlines of keeping up to date with the latest advancements and works alongside top market research consulting firms.

Through new and unique marketing and advertising techniques coupled with innovative ideas that are sure to stand out from the rest, Purplegator helps its clients swallow their competition as a whole.

To get to know more about Purplegator and their effective marketing strategies, visit their official website.

Neel Dhingra’s Marketing Strategies Are Changing the Game in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry

Change is the only constant thing in the world, and with the rapid development of technology, innovations have spurred across different industries. Trending toward the digital space, the marketing industry has shifted gears and has drastically adopted digital strategies in order to gather clients and convert them into profits. As such, the real estate industry is no stranger to change. The old traditional strategies that used to work before have become rather inefficient and downright unprofitable.

At the speed that things have changed, Neel Dhingra has not faltered despite the failings of the old traditions. In fact, Dhingra has embraced the changes that are happening willingly, even going so far as devising his own marketing strategies to fit within modern ways. In an increasingly digital world, digital content marketing is king. Dhingra knows, and he has studied and experimented with the ins and outs of digital content marketing, successfully changing the entire real estate game for the better.

A top-producing mortgage manager, marketing expert, and real estate investor, Dhingra jumped headfirst into digital content marketing and garnered accolades for creating digital content throughout multiple platforms. In 2019, Tom Ferry, the # 1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, recognized Neel Dhingra as a video influencer and put him on the map.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media content was a big inspiration for Dhingra. He started using his business and marketing advice on YouTube and looked for ways to apply it within the mortgage and real estate industry. With the use of his digital content, he managed to scale communication toward his clients across multiple platforms. Eventually, his brand-new marketing style elevated his business and his income toward even greater heights.

Dhingra continues to produce content across all of his social media platforms. He creates a large amount of content on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. He also has his own podcast called The NeelHome Podcast, which is available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms.

His strategies are free for everyone to try out; in fact, Dhingra has been teaching other people to follow his best ideas and his best advice. He feels humbled by helping others attain the level of success that he has acquired, and he feels that since he has struck gold, others also deserve to know how.

He has educated individuals at the grassroots level and has made sure that they would understand the essence behind all of his strategies. He wants other people to build their own brands rather than just boost up a certain organization’s brand. Dhingra values individuality, and that’s why he strives for other real estate investors to succeed in their craft.

Neel Dhingra has been making waves in the real estate and mortgage industry nonstop, after working in the industry for nearly 20 years and slowly noticing the changes that came about he took massive action and struck while the iron was hot. Driven by his passion for his craft and the motivation to succeed, Neel Dhingra has become a pillar of the mortgage and real estate industry and a king of digital content creation. It certainly doesn’t get any better than that.

To learn more about digital content marketing and the amazing Neel Dhingra, check out his website.

Reach Digital Mkt Helps Their Clients Reach Greater Heights Through Sophisticated Social Media Marketing

Reach Digital Mkt is a business built by two siblings, a brother and a sister born and raised in Mexico City. Tere, who is a graphic designer by profession, and Mauricio, who is a business manager, both siblings have always had a passion for entrepreneurship ever since they were children. Until now, they have always been looking for new opportunities and new markets to expand on.

Nowadays, their focus is on delivering client results through automation with chatbots and building databases. They have seen a great need for brands and organizations to establish a more open and fluid communication with their clients, which ultimately drives their sales.

Reach Digital Mkt’s philosophy is rooted in the importance of adapting and thriving in a technologically demanding world. Businesses should be ahead of the curve and always seek innovation opportunities, and that’s what Reach Digital Mkt brings to their beloved clients.

At such a young age, Mauricio has worked in different projects and companies, and he believes that everything can be sold to a client with the right approach. Meanwhile, Tere has also worked with a lot of different brands, and she understands that each brand must have a unique identity to distinguish them among the rest.

Utilizing the breadth of both their experiences, the siblings have managed to bring all their knowledge and skills into their own company, Reach Digital Mkt. This is why as a team, they believe that working with clients and growing with them together is extremely valuable. They give a more personalized and more intimate approach to working with their clients, fostering great client relationships and allowing seamless communication on both ends.

With this approach, Reach Digital Mkt is able to create highly personalized client results based on their clients’ demands. They help companies create a well-structured marketing plan and help companies grow as big as they want. Fully utilizing the power of technology, they use chatbots and social media in order to create a strong connection between businesses and consumers.

They have an automated service that works 24/7, allowing their clients to focus on other tasks rather than mainly attracting customers. Most businesses are already on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger, so they want their clients to also corner the social media market in order to get a huge slice of the potential market.

In Mexico and the United States, Reach Digital Mkt wants to make its clients thrive within the competitive business industry by utilizing classic techniques with an innovative twist. Their results pretty much speak for themselves; they have potentially created a system where a business can thrive with little to no human intervention through their personalized chatbots.

Business owners and companies alike no longer have to stare at their screens 24/7 to make their money. With Reach Digital Mkt’s elegant solution, they can make money even while they sleep so they can focus on other business operations and strengthen their e-commerce strategies.

With both siblings Tere and Mauricio at the helm of Reach Digital Mkt, it’s clear to see how their combined experience and teamwork have greatly developed into a wildly successful company that helps other businesses thrive in the digital space. It’s safe to say that there’s no one else doing it better than these two siblings in the e-commerce game.

To know more about Reach Digital Mkt, check out their official website.

The Awe-Inspiring Life Journey of Artist and Entrepreneur Kenny Peters

Multi-talented artist and entrepreneur Kenny Peters seems to have accomplished so much at the age of 55, but very few actually know that his journey has not been as smooth sailing as most people think it is. With over 35 years of rich experience when it comes to vocal work, excellent theater performances, a newly completed college degree, a 22-year relationship with his partner, and passionate mental health advocacy, one would think that Kenny has finally peaked in life. On the contrary, Kenny is just setting out to achieve new feats.

The powerful tenor is also skilled in playing the piano and violin, instruments he learned to use at a young age. Music has always been Kenny’s greatest outlet and mode of self-expression. Kenny’s music differs uniquely from other mainstream creations as it reveals his intense life experiences from being physically abused as a child to coming out in the late ’70s as a gay man. Kenny grew up with his non-biological father after he divorced his mother, and the abuse happened when his father figure succumbed to alcoholism. 

Apart from his uncommon journey of experiencing childhood trauma, he also battled with the challenges that his mental illness brought about. He is inclined to believe that his condition was triggered by his trauma. He struggled with it for quite some time until he was finally diagnosed in 2008. With the right therapy and dosage of medication, Kenny was able to find a healthy balance in life that allowed him to be more productive. 

Despite his difficult past and his mental health condition, he continued to stand up for those who could not speak for themselves, learned to love people more, and took courage to survive in a world that is constantly changing. “It’s probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had—knowing that by sharing what’s been the worst of my life, someone else may find their path. It makes us all winners,” Kenny explains. 

Several music icons have been instrumental in influencing Kenny’s singing style, and these include George Michael, Kenny Loggins, Elton John, and Gino Vannelli. In 2008, he left the corporate world to create an album called Covered Up, with songs that were especially developed to help him cope with his mental illness.

Aside from his music, Kenny also ventured into other projects and livelihood, which included a pet photography business, officiating weddings in the Austin area, establishing an acting school, a specialized pet loss and aftercare company, and mobile photography developed especially for actors who are looking for instant headshots for their auditions. 

Interestingly, the dynamic artist and entrepreneur is currently in the process of finishing 4 book projects. One of these books is being eyed for a possible screenwriting project for his next commitment—a Roku television station called New Phoenix TV that is known to showcase talents who are over 30 years old. One of his books is attracting so much interaction after its title was revealed: Discrediting God. The book is designed to encourage healthy and helpful discussions, which is something that Kenny feels is essential today.

At this point in his life, Kenny is still determined to release two more successful albums. He also aspires to one day gain a Grammy nomination for his music. Additionally, he is not closing the doors for the possibility of appearing in bigger films in a supporting role and eventually transition to being a producer. He believes that he has so much to impart to the next generation of filmmakers. 

Learn more about Kenny Peters by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook for updates on his projects.

Mia GiAngelos: Finding Purpose for Her Pain and Helping Others Find Theirs

Quite often, a lot of people go through painful experiences in life without understanding why they had to happen. Very few move forward armed with the motivation to simply make the most of life without compromising their purpose and happiness. Mia GiAngelos is one of those who are fortunate enough to have found the purpose of all the pain she encountered in life, and she is using her experiences to help others grow and improve.

Mia created the Facebook group Go “Love” Yourself to get support after getting out of a toxic relationship. She also intended to start loving herself more after what she had gone through. The group eventually blossomed into an opportunity for Mia to reach out to other women like herself, and she found great fulfillment in being able to empower them to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. 

Interestingly, Mia uses a black rose as her official logo. “It’s black because I’ve embraced the darkness of my past and now I’m growing into something beautiful. I’ve given my pain a purpose. I hope that you will do the same,” Mia explains.  

She decided to become a certified master life coach, podcaster, author, and motivational speaker. Through her life experiences and extensive research, she is able to encourage her audiences when she speaks about relationships, recovery, dating, and self-love. Mia has also diversified to touch on leadership and communication topics.

Making a difference and a lasting impact on the lives of people have always been her dream in life. Seeing herself doing what she is doing now makes her proud of how far she has come despite her painful past. Making a living out of motivating and challenging people from different backgrounds gives her all the inspiration she needs to continue to move forward and live out her purpose.

“I have had the pleasure of being an audience member of many of Mia’s presentations and speeches. She is a wonderful speaker and always has a strong message to share. Her background, style, and passion combine to make her presentations compelling. When Mia’s giving a talk, I make every effort to be in that audience! She is such a confident and eloquent speaker. She always has a beautiful message to share with her audience,” says Grace Bennett. 

Mia is best known for combining strategic approaches and her out-of-the-box perspective of things to help individuals rise above their personal challenges and limitations in life. She also helps them overcome their doubts by teaching them how to move forward with their lives. For one, helping people realize their purpose in life has worked wonders in letting them find their positive inner voice and achieve their personal goals. 

Despite her full schedule, Mia always finds the time to help her community by working with people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. She also reaches out to those recovering from abusive or toxic relationships. Mia also volunteers as a victim advocate for the San Antonio Police Department, where she gets the opportunity to extend help in sexual and domestic abuse cases. She is a fierce supporter of the Me Too Movement, suicide prevention and awareness, and mental health awareness. 

Mia GiAngelos sees Go “Love” Yourself becoming a brand that people will recognize nationally as a community that is passionate about empowering women so they can grow and eventually find strong and healthy relationships. 

Learn more about Mia GiAngelos by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to get daily motivation. 

How a Small-Town Boy With Big Dreams Founded Poulin Health & Wellness

Humans are inherently afraid of failure. And more often than not, people give up on their dreams not because they lack the abilities to achieve them but because they do not want to fail.

Unlike most people, Nicholas Poulin, who is the owner of Poulin Health & Wellness, never saw failure in a negative light. Instead, he uses it as a tool for growth that forces him to move forward. Undaunted by the possibility of messing up or making a mistake, Nicholas always took it upon himself to dream big. 

Being raised on a farm, Nicholas started engaging in physical activities at a very young age. And when he was nineteen years old, he decided to move to New York City and pursue his career in the fitness industry. 

After working himself to the bone for several years,  Nicholas was able to pay his dues. But more than that, he earned himself the opportunity to work with several moguls in The Big Apple, such as Martha Macmillan, James Robinson III, Roy Zuckerberg,  and George Soros, to name a few. 

Translating his passion for fitness into a business, Nicholas created Poulin Health & Wellness, which is a members-only club that guarantees unparalleled results. And because of its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, the club has quickly become a frontrunner in the industry. With an approach that goes beyond lifting weights, it focuses on the hospitality aspect of fitness that ultimately gives each member undivided attention. 

Proving himself worthy of a sterling reputation, Nicholas gained recognition for developing a revolutionary and customizable personal training program that uses machine exercises, calisthenic exercises, and free weights to help his clients reach their goals. This workout program was also designed to achieve maximum gains while minimizing injuries. 

When he is not acting as a motivational coach, Nicholas makes sure to help out in his community by volunteering and raising money for cancer. On top of that, he assists his family by working on behalf of his younger sister, aunt, and grandmother. 

Continuing to be the dreamer everyone knows him to be, Nicholas aspires to be an inspiration for the next farm boy from a small town who wants to make it big in the big city.

Having overcome a lot of difficulties in his life, Nicholas proves that anything is possible as long as one puts in the necessary time and effort. And by learning to harness the power of failure instead of letting it destroy him, he was able to achieve the dreams that others saw as impossible or too unrealistic. 

The moment failure stares at him in the face, Nicholas presents himself with two options – give up and go back to where he started or create a new path forward. And by opting for the latter, he finds that success tends to favor him more. 

The thing is, failing at one endeavor forces one to reevaluate. And for Nicholas, the opportunity to come back stronger than ever only comes when one chooses to get up after a fall. 

To know more about Poulin Health & Wellness and Nicholas Poulin himself, you may head on their website