Entrepreneur Ryan Engh Making the Most of the Serial Entrepreneur Life

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would drop the promise of a sports career for anything. But for Ryan Engh, it was a clear choice. He knew his calling was to become a digital entrepreneur. Today, the business-savvy tradesman reaps the rewards of making the right choice.

Ryan, also known as the serial entrepreneur of digital marketing, is a former D1 baseball player who left behind a career in sports to pursue his true calling as an entrepreneur. His first big break in business came in real estate investing. During college, Ryan learned all that he could about building up credit scores and used his acquired knowledge and skill to start investing in top-tier properties in local markets. During this time, he also learned how to network and socialize. Those interpersonal skills proved to be useful for the entrepreneur in the long haul.

Ryan’s most notable business success comes from his work in digital entrepreneurship. He picked up most of his technical knowledge from the online business legend Tai Lopez after spending some time under the business expert’s SMMA program. Ryan finished the course with flying colors and became the top of his class. Before graduating from college, Ryan had already started building his next venture, a social media marketing agency that would provide marketing consultancy and strategy work for some top-tier clients.

Ryan put in significant amounts of effort, time, and resources into becoming the best entrepreneur that he could be. He continued to learn all that he could about real estate markets while also building his social media agency work. By the time Ryan turned twenty, he had already founded multiple digital marketing firms with strategic partners. 

Later on, Ryan received acknowledgment from KTEN and FOX34 as “The Serial Entrepreneur for Digital Marketing” and “Future Business Mogul.” He also entered the Top Twenty People to Follow in the 2020 list by Yahoo.

While some might think of Ryan’s baseball career as a waste, the business mogul holds no regrets. Today, he enjoys the game of entrepreneurship and the many fruits that his endless labor brings him. Apart from operating multiple digital marketing agencies, Ryan takes the helm of a multi-family real estate investment company. He’s also created many e-commerce stores that turn in significant profits for the business owner. 

To reward himself for his hard work, Ryan likes to live on the finer side of life. He’s often taking private flights for business and pleasure and attending exclusive events such as the 2020 NFL Honors night. 

The entrepreneur is only beginning. Considering that he has accomplished so much at a young age, one can only imagine what else he is capable of achieving next. Ryan shows no signs of slowing down and continues to reinvent and push himself to greater heights. In the process, he also takes other rising entrepreneurs under his wing and gives them guidance and mentorship. 

Recently, Ryan decided to move out of his high-rise apartment in Miami and build a life for himself in a low-key beach town near Tampa, Florida. Learn more about Ryan Engh by visiting and following him on his Wikitia page and Instagram account.

Helmand Anwary: Equipping Salespeople and Companies to Be Record-Breakers in Sales

A key contributor to the success of any organization is its managers, who are tasked with leading people effectively. Leaders who have the ability to make formidable plans, organize, employ productive individuals, and control company resources enough to deliver commendable results are considered assets. Having dedicated most of his sales career to selling cars, Helmand Anwary is considered one of the country’s top sales coaches, as he continues to set sales records and break old ones at the same time.

Anwary has held several key managerial positions in the past, and his experience in sales and handling people are instrumental in developing his people skills. For one, sales has made him very sharp when it comes to customer service. And for any organization, taking care of the customers is of utmost importance. Additionally, his inspiring life story has given him a clear grasp of what it entails in order to succeed in life. Anwary is not one to be apprehensive about taking on new responsibilities, as he finds them enriching. The opportunity to lead has always been inherent to him, as communication is one of his strongest skills.

Being able to speak six different languages, Anwary has learned the best ways to connect with people over the years. As someone who has repeatedly topped car sales records, it can be said that he knows what he is talking about—he is confident in approaching potential clients, and he is not intimidated by new encounters even with prominent people.

His high level of professionalism, strong work ethic, and business acumen have given him the competitive edge where it concerns reaching out to people and companies who have a need for his sales strategies. Moreover, his strong organization skills and keen eye for detail are two things that many company executives and business owners look for when hiring a sales consultant or new manager. 

Additionally, Anwary is best known for his admirable ability to deliver results while keeping an eye on the expenses. His employers also find his ability to work effectively in fast-paced environments to be very helpful. 

“If I can come from nowhere and not know the language or the culture and make a life like this for me and my girls, it is possible for anyone,and anyone can get what they want. Work to where you feel happy every day, where the tunnel has a light and you are getting closer and closer. Soon you will be where you always wanted to be. All it takes is ‘I can and I will do this.’ No matter what it takes,” Anwary explains.

Helmand Anwary was born in Afghanistan. He later moved to India and eventually found himself in the United States. At the young age of 12, he started working in stores and cleaning parking lots to earn some money. Early on, Anwary had a clear understanding that success requires hard work and a lot of sacrifices. 

Currently, Anwary is motivated by his two daughters. As a single parent, running a car business and looking after two daughters can be quite challenging, but he has found a way to work around them still. At the end of the day, he is determined to do whatever it takes to succeed and provide a good life for his daughters.

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JB The Wizard on Helping People Achieve Alignment

Even the biggest stars in Hollywood experience mental blocks now and then. Nobody is exempt from going through this uncontrollable state of mind. What people need is to stay present in their lives to always be on top of their game.

Jerome ‘JB’ Bethea, more affectionately known as The Wizard by his clients, has dedicated his life to helping people achieve alignment by removing mental blocks. He has earned a reputation for aiding the most successful celebrities and CEOs. JB understands how unavoidable mental blocks can be in their line of work because he has been a creator in Hollywood himself

JB The Wizard stands out on the Brad Lea show, “Dropping bombs,” he says, “you look like a character!” People easily connect to him because The Wizard does not look like a typical Hollywood persona. He speaks several languages, including German and Hebrew. With his beard and his attractive hat, JB The Wizard looks like he is playing a movie character in real life. 

Although he dedicates 90% of his focus on helping people find their personal alignment, he is also a successful actor in the entertainment industry. He performed and appeared in the popular American series Prison Break. JB The Wizard has worked with Cuba Gooding Jr., Lou Diamond Philips, and Jensen Ackles. He has also done voice overs for Cartoon Network.

The Wizard not only excels in acting. He also does excellent at producing his masterpieces. JB is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker and producer. To top it off, he is the creator and author of Futuring and The 5 Principles of Alignment: Your pocket guide to clarity, removing mental blocks and being present in the life that you design.

After working with Charlie Rocket, JB got his unique name, The Wizard. Charlie Rocket is an Emmy and Grammy Award-winning artist. He is also a Nike athlete. After one of his calls with JB, Charlie immediately felt different. “Everything is opening up! My business is getting unlocked, and we didn’t even talk about business, we just talked about me. I’m deleting your name from my phone and putting in The Wizard,” Charlie said in satisfaction. 

Truly, what The Wizard does is astonishing. Some have called him the “Chiropractor for the Soul.” JB finds meaning and satisfaction in helping people get clarity and unlocked. Through alignment, his clients can get answers to their personal questions. Using only the phone and his notebook, The Wizard coaches and consults his clients over the phone and proves to be better than other great leaders, teachers, and gurus. At the end of each call, Clients feel that they finally have clarity on living the life that they have been missing.

The Wizard has a unique way of getting into a person’s core. He provides a safe space for his clients to let loose. His style of alignment does not rely on frills or flowery words. His message is direct, and clients have found his way to be empowering. The Wizard’s words are simple yet profound. 

Clients have said that they always received the same treatment and words from gurus over the decades. But after just one conversation with The Wizard, they quickly understand and implement what they need to do. He provides achievable steps for his clients to take to achieve their goals. JB The Wizard assumes every single one of his clients carefully and creates a map for that person to follow so they can begin to design their desired life and mindset.

The Wizard’s effective technique has allowed him to work with the best of the best. Miss America, top real estate and salespeople, and global Fortune 500 companies like Transamerica.

Because of his experiences in the entertainment industry, JB The Wizard genuinely sympathizes and understands people in the business who feel alone. Clients feel safe to open up to him. JB believes that by connecting with The Wizard and understanding they’re truly not alone, removes the fog from almost any situation.

Today, his clients have achieved alignment and have redesigned their lives according to their plans.

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