Transparency and Communication Are StratDev Digital Marketing’s Simple Secrets to Success

StratDev Digital Marketing is a full-stack digital marketing agency located in Santa Barbara, California. The company, headed by founder and President Jordan Calderon, specializes in delivering digital marketing solutions to help clients establish a digital presence. StratDev Digital Marketing prides itself on its reputation for transparency and communication.

The current success of Jordan’s agency is a reflection of his experience in the industry. At only 21 and while juggling earning a degree at UC Santa Barbara, Jordan has dabbled in digital marketing strategy and planning, omnichannel execution and optimization, web technologies and platforms, and analytical data reporting. Jordan also has experience in leadership and mentoring, startup environments, and e-commerce and automation.

Jordan has also poured his experience as the founder of college apparel e-commerce company, College Clout, into StratDev Digital Marketing. Jordan was able to expand College Clout into a nationally recognized company just through his digital marketing efforts alone. He then started StratDev Digital Marketing and, through his marketing talent and portfolio, was able to grow the agency into a six-figure company within half a year of launching. 

StratDev Digital Marketing is a fast-growing agency offering services in search engine optimizations (SEO), web development and design, digital PR, social paid media, and in-target/performance marketing. The agency works with small to medium-size businesses in the Southern California area, as well as startup companies in accelerator programs across the United States. 

Most of the agency’s clients have worked with other marketing agencies before choosing StratDev Digital Marketing. These prior agencies would take the client’s money and only contact them at the end of the month for another payment. Jordan made sure his company would be different. StratDev Digital Marketing remains transparent and encourages consistent communication with its clients. The agency shares its successes and pivots strategy when things could be improved and expends efforts to ensure its clients remain in the loop.

StratDev Digital Marketing’s strong workflow allows its average client to see a return of investment (ROI) between a 3-5x multiplier. A testament to their efficiency, Jordan’s clients stay with StratDev Digital Marketing for ten months, on average, which is much higher than the industry standard. Jordan’s strategies, through his agency, are results-centric and carry the reputation of being an investment instead of an expense for clients.

Born out of the desire to help and make a substantial positive impact on the businesses of fellow entrepreneurs, Jordan’s agency is affecting lives and companies for the better. By setting itself apart as an agency of transparency and communication, StratDev Digital Marketing is becoming the standard for digital marketing services in the United States. 

Jordan is currently a mentor at SCORE Santa Barbara, was admitted into the Young Entrepreneurship Council (YEC), and has served as a keynote speaker for TEDxTalks. Working hard for his agency, Jordan strives to maintain his company’s outstanding reputation and perfect the agency’s services.

To learn more about StratDev Digital Marketing, visit their official website. A video by Eggplant Condoms CEO Christian Dolowy talking about StratDev Digital Marketing may be viewed on Vimeo. For updates on Jordan Calderon and his steady rise to the top, follow him on his Instagram account.

Ammon Rose on Facing the Music and Striking a Chord

A blank piece of sheet music is the clean slate everyone is presented with the moment they are born. Hence, everyone is a singer-songwriter when it comes to composing and belting out the song that is their lives. Simply put, life is like a song. 

And from the first note he cried when he was a baby down to the latest note he sang as an artist, Ammon is regarded for facing the music and riding through life’s highest and lowest pitches.

In a city that boasts quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, Ammon Rose graced Bountiful with his musical flair. And as something that has always been ingrained in his soul, music became his sanctuary – a place where he gets to express himself freely. In music, he found solace like nowhere else. 

As Ammon grew up, the people around him could not help but marvel at his musical gift. Even at a really young age, he already possessed the allure that would make anyone who heard his voice swoon in awe. A strong and solid tenor, the talented lad, nurtured his passion by participating in middle and high school choirs. And from sharing his talent within the four corners of the school building, he took his voice out in the open to start the career he always dreamed of. 

Now a well-regarded independent artist, Ammon puts a spin on things by recording his songs in a living room. Through this unconventional way, he gets to pour more of himself into his music and seals them with his personal style. 

And in the comforts of his home, the budding artist reached a breakthrough with his first single, “It’s Over.” Thousands of listeners now enjoy the said song as it streams across various platforms worldwide. 

Within just a few days from the single’s release, it has already gained recognition from fans and other artists. Taking a cue from all of the positive feedbacks, Ammon entered his music in a contest held by no other than T-Pain himself. And proving that his song is a force to be reckoned with, it caught the eye of curators as it stood out amongst thousands of other submissions. 

In an interview, Ammon shares that his inspiration comes from pop music artists like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Jon Bellion. He further explains that with the increasing number of artists in the industry, it is becoming more of a challenge for him to reach the top. However, the growing competition in the playing field did not dishearten him one bit. Quite the contrary, it only inspired him to do better and to find ways of keeping things fresh. 

And as someone who is deeply in tune with his craft, he uses music to help him stay in touch with his emotions. Consequently, the lyrics in his songs reflect how he is feeling at the time he wrote them. To Ammon, a song’s lyrics are what connect him and his listeners. 

To know more about Ammon Rose and listen to his music, you may visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Canadian Model Ashley Resch Shares her Top 5 Tips for Success

To start off as a young girl from Canada with big dreams to then landing a dream career as a model and even starting a globally-recognized fitness brand is one impressive story. So meet Ashley Resch, an international model out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Founder of Reach with Resch. Ashley’s track record of achievements at her age represents the pinnacle of success for an ambitious woman such as her. Although she’s seen a great amount of success it didn’t come easy for her, she had to build her reputation and brand from one client to the next. These are Ashley’s 5 tips for success as a powerhouse female entrepreneur. 

Don’t Give up During Difficult Times 

The toughest part about taking any great endeavor on will always be the difficult moments you’re bound to face along the way. The key to being successful in anything you do is by understanding that rejection, negativity, and donut are all parts of the process of getting to where you want in life. Ashley believes that without the bumps in the road, success wouldn’t feel as great as it does. 

Don’t give up when the going gets tough, always push through” – Ashley Resch 

Keep your Circle Small & Filled with Good People 

There’s an old saying that goes “your network is your net worth” essentially what that means is you will always be a product of your environment so choosing those who you let around you should be treated as an important decision. So to ensure success in life, make sure the type of people you surround yourself with are an actual reflection of the type of person you want to become. This doubles down as a priority when starting a business, quality over quantity. 

Don’t Tell Everyone What You’re Doing 

More often than not you’ll find that the people closest to you are always the first to shoot your ideas down. So Ashley urges the importance of moving in silence and taking yourself to the next level privately. Although sharing your goals and expressing yourself to others is great, it can be counterproductive. The benefit of keeping your goals to yourself is building the confidence and trust in yourself when it comes to anything you want to accomplish. 

Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Goals 

Ashley’s hectic schedule is no stranger to planning around the accomplishment of her goals, as a successful business owner, Ashley’s implementation of periodically measurable goals has taken her business to the next level. She believes for someone who is trying to accomplish what seems to be impossible, it’s important to constantly move forward. This is where having goals to strive for are an important part of the equation to achieving success. 

Get Inspiration and Stop Comparing Yourself 

In a world filled with constant comparison from social media profiles, the most crucial lesson you can learn early on is to stop comparing yourself. By comparing yourself to others you’re wasting useful energy that could have been funneled into your own goals. As a rule of thumb, Ashley recommends to only find inspiration when it comes to seeing where others are, and use that inspiration for your vision. 

Weezle Is Helping Local Businesses Grow From the Palm of One’s Hand

The use of mobile technology has spread rapidly across the globe. The latest statistics show an estimate of 5 billion smartphone users in the world, around 50% of the world’s total population. The continuous increase in the world’s smartphone consumption has paved the way for the increase of mobile application software and patronage. 

Nowadays, more and more companies are riding the bandwagon of coming up with solutions that will help them reach their audience in the digital realm. One of which is the creation of mobile applications. Through mobile applications, companies are able to improve customer experience, acquire more customers, and generate more income. However, developing and maintaining a mobile application takes time and money, but marketing expert Austin Pray and his team had developed an application to help local businesses in the various states grow more. 

A Montana native, Austin Pray was raised by a computer engineer and a small restaurant owner as his parents. Growing up, Austin was heavily influenced by his parents and the local business scene in his town. It was thanks to his upbringing that he took an interest in both restaurant management and coding. He brought his fascination with coding and restaurant management with him in college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science, specializing in Hospitality Administration and Management at the Colorado State University-Fort Collins in 2013. 

A few months after graduating, Austin became a general manager of multiple restaurants. But despite already having a stable job, he still took online courses in coding on the side. It was then that he started working on the Weezle App.

Weezle App is a free mobile application for local businesses in the United States. The app features local businesses, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and hotels. Aside from businesses, activities can also be seen and booked in the app, such as hikes and events in the scene. Through the app, locals and tourists can easily browse and search through a variety of businesses and offerings in the area. The development of the app is a win on consumers as they save time from manually searching for sites to visit and things to do, and the business as they gain more customers and income.

The Weezle app also has a “spin the wheel” feature. This feature lets the app decide what establishment to visit. By setting a category, the app can help its user decide what restaurant to visit, where to go next, and what to do next.

Aside from a mobile app, Weezle also has a marketing firm to help these local brands establish their online visibility. The firm offers website and social media content creation, as well as online advertisements and campaigns through google ads, email campaigns, and other campaigns that can be run digitally. They also offer market analysis and ad analysis that helps them create more effective ads to create stronger online visibility for their clientele.

Weezle currently operates in several locations all over the United States, including Chicago, Illinois, and Vermont, among others. The work that the company has done has helped small businesses build their customer base and establish their online presence. 

For more information about Weezle and the work they do, you can visit their website or follow the Instagram accounts of the Weezle App and Weezle Marketing.