Caretonics Has Formulated the Best in Skincare Using the Power of CBD

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical component derived from the hemp plant, which has been found to offer a variety of medical properties. Harnessing the power of CBD, CareTonics is a company that offers skincare must-haves infused with cannabidiol. Made by a CBD advocate, the company aims to help people solve their various skincare problems by creating an organic line that utilizes the healing properties of CBD. 

From its Ultra Eye Cream, Day & Night Moisturizing Cream, Facial Toner, and Facial Cleanser, CareTonics products were formulated with the intent of fully utilizing the multiple benefits the CBD offers. The skincare line utilizes phytocannabinoid-rich hemp that has no harsh chemicals, no pesticides, and no metals, while also being Gluten-Free, Vegan Friendly, and 100% Organically Grown. CareTonics always makes sure that its skincare line utilizes hemp without any harm, with the company constantly delivering the safest, most consistent, and most effective CBD products possible in order to help people solve their skin problems.

CareTonics is the creation of Kendra Theroith, who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Theroith, along with her twin sister, was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, to a family of five. Kendra and her twin, along with their other siblings (who were incidentally twins as well), were brought up by their mother, who to Kendra, was the epitome of a strong, black woman. Their mother instilled in them the importance of God, family, compassion, dedication, and helping others. Unfortunately, their mother passed away on January 28, 2007, dying of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.

Following her mother’s values, Kendra Theroith then went on to pursue a career in helping people through therapy. She went on to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Mount Mercy University, and a Masters of Art in Psychology (emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy) from Chapman University. In 2017, Kendra became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Along with her sister, Kendra runs a mental health agency, Midwest Counseling and Family Services, Inc., located in Los Angeles County, where they provide mental health therapy.

Unfortunately, like her mother, Kendra was also diagnosed with cancer, becoming sick with breast cancer. The thought of dying like her mother scared Kendra, especially knowing she would have to leave not only her sister and family but also the people relying on her as a therapist. She eventually underwent a mastectomy and was able to beat cancer. Kendra then underwent medication for the cancer, which had a variety of side effects, including intense headaches, nausea, hot flashes, and hair thinning. In looking for alternatives, she stumbled upon CBD and read about its many healing properties. She then started using the hemp, and it has brought quite a difference in her life.

Having witnessed the power of CBD, Kendra wanted to share it with the world, and eventually started CareTonics. With the skincare line, she aims to help many more people like her who suffer from many skincare issues by offering a range of essentials that people can use without having reactions. Kendra personally uses them before offering them to anyone else, making sure that she offers only the best products possible.

Much like her mother, Kendra Theroith is compassionate, dedicated, and is aimed to help others. With these values in her, she has created CareTonics, helping more people solve a variety of skincare problems using the power of CBD.

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Under the Shelters of His Tenacious Spirit: How Troy Sandidge Braved the Storms

People who are known for their dependability, trustworthiness, and excellence all have one thing in common – tenacity. They are those whose actions are not dependent on how convenient the times are. Instead, they consistently find ways. 

And among those who chose to remain steadfast in the face of misfortune is Troy Sandidge. With his fair share of tough luck, he learned that getting the wind knocked out of him was the only way to remind his lungs how much they liked the taste of air. 

For someone who considered the world of electrical engineering his home, Troy Sandidge took one of the most significant risks by diving into the unfamiliar waters of digital marketing. But being the successful business figure that he is today, it was a risk he would not trade for the world. And as one of the most sought-after digital marketers, he has gained recognition for his proficiency in crafting social marketing strategies as well as solutions for growing small and medium-sized businesses. 

Using his D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™, Troy is able to lend a helping hand to international brands and multi-billion enterprises as they climb the summits of success and reach for their galaxy of goals. And for the past ten years, he has become a powerful resource in successfully growing brand identities through an array of social media, video, and digital platforms. 

But aside from being an elite social media strategist, Troy proves that he is worthy of his fine reputation by pulling out more tricks under his sleeves. Continually pushing beyond borders, he is now recognized for his all-around aptitude as a featured speaker, streamer, interviewer, marketing consultant, and Twitter aficionado. And earning himself a multifaceted brand, this go-getter is setting the world on fire with his blazing drive for success. 

However, behind the gilt-edged veil he puts on are struggles that he had to overcome. As a black millennial, Troy grew up battling the overarching stigma around racial minorities. He had to work twice as hard as everyone else because society was not forgiving of his dire circumstances. It may not have been clear to him back then, but he now understood why the plight was necessary. Had his situation been different, he would not have been the man of character everyone knows him for.

Through organic marketing and building communities, Troy tries to incorporate his own story as a source of growth and strength. He always makes it a habit to talk and speak with the intention of connecting everyone in his presence. For this reason, he strives to bring in a whole lot of energy and authenticity every time he demands attention. And with this passion-driven approach, he has generated not only millions of dollars for brands across the globe, but he has also made a meaningful impact on the lives of those around him. 

Troy’s triumph allowed him to showcase the power of resilience amidst adversities. He has silenced naysayers by shutting them down with his inner strength. And it may have taken him some time, but it was time not wasted. 

To know more about Troy Sandidge, you may visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

A Sneaker Life’s Michael J Mitchell AKA ‘mikethecompass’ on His Rise to Fame in the Sneaker Game

It’s not easy for an ordinary person to make it big in the world of social media, especially YouTube, arguably one of the world’s most demanding platforms to be on. One has to film videos, shoot photos, create engaging content regularly, engage with subscribers, and charm them with your personality.

And yet Michael J Mitchell, also known as MikeTheCompass, seems to do it so easily. Mike, a native of Denver, Colorado, is widely known and loved for his YouTube channel, A Sneaker Life. Mike’s content revolves around sneaker reviews, lifestyle vlogs, and clothing brand content, as well as advice and tips for buying responsibly.

Mike’s subscribers especially adore him for his videos that give them tips and tricks on how to score sought-after premium products at a great deal. Mike is an upbeat, engaging, and lovable character on the screen—perhaps the reason why he has amassed over 500,000 subscribers on the platform. Aside from his YouTube channel, he also runs two affiliate marketing pages on Twitter and Instagram, Deals Under Cost and A Sneaker Life.

Mike’s love for sneakers can be traced all the way to his toddlerhood. Since he was that young, he had already had all the most popular retro sneakers. His doting mother would always keep a clean pair of sneakers for Little Mike’s use.

Little did his mother know that his appreciation for sneakers would only grow over the years. In his sophomore year in high school, he started actively collecting different models and brands for his collection. Mike’s passion for sneakers helped him get through his troubles growing up. He could always count on his hobby to help him stay grounded in the face of whatever he was facing.

Finally, he created his renowned platform, A Sneaker Life, to share with the world the knowledge that he had accumulated over the years. He had also fancied himself part of the entertainment industry and thought that this would be his place in it. His decision to create A Sneaker Life was a bold move, and he had no way of predicting what the future would be for his passion project. But he let faith take over and started slowly and steadily creating content, sharing with the world his work and constantly mixing things up for the benefit of his viewers.

Mike is now proud to say that his risks paid off. His natural charm and easygoing personality, coupled with his intense passion for sneakers and interest in getting the best deals, has propelled his channel to one of the top spots on YouTube. His channel is a haven for deal seekers and sneaker junkies, all wanting to get their fill of the most exciting sneaker news and commentary.

What sets Mike apart from other sneaker-driven channels is that while he has spent thousands on getting the most premier releases for his collection and his channel, he remains humble and continues to focus on ways to help his fellow sneakerheads get the best possible deals. This secret of Mike’s is not something that is easy for any other YouTuber to replicate. As always, his passion for sneakers helps keep him grounded and propelled in the best possible direction.

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Simply Calm CBD Goes After Their Mission: Wellness for All

The ultimate goal of Simply Calm CBD is “wellness for all” but with a twist. They seek to achieve their mission through the healing abilities of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products. 

Simply Calm CBD was created by a small group of health enthusiasts who envisioned the normalization of the use of CBD products. They saw the amazing biological benefits that CBD brought to many people, so they made it their mission to help more people experience these health benefits. 

The company is dedicated to showing the world the healing benefits of its CBD products in the form of calming creams, lotions, tinctures, and many more. Boxes containing three products depending on the consumer’s needs are also available for subscription. The boxes target three significant areas, which are general wellness, sleep, detox, and pain relief. 

The hemp used to make their products are organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free to ensure the quality of their products. Unlike other CBD companies, the plants used for the products come from the company’s local farms in Oregon. This helps them ensure that they only provide people with top tier products with the highest quality in their journeys to achieve health and wellness. 

Helping people understand the importance of CBD and hemp products is the first step in achieving the company’s ultimate goal. 

First, the company seeks to correct the idea that CBD is the same as cannabis. It is important to note that cannabis refers to a drug derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis sativa contains many chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

CBD is only one of the many chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. THC is the compound that brings in psychoactive effects. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects, and therefore, its usage does not result in getting “high.”

Hemp does not have any psychoactive components as well because it contains higher concentrations of CBD and only contains less than 0.3% of THC. Hemp plants have been grown for thousands of years, mostly in the Asian region. They are naturally grown and organically farmed.

Many years of research have shown that CBD and hemp have significant health benefits. Researchers found that CBD reduces stress, decreases physical manifestations of anxiety, induces sleep for those who experience insomnia, and improves symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

There has been much attention to the possibility of these products as a treatment for seizures caused by epilepsy as well. Some studies have, indeed, shown that seizures were reduced with the use of CBD products. Moreover, the effects of these products have also been found to help a person’s brain in managing pain.

Today, more research studies are conducted to see if CBD products may be used for treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, muscle pain, and possibly even cancer. Most of these research endeavors are still in their early stages and would need more time and more studies to arrive at conclusive results.

With that, Simply Calm also continues to learn more about the endless possibilities of health benefits coming from these products. The company continues to be committed and passionate in achieving its ultimate goal of wellness for all through these promising CBD and hemp-based products. 

To know more about Simply Calm CBD, feel free to connect with them through their website.

How Jason Rorie Set His Passion Into Motion With Drive and Ambition

A vision without a mission is as good as a plan without action. In other words, having passion is only half the battle. The ultimate triumph is achieved with perseverance and grit. And it is by fueling his goals with fiery persistence that small-town boy, Jason Rorie, achieved the summits of success. 

Growing up in the drab and sullen state of Mississippi, Jason Rorie stirred within him the appetite for an action-packed life. So as soon as he graduated from high school, he decided to fill his hunger for adventure to satiety by serving his country and enlisting in the United States Navy. 

And being out on the battlefield, he earned himself technical and security skills he never knew he had in him. Day and night, he worked with military cryptography and encrypted messages and communication circuits. He also served two deployments to the Persian Gulf with a Mine Countermeasures (MCM) rotational crew, which uses technologies to find and clear mines from vital waterways. Soon enough, his potential in mechanical know-how ripened into full aptitude. 

But more than gaining skills and knowledge, the military life built Jason’s character in terms of leadership, work ethic, and conduct. And with all the time he arduously spent in the Navy, he came out as a different and a better man.

Gliding on the calmer and smoother seas of civilian life, Jason vested himself with brand new goals that kept him afloat on his journey. And trusting the waves of his passion, he moved on with his education. His hard work and commitment came to fruition when he earned a degree in Computer Network Engineering, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Technology, and a Master’s in Information as well as in Cyber Security.

With all his academic certifications and recognition, Jason proved that he has more under his sleeves. And using his technical expertise, he brought out his creativity by writing two published books – “Small Business – A Hacker’s Playground” and “Small Town Boy – City Business: A Veteran’s Story of Goals, Grit, and Perseverance While Chasing His Passion.” In his esteemed written works, he poured out his experiences of being a Navy who pursued his calling in the field of information technology. 

Although Jason has already accomplished so much, he still felt the nagging need to expand his field of vision just a little bit more. This growth mindset then catapulted him into the world of business on which he built his multimillion-dollar IT services company – Elevated Technologies. And in 2015, this flagship empire was featured in Houston’s Business Journal’s Fast Tech 25 list as well as in the Fast 100, which is the list of the fastest-growing companies in Houston in any industry.

But showing to be unstoppable at his game, Jason founded two other companies – Triad InfoSec and Cyber Security Insurance Group. With these two entities, Jason directed his stream of focus on the protection of small businesses from cyber threats. He also takes pride in his innovation, MSP Overwatch™, which allowed him to extend his expertise to other IT services companies and help them achieve monetary stability.

Jason may be known for his great works and outstanding performance in the entrepreneurial landscape. However, it is for his strength and resilience that he ultimately owes his success to. He wants to show the world that when it comes to destiny, the time is always right. One can never go wrong with the lethal combination of passion and grit. 

To know more about Jason Rorie, you may visit his website, LinkedIn, and Instagram page.