‘Rene’ and Its Mission to Provide the Best Travel Care

Traveling to different places can be essential for some types of work. While the concept of travel sounds like a dream job with lots of perks, the possibility of encountering a travel accident brings the stake up high, especially if it happens in a completely different country without any loved one around.

But each time long-distance traveling needs to happen, it begs some questions. Does insurance cover this? What if the range of the insurance plan of the company does not include foreign places? What about COVID-19, is it covered?

This scenario was what happened to Atilio Spaccarotella, an Argentinean entrepreneur. He experienced a travel accident that left him with a huge medical bill and realized how bad the healthcare system is for travelers. From then on, Atilio decided to take it upon himself to correct a problematic industry that has not improved the slightest after many years and has failed many people. Atilio left his role as CEO at GTN Medical International and founded Rene in 2019.

Rene is a travel care platform that assists companies with the duty of care tools to maintain a level of safety and health for their employees during travels. Part of the company’s services is to implement travel safety assessments, provide tailored insurance, wellness programs, and telemedicine, and bring forth easy access to medical and emergency services to its users around the world.

So far, the company was able to raise capital from renowned and reputable investors like Quake Capital and Lair East Labs.

The platform works best with businesses that have employees always traveling, though they also give benefits and services to those that do not. The company lets businesses register for free and lets them choose to pay to insure their travelers or offer the dashboard as an added benefit for the entire staff.

The safety of their clients’ employees are their number 1 priority, so they have a high standard for themselves. Rene is always up-to-date with worldwide information on travel restrictions, advisories, and alerts. They make sure to offer the right type of insurance product, depending on the destination of the travel, using their proprietary algorithm.

The platform is quick to incorporate new features when the situation arises. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they added a new service that allows their clients to generate safe travel policies for the whole organization with just a few clicks.

Each traveler and company are unique when it comes to their own health concerns. This fact is precisely the reason why the company works with different insurance providers to cater to the exact type of insurance that is most appropriate and needed for each trip. But beyond coverage, Rene double-checks their clients if they are within compliance of the best duty-of-care practices. They also provide assistance before, during, and after the trip.

The company has coined the term CareSurance(™), a user-centered approach that focuses on people’s welfare. It is something every company should promote.

With over ten years of background and expertise in the healthcare industry, Atilio and his co-founder and long-time friend, Gustavo Lindenberg, envision the future of healthcare and insurance shifting into CareSurance. People’s daily well-being is at the center and given the utmost importance, giving them access to the right type of care whenever and wherever they need it.

To learn more about Rene Health, visit their website, and follow Atilio Spaccarotella’s personal Instagram account and Linkedin to stay updated.

Game Developer Keith Alan Spaar Brings Family Members Closer Through His Creations

Nothing beats old-fashioned family bonding time spent playing engaging video and board games. Moments such as this bring parents closer to their children. And as for children, they are comforted by these memories even in adulthood. Game developer and family man, Keith Alan Spaar, is bringing family members closer by creating games that they can enjoy together. 

Spaar is currently developing his own toy and game company called Jimmy Q, LLC. Having a team of talented and highly motivated designers, artists, and creators backing him up, Spaar is confident that his company will take off. Spaar is working with Kickstarter, an American public benefit corporation that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity, so he can introduce his toys and games to the world. 

Aside from Kickstarter, Spaar is also in the process of developing an Amazon store that he will call Spaar Fun & Games. This will enable him to sell his products directly to gaming enthusiasts and clients looking for wholesome and fun games that they can enjoy with their families. His Psycho Game Series is made up of four different games that are currently being produced in his studio. These games are Psycho Chess, Psycho Backgammon, Psycho Reversi, and Psycho Tic-Tac-Toe.  

Before the Pyscho Game Series, Spaar developed the Psycho Checkers for the benefit of his children – two sets of fraternal twins. The game allows players to control not just one army but two. It is quite fast-paced and very exciting as four different armies move to the center of the board at the same time. The game is also able to accommodate eight players if the family has a bigger group of people. 

The creation of Psycho Checkers is a result of Spaar’s desire for his children to experience a part of him. By creating an original game, he knows that it will stay with them for life. The Pyscho Game Series is not just an income-generating project; it is valuable to every member of his immediate family. 

Prior to establishing his own company, Spaar worked for over 30 years in Amscan, the largest designer, manufacturer, and distributor of decorated party goods and party accessories in the world. It later came to be known as Party City Holdings, Inc. Spaar started as a Mechanical Artist for the company. He held other key positions in the company over time that included being Designer, Art Director, Product Manager, Product Designer, Product Director, and Director of Creative Product Development. 

It was during his last two years in the company that his true passion and calling was revealed to him. He was assigned to a project which required him to create games and toys. Spaar considered those times to be his most exciting and memorable experiences. He knew in an instant what he needed to do when his direct supervisor left the company and eventually led to his expected departure.

He may only be starting in the business industry, but Keith Alan Spaar has more than enough years of experience to guarantee that his venture will be an awe-inspiring success. It may have taken him some time to act on his true passion in life, but success is not dependent on the owner’s age. It is dependent on one’s willingness to achieve it.

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The Impact Studio Gives a Platform to Passionate People Who Want to Make a Change in the World

It seems that the world never runs out of bad news to give, and with all the disheartening information out in the open, it’s hard to keep the faith. But there are still people fighting the good fight and working towards causes they believe in. One series that gives these people a platform to talk about their passions and causes is The Impact Studio.

The Impact Studio was originally a podcast that has now been turned into a successful Instagram (IG) Live series hosted by All Things Good Co. All Things Good Co. is a media company that focuses on providing positive, knowledgeable content that people can learn from and use to better themselves. This is also the goal of The Impact Studio. The series was created by Zack DeMinno to serve as a place for real conversations to be had within the All Things Good Co. community.

Zack, as a host, gets the chance to chat with people that he truly thinks are making the world a better place. The episodes cover real topics through raw conversation, where the guests talk about topics they are most passionate about. 

The Impact Studio is the only platform that provides opportunities like this. In the sixteen episodes that were released when it was still a podcast, Zack and the guest of the episode have an impactful conversation that lasts anywhere from twenty-five minutes to an hour and a half. Where most conversations with movers and shakers take place in the form of three to five-minute interviews that do not give people enough time to really get into their passions, The Impact Studio treats their guests with the attention they deserve, and they’re given free rein to take the conversation anywhere they want to take it.

This format and the conversations that take place have now moved from podcasts to Instagram Lives, where the host and the guest can fully engage with the audience. And so that nobody misses any of the episodes, the recorded IG Live series will be posted on All Things Good Co.’s Instagram.

The Impact Studio features impactful people both on their IG Lives and their podcast. One of the guests was Taylor Bouchard, the founder of Ducklings Travel. Taylor is nineteen years old, and when she was ten years old, she was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation. Since her diagnosis, she had to travel to Colorado from Florida fifteen times for her treatment. She saw how much travel cost her and her family, and she realized that the cost of travel could prevent others from receiving the care that she did. That’s why she founded Ducklings Travel, which aims to aid families in need of financial travel assistance for the treatment of non-life-threatening yet debilitating medical conditions.

The Impact Studio wants to highlight more stories and people like that. They strive to create a platform passion takes precedence and where more people can learn about causes that matter. 

The Impact Studio’s episodes can be found on All Things Good Co.’s Instagram page.

Kimana Neilstrong on Maximizing Fitness and Minimizing Injury

Martial arts help people transform their lives for the better – physically, mentally, and spiritually. But the journey towards the attainment of physical and mental disciplines goes a long way.

While there are many forms of martial arts, most share common similarities: for self-defense purposes. The most popular ones include Jiu-jitsu from Japan, Karate and Kung Fu from China, and Taekwondo, which originated from Korea – and all of these are practiced globally.

For Kimana Neilstrong, he took an interest in Taekwondo, an Olympic sport since the year 2000, and dedicated time to mastering the art.

Kimana Neilstrong is a certified personal trainer with specialties in corrective exercise and youth exercise. He is also a certified nutrition coach. He obtained his master’s degree from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus). He graduated on top of his class with a 4.0 grade point average, majoring in Exercise Science.

As a martial artist himself, he has a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and he has been practicing for eight years. His Instagram account holds tons of videos of him training for Taekwondo. Kimana’s experiences have made him passionate about a movement that cannot be satiated. He also coaches people to become more flexible, jump higher, lose body fat, and gain muscle strength.

From his university education, specializations, and practical experiences, he has become well-equipped to bring martial artists and others to their fitness and health goals. Within the performance enhancement realm of athletics, he further specializes in plyometrics for jumping and flexibility, which all martial artists seem to want.

The sport of mastering self-control, Taekwondo, began as a means of self-defense through hand-to-hand combat on battlefields. Taekwondo follows five tenets: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit. Though none will probably ever face hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield, one would be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

While planning to come up with future products, especially for martial artists, Kimana aims to help clients jump higher. His desire to help other aspirants has driven him to provide a monthly coaching program to clients. His online coaching serves people who need guidance, motivation, and the basics of losing body fat, increasing muscle size and strength. 

Kimana’s first flexibility product for martial artists targets the hamstrings and adductor muscles. Through this, people learn to kick higher and do splits without warming up comes with his three-month program. Anyone can benefit from his flexibility lessons. 

He also provides nutrition and training plans that people can purchase once and coach themselves. Nutrition plays a crucial role in maximizing fitness in Taekwondo. He encourages athletes to eat a health-promoting diet for adequate fueling for training and growth. Supplements may come handy in conjunction with the pieces of advice from experts such as accredited sports dietitian for optimal progress.

Working with someone in the field of Taekwondo limits the risk of getting injured in the process. While learning a new skill set and improving them is essential, the safety of a person is tantamount to such. Kimana’s online coaching and training plans give his clients the freedom to set their own pace while still being able to work on their goals.

Know more about Kimana Neilstrong by checking out his website and following him on Instagram for more updates.