CRE Sam Smashing the Hip-hop and Rap Scene with ‘Grind Everyday BME’

Finding one’s passion is very important in achieving success in life. Despite all the challenges that will be encountered while realizing that passion, the sense of fulfillment and happiness that it brings are unmatched.

CRE Sam, CRE stands for Cash Runs Everything, is finding his passion through music. Originally born and raised in Jamaica, 18 years old, CRE Sam has recently moved to the US and is living the American dream for almost two years already. He excels in the sports of soccer, and, dreaming that someday he will make it to the US men’s national soccer team. However, for two years, he realized that his passion is in music, and he can express himself more in the form of rap.

CRE Sam and his family moved to the US in search of better opportunities. Despite being in the world’s most democratic country, his search for an identity and sense of belonging in the new home is still very apparent. As such, he finds solace in music, while creating and sharing his words to the youth across the US and reaching beyond Jamaica.

Coming from Jamaica, CRE Sam has been expected to create music in the form of reggae. Although he recognizes that reggae music shaped most of his childhood in Jamaica, however, he identifies himself as revolutionizing music through the beat and words of rap.

What separates CRE Sam from the American hip-hop and rap culture is his ability to communicate with his audience. As he puts it, my music hits straight to the dome, and most of the stuff I’ve done in life is in my songs; a lot of rappers don’t really have that.

CRE Sam’s newest single, Grind Everyday BME, has an upbeat vibe, giving more energy while teaching young adolescents like him the walks of life. He is actively sharing his passion through Soundcloud, wherein he pays attention to every feedback he receives from his listeners.

Even though still a newbie in the hip-hop and rap music scene, CRE Sam is determined to reach a wider audience across the US and also reaching his home country, Jamaica. He is eager to know how the American community responds to his craft. CRE Sam’s goal is to create connections so that he can bring his music to those who can relate to its meaning.

CRE Sam is currently working on new songs and is planning to release a debut EP to further bring his passion into the hip-hop and rap music scene. He is continuously learning from hip-hop and rap experts who are helping him with perfecting his craft. He wants to master the art of storytelling, to be the voice of the young adolescents like him, and to the people of Jamaica.

CRE Sam is looking forward to the day that he makes a name in the music scene. He aims to gain more listeners and transform them into appreciating the art of hip-hop and rap. He doesn’t want to be part of the status quo; he wants to be known as the one and only CRE Sam.

Check out CRE Sam’s single Grind Everyday BME on Soundcloud and Youtube. Let him know what you think about it.

Get on Board with TikiFunBoats and Their World-Famous Tiki-Style Pontoon

With the multitude of boats docked at one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, one boat in particular that landed on the waters of Newport Harbor in 2019 caught the eye of locals and tourists alike. That boat was none other than TikiFunBoats’ signature boat called the Big Bamboo. 

The Big Bamboo is eye-catching and spectacularly unconventional. Since its official launch, it has gained massive attention due to its unique island aesthetic. It comes off as distinctive and unorthodox in a sea of boats that people couldn’t tell apart from one another.

 Fortunately, the boat is open for rental at an affordable price tag. Unlike yachts that can cost a fortune to charter, the Big Bamboo doesn’t have a hefty price tag for what it has to offer. Unlike the typical Duffy rentals where there is not much space to move around, the boat is big enough for people to sit, stand, and even dance! You have to drive the Duffy boat where with TikiFunBoats, the rental comes with a licensed captain who drives the boat. This way, people can sit back, relax, enjoy the beautiful views and their company. Along with its vibrant Tiki-style aesthetic and popular harbor destination, the whole experience is something that one should never miss out on.

 The team behind TikiFunBoats is set on cornering the Newport Beach market. It is a prime location for tourists looking to have a wonderful time in California. It has also attracted hundreds of locals seeking to try something new. The immense popularity has gained incredible traction that the team is looking to get multiple boats to support its growth. The team is also entertaining the idea of a tiki boat that can accommodate larger parties, anywhere from 20 – 25 people. Eventually, TikiFunBoats aims to branch out with a franchise business model. The goal is to expand their brand and reach across various operators located in harbor cities across the USA. 

 The Big Bamboo is strategically docked near the most well-known restaurants in Newport Beach. Once patrons enjoy a sumptuous meal in one of the best restaurants in the area, they will eventually admire the view and be captivated by the distinctive features of the Big Bamboo. The strategy has been successful so far since TikiFunBoats has been booked seven days a week ever since it’s official launch in early 2020. What’s so exciting about the Big Bamboo and TikiFunBoats is the amenities that they provide to their customers.

 They have custom hardwood throughout, including a tiki bar for lounging, plush Tommy Bahama sofa seating with a small dining table. They also provide a sound system for customers who want to blast their favorite songs and dance. They have differentiated themselves with a great middle-ground concept. Duffy boat rentals can be cramped, and large boats that hold up to 45 – 60 people come with a five-figure rental price tag, which is not ideal for a single-family vacation or a small group of locals looking to try something new.

 TikiFunBoats has pulled out all the stops towards providing its customers with an intimate experience that they will never forget. The boat can hold six people comfortably at a relatively competitive and reasonable price. It’s like booking an upgraded themed suite rather than a basic hotel room that doesn’t give the customers anything new, just bland and boring. TikiFunBoats is the opposite of bland and boring. They’re all about fun and excitement. 

 Anyone interested in booking a rental or a reservation at TikiFunBoats can drop by their website for more information regarding their services.

How Bailey’s CBD Oil Makes Every Pet’s Life Healthier and Happier

Pets have seamlessly found a particular spot in everyone’s heart. As they are often the best companions in life, a source of comfort and support, likewise, ensuring their wellness, must also be a priority. As pet owners and lovers seek safe and healthier options for their pets, Bailey’s has been ensuring every pet’s life a priority by addressing their needs.

In 2017, Bailey’s started as a dedication to Jay O’Keekfe’s 9-year-old pug named Bailey, a pet shop dog who suffered from a lot of health conditions. The road to wellness for Bailey had always been Jay’s priority, which eventually paved the way for Bailey’s team to introduce the wonders of hemp-derived CBD oil in the lives of pets as it is also proven to provide comfort and relief.

A pet-specific CBD company, Bailey’s maintains the highest standards of integrity and transparency by partnering with businesses that are aligned with them in terms of values and intentions. As such, they have single-sourced their full spectrum hemp extract from Moon Mother Hemp Company in Boulder, Colorado. As it is sourced directly from a USDA certified organic farm, Bailey’s hemp extract is hand-harvested, ensuring the artisanal, boutique quality. Furthermore, Bailey’s produces its CBD oil at their 1500 square feet bottling facility in Costa Mesa, California.

As Bailey’s is 100% pet-focused, they have partnered with a veterinarian, Dr. Robert J. Silver, DVM, who has been studying the effects of cannabinoids on pets for over 30 years. He discovered that full-spectrum CBD oil could help provide therapeutic value to pets. As such, Bailey’s CBD oil and CBD soft chews have continuously helped pet owners in relieving their pets’ fireworks anxiety, specifically every 4th of July.

Moreover, Dr. Silver provides guidance on the recommended use of CBD and for pet owners to find the sweet spot of how much CBD will work for their pets. Likewise, Bailey’s products have been under proper assurance and strict scrutiny of Dr. Silver.

Bailey’s prides itself in producing safe, mild, and non-intoxicating CBD oil for pets. They set a third-party lab test to ensure high quality and safe products. Every batch of CBD oil production has its respective QR codes, which correspond to their lab results. The company’s commitment to quality over quantity is an assurance of upholding integrity and transparency. Also, their team always stands out as they deliver superior customer service with their pet experts dedicated to helping pet owners with their needs.

Bailey’s treats every pet’s life as a priority. The company also goes beyond the business and does its part in helping as many pets as possible with their Rescue of the Month Initiative. In this program, the company partners with a different pet rescue every month. As part of their mission of raising awareness on the issues faced by pet rescue organizations, Bailey’s has initiated to donate 150mg CBD oil for dogs in every four items sold on their website.

Bailey’s has truly created more wonders in every pet’s life. As they thrive to provide high quality and safe CBD oil solutions, their priority is to make every pet healthy and happy.

How King Buckley Lives a Life With Love and Purpose

Passion creates endless possibilities. As it continues to fuel one’s purpose in life, the desire to flourish against all the odds always prevails in time. For King Buckley, his passion defines everything he created for himself – living a life with love and purpose.

Hailing from the south side of Chicago, King Buckley was a former University of South Florida basketball player who spent his professional career overseas. As health problems compromised his dreams, it only paved the way for him to discover his raw talent in music. Now, an emerging artist in the R&B scene, King Buckley, has been known for his first single, Sexasode, which landed #77 on Billboard Top 100 Charts.

His interesting mix of melodic harmony and menacing vocals resonate on his current singles Remedy, Perspectives, Levitate, Prophecy, to name a few. With over eight years of experience as a writer, King Buckley creates a personal and distinct musical direction as his voice is very diverse, resonating to be recognized and remembered.

As a fashion enthusiast himself, King Buckley owns the fashion magazine, Regime, a fashion and lifestyle hub that is influenced by the music industry. It focuses on giving a unique style a voice since people have been adopting the lifestyle, music, and any expression in the context of art.

As the editor-in-chief, King Buckley admits that only one special issue is released every year. Looking at all seasons in fashion, lifestyle, and events and creating a recap for the year-end is what sets Regime apart from the competition.

Previously, the Regime’s print distribution was actively circulating across ten international airports. However, for King Buckley, it is about time to make the publication digital and be available for an online subscription. Currently, he is in the works of bringing the life of the magazine online with the Regime’s website.

Also, in the next issue, upcoming updates and trends in fashion and lifestyle are expected to make an impact on the people. With art at its core, Regime is bound to echo every passion with purpose.

Despite being immersed in his music and Regime’s comeback, King Buckley is still supporting the basketball association by acting as a consultant to Tabetha Plummer’s Represent International Sports and Entertainment. A former professional basketball player himself, he is well adept at the areas of assessment and recruitment of basketball players. 

King Buckley is driven by his passion for music and the love for writing. Besides, he also believes that living a life that revolves around love and purpose is essential to one’s success. As such, he always competes with himself and sees other people as an inspiration in mastering his craft.

King Buckley is a true artist who created an impact out of nurturing his passions in life. He is determined to teach the values of love, passion, and purpose by creating a culture that takes these values as tools towards success. With his upcoming songs and Regime’s comeback, King Buckley is more than just an artist to look out for as he is living a life filled with love and purpose.

To know more about King Buckley, visit his website. Follow him on Instagram.

How Squeaky’s Cleaning Is Revolutionizing the Home Cleaning Industry

This Michigan company’s powerful secret combo is leaving other cleaning companies in Oakland County to eat their dust. Squeaky’s Home Cleaning combines the healthiest in cleaning technology with the best staff of cleaning experts to give local families a healthier home.

It is unusual for a cleaning company to be known for giving good wages, and in that area, Squeaky’s already breaks the mold. Their staff’s starting pay is higher than 95 percent of comparable cleaning positions. This is the company’s strategy in retaining the best in the industry. Most cleaning companies suffer from high turnover and low-quality staff. In paying their staff well, Squeaky’s is able to ensure that its employees have a good quality of life and are able to have lifelong careers. All of the company’s cleaning technicians start at $15 an hour. To foster a sense of family, Squeaky’s frequently has free lunches for the team. 

The company’s small team is made up of personable, hardworking, and responsible people whom residents will feel they can trust in their homes. The company uses 300+ degree sanitizing dry steam to boost its cleaning power. This can be used to make things like ovens or BBQ grills look brand new and spotless.

Squeaky’s selects only the best mix of high-quality cleaning products for use in the home. These products are not only effective but safe, and they are all sourced from the veteran of commercial cleaning products, Multi-Clean. Their standard cleaning products allow them to get a much deeper clean with mostly green cleaning products and a few traditional cleaning products no stronger than traditional store-bought household solutions. Alternatively, clients can request a “green cleaning,” which includes only products that are EPA Safer Choice or Green Seal certified. These products are not only held to environmental standards but also human and pet health standards.

The company offers a standard home cleaning and a deep whole-home cleaning. Standard cleanings can be scheduled weekly, every other week, monthly, or one time. Squeaky’s has its own suite of natural biodegradable green cleaning products to clean 95 percent of one’s home. However, because green products are not true disinfectants, they use standard household Pine-Sol to disinfect toilets and floors.

Squeaky’s is staying ahead of COVID-19 by utilizing cutting-edge victory electrostatic sprayers. These work by statically charging the atomized spray so that it evenly coats each surface and gets in every nook and cranny. This, combined with Century Q, an EPA-recommended disinfecting agent against COVID-19, and their responsive staff in full PPE makes any space safer for patrons.

Squeaky’s technicians follow ISSA guidelines for the disinfection of COVID-19. They enter a client’s home only in fully donned PPE to mitigate any possible contamination from their staff. This includes goggles, masks, coveralls, gloves, and shoe covers. The technicians spray and then leave the cleaner to air dry, which kills the virus and allows time for disinfection. Other companies that are untrained and simply spray and wipe the disinfectant are leaving the virus alive on the surface for many days.

The company’s commitment to excellence is the reason why it was voted Michigan’s best cleaning company. Respect for employees and the usage of quality tools and products have earned the company its spotless reputation.

Learn more about the way Squeaky’s is leading the future of cleaning on their website, and visit the company’s Facebook page.

Scalp Micropigmentation by Scalp Authority is a Hair Loss Remedy that Works

Finding a non-surgical hair loss remedy that works often poses a challenge to many clients. There is also the need to be certain about the certification and technical skills of a service provider. Scalp Authority by Dion Walker has been offering effective and reliable scalp micropigmentation services that have helped numerous clients overcome the war against hair loss.

Hair loss can be brought about by several factors. These include hereditary conditions, hormonal changes, a medical condition, medication and supplement issues, radiation therapy, stress, or hairstyle treatment in the past. No matter what the cause, hair loss affects the overall self-esteem of a person. Consequently, it leads to a loss of confidence and a low desire to socialize for fear of being criticized.

A 2014 survey spearheaded by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery reveals that 35 million people living in the United States go through some form of hair loss in their lifetime. The same survey states that a staggering 21 million women suffer from the many emotional and psychological effects of hair loss. 20% of the people included in the statistics start seeing the signs of hair loss before they even reach the age of 30. 

Additionally, the survey explains that at least one in every five Americans experience hair loss. It is a considerably very high percentage compared to other physical issues that people go through. It is for this reason that Dion Worked tirelessly to establish Scalp Authority. “My goal is to help men and women finally hang up their hats in the closet,” he says.

Dion has experienced the ordeal of dealing with hair loss himself. It is one of his many motivations to learn and get certified in scalp micropigmentation. Not only did he find a non-surgical and non-prescription way of restoring his hair, but he also got the opportunity to help others experience the same breakthrough. 

He finished his certification after training with the best of the best in the industry. He trained directly under Matthew Iulo, the founder and Director of Scalp Micro USA, where he got his certification. Matthew also struggled with hair loss, and it motivated him to find a remedy that works. He thought of putting up his clinic to help others like him find a lasting solution to a severe problem. Scalp Micro USA has treated over 5,000 clients to date.

When it comes to connecting with his clients, Dion is very hands-on. From the time clients come for a consultation until the procedure is complete, he is 100% on board to make them feel comfortable and confident. His warm and friendly attitude has reassured his clients that he has their back all the way. 

“I was skeptical at first, but Dion put me at ease. I had three sessions, and let’s just say I rarely wear my hat now,” confesses Bobby Callahan, one of Dion’s clients.

A complete scalp micropigmentation procedure requires at least three sessions. The length of each session depends highly on the degree of baldness, style the client wishes to follow, and the volume of the pattern chosen. At the end of each procedure, Dion’s hard work consistently reaps 100% customer satisfaction. 

Hair loss need not be a deterrent to one’s happiness and fulfillment in life. There is a safe and effective way to combat it without going through painful surgery and costly medication.

Coco O’Connor: Taking Her Signature Sound Back to Where it All Began

Coco O’Connor’s journey is not just another typical small-town-girl story. Hers is truly an inspiring one. She was born and raised in Cullman, Alabama, a rural town outside of Muscle Shoals. It was where she found her passion for music and quickly began developing her sound. It wasn’t long before the songwriter got her heart set on following her dream of making music on the global stage.

Coco O’Connor’s songs have been on the most iconic platforms today. The Craig Ferguson Show, PBS, The History Channel, Netflix, and National Geographic, to name a few. Today, amidst the pandemic, Coco wants to comfort people through her music. She sold thousands of CDs by asking her audience to cover only the shipping and the handling.

Coco released her debut album in 2015, which became a big hit and gained her a significant following. But her success did not stop there. She took her signature sound to the next level in 2018 with her independently-released seven-song EP. The album gained critical acclaim and an award from the International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) during its 15th annual ceremony. Her song, The Devil, A Wounded Man, And Me, received the highest recognition. 

After stealing the hearts of her listeners globally, Coco wants to return to where it all began. “It has a lot to do with going back to my roots where I grew up,” says the award-winning songwriter. During her career, Coco formed a band for a music festival. In 2019, Coco persevered to return to the studio and signed a record deal with Bonfire Music Group. A year after the band’s founding, Coco brought the full band in-studio to record her latest masterpiece, When I Was Your World. 

Blackbird Studios and Dog Den Studies produced the album in Nashville, Tennessee. Coco collaborated with the top producers and songwriters in the industry to come up with a full collection of stunning songs. In her team is powerhouse industry veteran Bill McDermott who has worked with George Strait, Tim McGraw, and Emmylou Harris. Also, with her in this venture is Sound Engineer Steve Marcantonio. Performing for the record were some of the best artists in the Muscle Shoals area, including world-renowned Will McFarlane and The Shoals Sisters.

The lead single from the album, When I Was Your World, is inspired by Coco’s relationship with her daughter. She wrote the heartfelt song back in 2015-2016 but held onto it for the right moment. 

“I was blown away that I was the world to this little, new person in my life. It’s a song dealing with all aspects of any relationship – from the newness to it all to eventually the loss and everything in between.” 

The song came to life in one of Coco’s songwriting sessions with Rick Beresford and Deanna Walker. She blurted out the title right there and then, and her two colleagues loved it. Even Deanna got a little emotional as they were writing the last verse of the song, according to Coco. 

The songwriter took an invigorated approach to the record. The album boasts a harmonic combination of Americana, folk, roots, and even bluegrass influences. She made her intentions clear and robust from the album’s opening track, Honey Bee. She also collaborated with talented songwriters Mark Narmore (Reba McEntire)  and Stephanie C. Brown (Garth Brooks)  for the song  White Horse. Coco took different elements together to produce an exciting work of art. 

“Life is like a race, but it’s important to run your own race and not someone else’s. It’s less about winning or losing. You win when you persevere.” Coco O’Connor has performed on some of big stages. But for her, there’s still no better place to make her music other than home.

Learn more about Coco O’Connor and her original songs through her website

Unlocking Your True Potential with TD Brewer, Guilt-Free Wealth Strategist

TD Brewer is living a wealthy life devoid of self-doubt and uncertainties, and he is helping people to achieve the same as a Guilt-Free Wealth Strategist. Guided by his strong faith and the mission to help others, Brewer teaches people how to become wealthy individuals. 

In his teachings, Brewer places considerable importance on dissecting the concept of wealth, reshaping it as a multi-faceted concept rather than its standard definition. More often than not, people misconceive wealth as synonymous with making a profit. But the thought leader and change agent explains that to obtain wealth is knowing how to control abilities and steering it to secure ambitions. It goes beyond profit maximization but a strong commitment to relationships, health, wholeness, personal success, philanthropy, and prosperity.

The path towards self-actualization is a lengthy process. With a dynamic society and an ever-changing landscape, people get confused with their priorities. As society expands, so do the responsibilities of individuals. Because of this phenomenon, people become overwhelmed and lose control of their lives. 

As a consequence, they lose sight of their goals and how to attain it. Also, life presents many challenges and exposes people to various adversities that challenge their faith and inner strength. But it is up to them to rise above these and lead a life of meaning and real wealth. 

Growing up in a place frequented by incidents of shooting, drug dealing, and gang violence, Brewer had his share of a problematic past. Confronted with such influences, other people wallow in toxicity and eventually assume the realities. However, for Brewer, it was the calling of the Lord and his deep understanding of the Word of God that propelled him to a more significant design in life.

Brewer proceeded with his education and earned a degree in Business and a certificate in Project Management. He is continuing his educational path as a student at Texas A & M University School of Law. He aims to obtain a master’s degree in jurisprudence, particularly in Wealth Management. 

Brewer serves as a Guilt-Free Wealth Speaker and Coach. During his lectures and seminars Brewer teaches audiences how to maximize their potential. Brewer believes that the resources to triumph in life are already existing, only waiting to be unlocked. 

As a strategist, he provides a framework to guide people in starting the pursuit of self-actualization. It is a step-by-step approach in eliminating societal guilt that Brewer believes is a factor that holds back individuals from unlocking their true potentials. 

In the pursuit to impact lives and empower individuals, Brewer published books like The Art of Mastering the Blessed Life, The Power of Creative Thinking, The Blessing Exposed, and Living in the Economy of God. The books have helped many people find their centers and get oriented with faith-based teachings intended to instigate a further understanding of the self. Working with countless people in a quest to obtain financial and personal breakthroughs, TD Brewer commits himself in being a mentor, coach, an influencer, and a preacher of the Word. 

Book TD Brewer to speak in an event and become a witness to the transformative power of guilt free living. Visit to book Brewer for your next event, purchase books, or just learn more information.

JaPrince Fulmore Brings Out the Word of God and Provides Hope in The JaPrince Show

During these increasingly turbulent times, more and more people are looking to spirituality and even Biblical teachings for enlightenment. Wholesome music and media now play a greater role in making a good influence on the lives of audiences everywhere. As a result of this pressing need, a growing number of artists have taken on the responsibility of effecting positive change.

JaPrince Fulmore combines his unwavering morality, stewardship, and musical ability in order to educate and bring hope and self-awareness to the masses. JaPrince makes full use of his many talents as a prolific collaborator, music producer, and songwriter with soaring vocals to achieve his goal of ministering to others. He uses his skills and talents to incorporate Biblical teachings at a level that is understandable to multiple generations. Because of this, he can connect with a wide range of audiences from all age groups. The word of God has never been more relatable to modern-day listeners.

JaPrince is the Chief Operating Officer and the Senior Recording Engineer for Lab Studios. The studio is owned by V & J Records, Publishing and Production Inc. He has been active in the quartet Gospel music industry his entire life. Overtime, JaPrince further developed his talents as a musician, including his abilities to arrange, produce, write, and perform songs.

Using his prolific capabilities in collaboration and production, JaPrince created and starred in the hit talk show entitled “The JaPrince Show.” Recently, as of February 2020, the show was relaunched on the The Now Network which has made it available to millions of viewers nationwide. The JaPrince Show employs a captivating style that is designed specifically to teach, inform, inspire, and entertain the audience. The show stays true to JaPrince’s motto of “Bringing a voice to the voiceless.”

The audiences of the show can look forward to gaining insight into the lives of people in both high and low places which will surely enhance their view and understanding of their own lives. Because of his versatility, there is no subject too big nor too small for JaPrince to handle. He can effectively use the medium to bring out the word of God with the goal of helping, healing, and delivering those in need. The show ends on a positive and hopeful note, where audiences can expect to hear JaPrince’s signature line, “Until the next time we share time, this is your boy Japrince saying, God Bless.”

It takes a true man of God to take Biblical studies, fitness, and health to not only sculpt and cultivate his own body but sculpt and cultivate the lives of others. This approach reflects the Gospel message of healing, health, and wholeness. JaPrince’s message is also self-improvement first, and then reaching out to one’s neighbors to help them experience improvements in their own lives.

Watch out for The JaPrince Show on The Now Network to experience some much needed hope and enlightenment in your life. You may also visit to learn more about and be inspired by JaPrince Fulmore and his hit talk show.

Envious: A Rapper on the Rise

It has been said that the formula for success is quite simple, and it involves hard work, dreams, and determination. With these three things in your pocket, anything is possible. Lucky for Envious (rap alias of Cody Heims), he has all these and so much more, as he sets out to become the next big thing in the world of rap.

 Cody Heims, more popularly known as Envious, is an up-and-coming rapper based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He recently released two singles, “Nightmares” and “Dreamin’”, and will soon release his new songs “Anxiety” and “Dear Mama” on major music streaming platforms.

At the moment, Envious is in the process of creating his album, “Pieces of Myself” which is an 8-track album with each song representing a fragment of his personality. He describes the first two songs off the album, “Nightmares” and “Dreamin’”, as “yin and “yang”, wherein the former talks about the bad dreams he has faced before, and the latter talking more about these dreams.

An artist in every sense of the word, Envious is very hands-on with his music as he takes on the role of being the rapper, producer, and songwriter. He takes inspiration from the artists he listened to when he was young and that inspired him to pursue rap, including Eminem, NF, Machine Gun Kelly, Logic. Recently, he also participated in one of the world’s largest rap competitions, Coast 2 Coast’s Virtual Rap Contest.

Aside from his music, Cody Heims also dabbles in acting, having appeared in the short films Phases of Mahina and P.W.N.A.G.E: People with No Actual Girl Experience. He has also tried out for The X Factor Season 3 and was able to pass through the first round of auditions.

The 27-year old Cody Heims chose to take on the rap name Envious as people keep envying for his defining trait: his positivity. When asked what makes him stand out from other rappers, he says, “I’m very persistent, I won’t stop until I get to where I want to be or what I want. I learn how to do things very quickly and apply them at an exceptional level. I’m very humble and respect any artist out there grinding.”

While Envious is a hardworking artist of his own, he does not forget the love and support that his family gives him. The self-proclaimed mama’s boy declares that one of his biggest supporters is his mom, and calls her his #1 fan. He also gets support from his siblings, which include his older brother Christian, and his identical twin, Corey, who is a dabbles in rap like him.

It was the legendary rapper Eminem once said that “You can make something of your life. It just depends on your drive.” With a brain full of talent and a heart full of determination, Envious is set to make his idol’s words come true, and leave his mark in the world of music.

To know more about Envious, you can send him an email at, check out his website, or follow him at his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His music is also available to stream on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.