How MetricLock is Helping Individuals Gain Peace of Mind One Lock at a Time

There is a certain sense of comfort and ease, knowing that your home and valuables are kept safe and secured. It helps families sleep at night without worrying about the threat of thieves, burglars, thugs, gangsters, and whatnots. However, more often than not, we tend to overlook our security systems and be complacent about what is currently within our grasp.

This is the bitter reality Albert Navarro experienced before putting up Metric Lock.

Albert Navarro received a Bachelor of Arts from California Baptist University and is currently in the process of attaining his degree in Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Southern California.

During his vacation in Mexico City, Mexico, in the spring of 2019, he had an experience that would eventually change his life. “I went to Mexico City to vacation in February of 2019. When I had arrived at my hotel, I noticed the zipper on the side pocket of my checked luggage was zipped open. When I looked, I had realized that a cross pendant necklace that my mom had given me for Christmas was gone. I honestly couldn’t believe it, I called my sister and said, “I work for a security company, and I didn’t think this one thru,” stated Albert.

Having worked as a dispatcher for a private security company for three years made Albert complacent and naive. Albert stated, “I was naive to think that nothing could happen, and I believed I was an exception to the rule.”

Following the event that has happened to him, Albert founded MetricLock. Albert is able to achieve success with a great team. Justice Webber as the Chief Marketing Officer, and Rudy Mawer with ROI Machines.

MetricLock exists as a private Smart Lock company providing service goods to individuals for the protection of consumer valuables. The company recognizes that the big issue really disrupts the person’s life, attempting to recover what was stolen, so MetricLock aims to provide Enhanced Security and Prevent Theft. “We’re not just selling convenience but protection and peace of mind,” said MetricLock CEO Albert Navarro. 

Theft can easily be prevented with easy to use and convenient locks. MetricLock’s padlocks are biometric fingerprint scanning padlocks that add a layer of protection, and the scanner uses the same technology like an iPhone or Android for fingerprint unlocking. Furthermore, its state of the art high-tech chip also enables faster fingerprint processing to make unlocking more convenient and what is more, is that these padlocks are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it dry.

The Metric Smartlock also has Bluetooth technology, just download the MetricLock app, connect, and then you can easily and conveniently unlock it using your phone. 

Lastly, unlike other padlocks made of metal that are heavy and could corrode, MetricLocks’ padlocks are made of aluminum alloy. It is the same material used for skyscrapers, the F16 Fighter Jet, among others, making the padlocks durable, rust-free, and still lightweight and easy to carry around.

In a world where security has become essential, MetricLock helps people from all walks of life feel secure, protected, and to achieve the much-needed peace of mind. 

Choose to be safe. Know more about MetricLock and its products by visiting their website or their Instagram page.

MOVERS and SHAKERS interview with Kevin Vallely, architect, leadership mentor, and co-author of Wild Success: 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventures.

Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

My name is Kevin Vallely. I’m an explorer, leadership mentor, author, and a registered architect. I’m a member of the esteemed Explorer’s Club and was honored as an Explorer’s Club Flag recipient for my expedition to the Northwest Passage in 2013. In 2009, two teammates and I broke the world record for the fastest unsupported trek to the Geographic South Pole.

Over the last two decades, I’ve discovered that the wild wisdom garnered in the adventure world directly relates to our everyday experience in the business world. I share this hard-won knowledge as a talent and leadership executive working for the AIP Group.


What exactly does your company do?

The AIP Group is an acronym that stands for Adventures Inspiring Performance. We use a combination of immersive learning simulations and talent development modules based upon the theme of adventure to engage, inspire, and develop talent at every level of an organization.


What were the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

I’ve faced a number of very difficult challenges as an adventurer over the years, but the one that stands out for me is when I attempted to row a small 25-foot rowboat across the infamous Northwest Passage in the high Arctic. Melting sea ice in the Arctic due to climate change has opened up the passage in the summer for the first time in history — it has formerly been perennially locked in ice — and has potentially allowed a journey that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago. We attempted something that had never been done before because it could have never been done before. The act of undertaking the expedition spoke to the changes happening there. It would be the most important expedition I’d ever done.

At the halfway point of the journey, we realized we weren’t going to reach our goal of traversing the entire Northwest Passage that season. I was going to fail at my objective for the first time ever in my adventuring career. I was struggling with this notion and was becoming despondent about it. The journey was proving incredibly dangerous — we nearly lost our lives on two occasions.

We were forced to think about why we were doing what we were doing. We had to seriously rationalize our purpose for the expedition — bringing awareness to the changing Arctic — versus our goal for the expedition of traversing the entire Northwest Passage. We realized we could still achieve our purpose even without achieving our goal. It was an important insight and a real lesson for me. Goals are moving targets; the purpose is your foundation.


What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your career?

Believe in yourself. Give yourself that one leg up. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else believe in you?


Who are your biggest influences and people you admire and why?

It’s a little cliché for me as an adventurer, but my biggest influences have been other explorers: the great polar explorer Richard Weber (who was my teammate to the South Pole), Mike Horn (probably the most accomplished adventurer alive today) and Sir Ernest Shackleton, the heroic leader who faced unimaginable challenges yet always maintained his grace and cool under pressure. Each of these explorers demonstrates we can do so much more than we think is possible. There is romanticism in this notion that draws me, but there are real nuts-and-bolts lessons that can be distilled from their experiences as well.


None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

My dad. He instilled in me a belief that you can do whatever you put your mind to, no matter how outlandish the idea. My mom and dad were new immigrants to Canada from Ireland and brought us up with little family help and no money. They saw their new life in Canada as an opportunity and conveyed that to us as well. Among the things I’ve managed to do over the years includes becoming a professional explorer of all things! If I didn’t believe I could go after anything, I certainly wouldn’t have entertained this career path!


What do you see as your greatest success in life?

My daughters Caitlin and Arianna. Truly, my greatest success in life is bringing two strong, intelligent, self-assured young women into this world.


Please list your social media URLs

Wild Success:





Doctor Shirin Peters Leads the Way Towards Compassionate and Personalized Healthcare for Busy New Yorkers

Living in New York City is a paradox. While it is the perfect place to embrace cultural diversity and new life opportunities, having a hectic schedule in a busy city has the potential for significant health problems. 

This is the primary concern of New York City doctor Shirin Peters, who has spent years attending to health challenges faced by her fellow New Yorkers. Shirin leads the way towards compassionate and personalized healthcare.

After attending medical school at New York Medical College, she completed her residency at the former St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. In 2011, she began her own medical practice as a solo practitioner, and eventually founded Bethany Medical Clinic of New York. Because of the passion that Shirin and her team have for treating members of her community, Bethany Medical Clinic has grown steadily over the past nine years. 

Her established clinic, with its entirely female senior management team, has focused on listening to patients and offering them high-quality personalized care that is carefully curated to each patient’s needs. Bethany Medical Clinic now has six sites with over twenty providers in primary care, dermatology, psychotherapy, nutrition, and cosmetics. 

As a New Yorker herself, Shirin profoundly understands the unique health challenges faced by people living in buzzing cities like New York. She knows how the fast-paced and busy life of New York City residents often dissuade or prevent them from booking health appointments. With this knowledge at hand,  Bethany Medical Clinic has a more accommodating schedule, offering appointments at after-work hours and even on Saturdays to accommodate the busy lives of their patients. Further pursuing the goal of valuing their patient’s time, they have implemented other ways to keep waiting time at a minimum, while maximizing their level of expertise during health care appointments. 

The medical practitioners at Bethany Medical Clinic take a non-corporate approach in their medical practice: their services are personalized and more about giving compassionate care. They believe that primary care should be predictive, solving a problem before it happens, rather than reactive. With this notion in mind, their efforts are not merely focused on curing patients’ problems, but are more about helping them shape their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle and avoiding future problems. 

In addition, this medical clinic has a commitment to making positive change in the healthcare system to fight disparities affecting minorities of race, gender, sexual orientation,  religion, and more. “We believe that everyone has an equal right to excellent primary care, regardless of their background,” Dr. Peters “and its part of our mission and responsibility to show all marginalized communities that everyone is welcome, and that our care will be tailored to meet their needs.” This is a testament that their services are far from commercial, but are clearly rooted in compassion and acceptance. 

If you agree with Dr. Shirin Peters’s goals and would like to learn more about her and her clinic, feel free to visit their website, and follow them on Instagram for regular updates.

‘Talent On Edge,’ Promoting Meaningful Entrepreneurial Connections

With social media thriving these days, a lot of entrepreneurs have attributed their success in business through social media marketing strategies. It is the new way of building your brand, connecting with numerous audiences simultaneously, and increasing sales.

For Shantae Menendez, a 28-year old model, manager, and entrepreneur, Instagram has become that place where she can promote her services and also provide a way for people to come together and build linkages.

She created Talent On Edge to provide a platform where small-time and struggling entrepreneurs can network their brands or talents. At the same time, it offers them a chance to connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the industry. 

The platform helps clients save a lot of time and effort in trying to find the right people by offering a comprehensive source of competent brands and talents. They can connect and see photos, videos, or more visuals of each skilled individual they come across with. After that, they can easily book photographers, models, actors, or videographers right through the Talent On Edge’s Instagram page. 

Talent On Edge provides the necessary exposure for the budding artists that need to be known. The platform presents a new manner of putting out an advertisement and receiving feedback at once. It’s one way of being vulnerable towards the viewers, but gaining value at the same time through feedback. The company’s goal is to give entrepreneurs the chance to feel special, may it be through the appreciation or admiration of a follower or a fellow entrepreneur.

Shantae has a genuine desire to help others out before anything else. She aspires to bring out the best in people from all kinds of industries, and look forward to growing and sharing the success with them. She believes that a client’s experiences, stories, and ideas can help others understand more about life and business. Every person can always learn from others who are succeeding in the same industry.

The young entrepreneur feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people realize how amazing they are. Some entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of courage and dedication to put their brand out in the market, and that’s one thing that Shantae needs to change. She wants them to see how great their talents could be if developed and marketed right.

Shantae continues to be an approachable figure in the business. As a manager of a team of models, what makes her an effective manager is her way of making these individuals feel valued and helping them come out to their full potential.

Through the leverage of social media, Shantae has been able to connect a lot of entrepreneurs from different edges of the country and continues to do so. The platform works as a door towards a hundred possibilities in the entrepreneurial world. When someone takes the chance to network, the rest will follow through.

If you are an entrepreneur who’s looking to scale your business through networking, check out Talent On Edge — a brand, a platform, a team, and a place where artists and entrepreneurs can network and promote.

From Streets to the Celebrities: How Attila Toth-Bathori Built His Management and Marketing Career After Losing Everything

It’s not easy to build up an entire career after losing pretty much everything, especially when you’re in the entertainment industry. But this is precisely what Attila Toth-Bathori did.

Attila Toth-Bathori is a Hungarian/American business management and marketing professional. He was born and raised in Hungary, and initially, he built his business in Europe, where he worked with well-known entertainment professionals and brands like X-Factor.

Six years ago, after his success in Europe, he decided to take the leap and move to the States. He had to give up everything he had in Europe and move to oversee one of his flagship artist’s growth in the States. But despite the considerable risk that Attila took, the artist decided to completely quit from the entertainment history, leaving Attila with significant financial loss and no prospects.

Attila went from being a massive success to sleeping in his car and resorting to doing rideshares for a living. But he never gave up. In his free time, he dedicated all of his energy toward rebuilding his company and gaining success in this new foreign territory of Los Angeles.

Over time, less than five years to be exact, Attila managed to build one of the greatest entertainment marketing and consulting companies in Los Angeles. He has worked with big names in the industry and is no stranger to celebrity clientele. For some of them, he was the reason for their success in the first place. 

Attila’s marketing and consulting company is called Starrlive Entertainment. At Starrlive, they provide many services for their clients. They mainly assist independent and major labels or artists to grow a fanbase and gain visibility, social media followers, streams, radio play, and other significant opportunities.

Even with the pandemic going on, Starrlive is still doing well, and the company is ready more than ever to help the careers of indie and major artists thrive at this time. But while Starrlive is doing better than most of the artist consultant companies, Attila has committed to keep hustling to provide another creative platform for artists and audiences.

Attila also recently joined forces with one of his friends, Mukund Komanduri, who is an Indian American music producer/entrepreneur. And they have both conceptualized and set up an entirely new company.

This new company, Mocha Tribe, will set the industry standard for the new era of creative startups, highlighting Attila and Mukund’s passion and history in entertainment.

Mocha Tribe provides a modern twist on drinking coffee. Customers will be able to have a curated subscription box of regular or CBD coffee delivered to their homes and will become part of a digital Tribe ecosystem. They’ll receive fresh content through social media channels, as well as be invited to weekly “tribe sessions,” which will feature up and coming singer/songwriters, comedians, and so on. This creative startup has even taken into account the pandemic. It thus provides a coffee subscription with free contactless delivery and financing options.

So far, Mocha Tribe has raised over seven figures, and it is currently looking for more investors who would like to be involved in the company’s growth. 

If you’d like to know more about Attila and Starrlive, you can check the website and follow their Instagram.

Attorney Kendra Stephen Is Leading in Diversifying Intellectual Property Law

In the United States, Law is the least diverse profession. The percentage of women, especially women of color, practicing law in every sector remains invisible. Brand and trademark lawyer, Kendra Stephen is making it her mission to break through any perceived glass ceiling to provide more seats at the table for other women of color.

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), eighty-five percent of all lawyers in America are white, and sixty-five percent are men. This is clearly seen within the field of intellectual property (IP), both in practice and in legal academia. Although there are efforts made toward increasing diversity and embracing inclusion, women of color are still underrepresented, disproportionately small, and undeniably stunted.

It is an intriguing fact that while the population has grown and business interests are becoming more diverse, the IP field has not increased. 

With the current issues happening right now, brands must get qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds to discuss what they can do during this new civil rights movement that we are experiencing. Now more than ever is the time to step up and diversify intellectual property law. People like Kendra are amplifying their voices and standing their ground so that industries that are historically male and white are starting to see change and color.

Kendra is the founder of the Trademark Firm. She helps her clients protect their brands by registering, monitoring, enforcing, and licensing their trademarks. But due to the systemic racism happening in the US, black entrepreneurs and creatives do not to get the legal assistance they need to protect their brand and other intellectual property properly. 

Over the years, black investors have navigated a difficult IP system such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Black entrepreneurs are more likely to have their intellectual property stolen than their white counterparts. This reality is because black entrepreneurs do not take steps to register their creations. Even those who have the chance to do so are less likely to monitor and enforce their rights as a trademark owner.

These challenges push Kendra to make sure that she takes her space in the male-dominated industry. For her, this is not only about an individual goal, but a vision for everyone else to thrive in the industry. Kendra believes that with women of color in intellectual property law, perspectives become more diverse and can offer solutions that may not otherwise be proposed. 

Today, she is helping her clients protect their brands by registering, monitoring, enforcing, and licensing their trademarks. Kendra’s job entails managing brands for corporations, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, entertainers, media personalities, and influencers. Kendra helps her clients protect their brands so that they can focus on growing their business.

Her clients have grown since which includes Reggae music royalty, a two-time pro bowler, a Shark Tank winner, and other newsworthy people.

Intellectual property law, which was and still is dominated by men, has now seen women of color take the industry to greater heights. And Kendra is one woman who is helping to revolutionize the industry.

Connect with Kendra through her website or follow her on Instagram.

The Fight Against Obesity Using Robotics: How Dr. Maher El Chaar is Planning to Win the Fight

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States and around the world. According to the most recent estimates, two-thirds of the US population is overweight, and at least one third are considered obese. “The problem is bad, and it’s only getting worse,” said Dr. El Chaar during the interview.

What is alarming about those US national statistics is that children are also becoming obese at a very young age. Consequently, these children are more prone to remain obese when they get older. But the bad news does not end here. Studies show that obesity is associated with a myriad of other health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and some types of cancer. 

Because of the urgent need to address the problem of obesity, Dr. Maher El Chaar, like many other bariatric surgeons, dedicated his career fighting obesity, which is now one of America’s most pressing health issues with bariatric surgery. According to Dr. El Chaar, bariatric surgery is one of the safest and best available options available to patients who suffer from obesity to achieve meaningful and sustainable long term weight loss.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery entails the alteration of the anatomy of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract in order to create a smaller stomach (or pouch) and induce some malabsorption of nutrients in order to achieve weight loss. However, the issue is not limited to weight loss. “The beneficial effects of bariatric surgery are not limited to weight loss, bariatric surgery is now considered metabolic surgery because of the effect that surgery has on the level of gut hormones which can lead to the cure of metabolic disorders including diabetes” said Dr. El Chaar when asked about the beneficial effects of surgery. 

Dr. Maher El Chaar is currently the fellowship director of Bariatric Surgery at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Pennsylvania, United States. He is also the author of “Dr. E’s Guide to Weight Loss Surgery…The Weight is Over.” He was recently recognized as one of the top surgeons in “Guide to America’s Top Surgeons.” and also received the Obesity ASMBS political action committee award in recognition of his dedication to advancing surgical care through advocacy. Dr. El Chaar’s passion, however, has been the use of new innovative medical technology in order to improve the outcomes of bariatric patients and decrease postoperative pain. According to Dr. El Chaar, Robotics can help bariatric surgeons make an already safe procedure even safer and therefore help more patients achieve a healthy weight.

“Robotic surgery is one of the best advancements that we have witnessed in bariatric surgery in the past few years, and I believe that this technology has the potential to change the way we practice surgery in the near future,” said Dr. El Chaar. 

What is robotic surgery?

According to Dr. El Chaar, during robotic surgery, the surgeon sits at a console next to the patient and operates through small incisions using tiny wristed instruments. The robot translates every hand movement in real-time to bend and rotate the instruments with precision. “The advantages of robotic surgery are better patient outcomes and less postoperative pain” said Dr. El Chaar when asked about the advantages of robotic surgery over the standard laparoscopic approach.

“The fight against obesity is a long and tough fight, and as bariatric surgeons, we need to use every weapon at our disposal including new technology like robotics to be able to perform better and have a long-lasting and positive impact on our patient’s lives” concluded Dr. El Chaar

If you want to learn more about Dr. Maher El Chaar’s quest as he innovates the world of Bariatric Surgery using Robotics, click here to visit his Instagram account.