Dean La Grange’s Facebook Advertising Expertise

Having a Facebook advertising agency is beneficial to the boom of an eCommerce business. Upon deciding that taking on a partnership is the best move, what is there to do next? The most significant first step to take is to weigh the available options to address the online store’s business needs.

La Grange Digital develops interactive campaigns and programs that bring prospects from cold traffic to piping-hot leads, which deliver consistent customers to online business doorsteps every week. They do these by diligently crafting a custom funnel experience for the client’s audience, so they easily slide from potential to closed sale. All these are primarily driven by the company’s unparalleled dedication to online advertising and its goal of making online businesses thrive by way of supervising and scaling both Facebook and Instagram advertising advances.

Dean La Grange founded La Grange Digital to make Facebook advertising within reach to direct-to-consumer eCommerce businesses. Through years of trial and error, he developed a formula for generating over a hundred million dollars in revenue for his clients via useful Facebook and Instagram advertising blitzes. It’s Dean’s passion to improve each campaign to connect his clients with more customers. Despite his company’s growth, he stays involved with each project from start to finish — from beginning creative, to campaign reporting, to refinement, and up to scaling.

Throughout his advertising journey, Dean has been working with some of the largest known brands and companies — University of California San Diego, MIT Professional Educational Programs, BPI Sports Nutrition, Nudie Jeans Co. – Lone Flag, and Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research (CHEAR) Program, to name a few.

Dean’s advertising agency wants to reach out to the wider business-to-client (B2C) eCommerce markets. Much assistance and guidance are given through focus on proof of concepts and profitable scaling of ad campaigns. La Grange Digital centers on delivering required outcomes via Facebook advertising. In case their customer wants more leads, website clicks, and visits, new clients, or revenue, Dean’s reputable company has a ready advertising framework and proven formula that ensures success.

Throughout Dean’s journey in advertising, his most notable accomplishments include working with some of the largest brands and organizations. He has collaborated with UC San Diego CHEAR Research Programs, MIT Professional Education Programs,  BPI Sports Nutrition, Lone Flag, Nudie Jeans, Ferguson Enterprises, and Panoramic – Most Innovative Doors.

La Grange Digital unites its tried-and-tested techniques with customized strategies based on unique client values and goals. They take much pride in providing industry-tops work that enables their clients to break in to, grow within, and eventually dominate their market sphere. They are at their prime when establishing brand placement, sales generation, developing brand awareness, increasing conversions and multiple lead channels, and creating a topnotch framework.

Nearly everything is in the digital world right now. Organizations are joining the bandwagon, wanting to have their piece of online adventure. But doing so requires so much daily grind. It’s not as simple as printing an ad on a tarp and sticking it on the sides of the vehicle for unhindered visibility.

La Grange Digital’s business model and advertising expertise have proven that they can do the job of bringing online businesses to greater heights and farther reach. Dean’s mission is, “Here to love. Serve. Stick to the plan.” And with this mantra, he is able to bring his business and others to the top of their market.

For more information, visit the La Grange Digital website and follow Dean La Grange on Instagram.

Music and Jeffery Miller: Loving What He Does and Doing What He Loves

“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life,” Ray Douglas Bradbury stated.

The above adage seems like a catchy tagline. It’s enjoyable, simple, memorable, playful phonetics. But it is far more than a mere motto. It’s an ideal way of life. It should be a healthy way of life. And getting to share it with the universe is one of the most life-altering pieces of wisdom.

Music can touch a person’s soul. It holds an undeniable power that can penetrate the heart, influence the mind, and flow into the spirit, eventually stirring the blood as it becomes part of one’s entire being. People often talk about how they can “feel the music.” That rings true, especially if the artist is passionate about making beautiful music that conveys their thoughts and emotions — translating into words and melodies others’ otherwise unexpressed thoughts and emotions as well.

Jazz trombonist and contemporary R&B singer Jeffery Miller was born and raised in New Orleans by his maternal grandparents. Straight from high school, he was specially chosen by jazz trailblazer Wynton Marsalis to join him at The Juilliard School (yes, THE Juilliard School). At a young age, Jeffery recognized that one doesn’t get to where he or she wants to be without sacrifice. So with a heavy heart, he left his aging grandparents behind to chase his once-in-a-lifetime dream in New York.

By 2020, Jeffery has bagged three Grammy nominations for collaborating in jazz projects with John Legend and Jon Batiste. After graduating from Juilliard with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the ripe age of 24, Jeffery has set a well-paved path to make a name for himself as a solo artist. He orchestrates two musical souls — one deep-seated in musical jazz trombone that is nostalgic of home, the other a voice echoing the likes of Ty Dolla Sign — both telling a harmonious symphony of two cities and their notable characters that make Jeffery who he is at present.

With outstanding performances at Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden (to name a few), Jeffery is very much a prodigy with perfect pitch and synesthesia. He aims to share his destiny of making music that touches people’s lives in the company of young music lovers and everyone else who fully appreciates quality music.

Jeffery Miller is the living proof of Ray Bradbury’s quote. The person who is doing what they love has a passion that comes from somewhere far more deep within them. Through his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, Jeffery essentially chronicles his devotion and greatest dream with both eyes wide open. His social media accounts could very well be his chart-topping albums and certified hits.

To be faithful to your purpose as it links to your life’s work, which is key to building a career wherein you genuinely love what you do, you need to ask yourself, “What is my inner potential? What are my deepest talents?” By searching for questions that push you to uncover your true identity, values, and what you care about the most, you’ll find your truth: that you must first understand what your true gift is to find fulfillment in your career.

Lauren Marsicano Dreams to Help All Women Achieve Their ‘Queendoms’

There is immense power and responsibility in being a woman. Although our collective history as a human race is unkind and hostile to women, they have found their places in our societies. Women learned to cement themselves and make changes to their respective communities in profound ways.

One such example, who embodies the principles of an empowered woman, comes in the face of Lauren Marsicano, Esq., Lauren is the co-founder of Marsicano + Leyva, a law firm based in Miami, Florida. The firm represented some of the most well-known business establishments in the United States – the Fortune 100 like Bank of America. 

She serves as a model for women who fight for justice and the betterment of society. 

The Miami native is not new to the ins and outs of business and finance. Growing up, she lived in an international business environment that influenced her greatly. It is not a question then that she would later choose to pursue a degree in International Business and Finance. Later on, she continued a law degree at the University of Miami – School of Law, where she went under the mentorship of some of the great legal minds and has also studied under the best legal minds from Oxford University.

Her wit and outstanding legal expertise landed her a spot in the Top 40 under 40 Lawyer in the Nation certified by the American Bar Association. She also received the recognition as Florida Super Lawyer, Rising Star for two consecutive years – in 2019 and 2020.

Being a lawyer is not the only vocation of Lauren Marsicano. As a degree holder of International Business and Finance, she has built a six-figure business in just over a year – a feat that she wants other women to follow. The ambition to inspire other women and impart them with useful business strategies led her to start her networking and business growth company, Networking Maverick.

“I can assist women with learning the skills, techniques, and mindset that will allow them to turn their network into net-worth,” says Marsicano. 

Networking Maverick is a testimony to her confidence that women are capable beings. She strives to use this platform to provide motivation and education to women as they make their approach to the business world. Lauren believes that passion can generate profit once integrated with the proper tools, opportunity, and the right mindset. 

Women in many societies assume the responsibility of taking care of their children and, as such, have a harder time finding jobs. With this, many choose to start businesses online as it is accessible and done inside the comforts of their homes. Lauren wants to expand the horizon for these women. She has made it her goal and brand to work with women instead of competing with them. That way, women can transform their lives, turn their passions into profit, and build their Queendoms. In line with this philosophy, Lauren and her team recently awarded four scholarships to women owned-businesses through the non-profit Women for Success with $1000 worth of scholarship each.

It is outstanding how Lauren devotes her life to others. She aims to help over a thousand women create six-figure businesses in the next year. She stated, “I strive to provide women professionals and entrepreneurs with the mindset, motivation, education, and support that will allow them to build and protect their Queendoms.”

If this could not get any better, Lauren will launch another nonprofit platform, Women for Success, that will open another arena for women in the prospect of self-improvement.

Truly, Lauren Marsicano is a woman of class, generosity, and inspiration – a beacon for all women. With women helping each other, they can reach even greater heights.

Be in touch with the latest updates on the Networking Maverick website, and you can follow Networking Maverick on Instagram and Youtube.

Veterans Wellness Summit as Healing for Native American Warrior Culture

In every country, there will always be citizens who dedicate themselves as warriors of defense by providing an act of service – protecting and fighting for the nation. As they continue risking their lives while in service, there are only two paths that await them; die in honor of the country or live as a living proof of a brave soul that conquered the hardest battles of humankind.

One of the strongest warriors in the US is the Native Americans, who represent the largest indigenous people community. As the country progresses towards growth and development, it is apparent that the plight of Native Americans is still unheard amidst their representation in the country. 

As indigenous communities continue to strive for representation, the Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement, Inc (GIIA) was created in 2000 with a mission of advancing the social, health, education, and economic status of Indigenous people worldwide. The four pillars are the areas that need focus and attention in developing and promoting the overall wellness of indigenous people. GIIA envisions to empower the indigenous people by giving access to workshops and programs that will help in improving their lives.

One of the wellness programs created by Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement that happens every year is the Veterans Wellness Summit. As one of the strongest warriors of the country and with the highest rate of military service, the Native American veterans remain underserved by the Department of Veteran Affairs. As living proof of brave souls, the indigenous veterans need a new approach to wellness. GIIA commits to bring exposure by conducting workshops for tribal veteran representatives. The workshops discuss veteran benefits and services available for the indigenous people community.

The five-day summit will help in training tribal veteran representatives in the healing process of the warrior culture. GIIA recognizes that indigenous veterans suffer from chronic health problems, severe PTSD and other mental health issues, and high suicide rates. Raising the mental health awareness and training the representatives are crucial in every Native American veteran’s journey towards resilience.

GIIA also pays to respect the brave men and women who died in honor of the country by observing the Veterans Honor Ceremony during the closing ceremony of the summit. Furthermore, this year’s 2020 Veterans Wellness Summit will pay tribute to the 400th anniversary of Landing of the Pilgrims in Massachusetts.

The most important part of the Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement is the people themselves. Believing in their network of people who share their experiences and resources, the mission and vision of GIIA in advancing the lives of indigenous people are realized. Joining their mission could help create and build a future for the Native American community. 

GIIA also recognizes the need for support to serve better and address the plight of the Native American community. Their cause has been supported by donations from people who also want to make an impact. The success in their mission and vision is contributed by the people who believed in the advocacy; the power to change the lives of every Native American.

To know more how Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement is making an impact in the Native American community visit their website. For more information on how you can join and donate, contact Daniel StrongWalker Thomas on Facebook.

Letizia Silvestri’s LSX and the Art of Experiential Marketing

Imagination sparks creativity. Seeing the extraordinary and transforming into reality is the work of a creative mind that is exceptionally driven by passion and excellence.

For Letizia Silvestri, her artistry surrounds the visual art of attention to detail. Her natural prowess can be attributed to Padova, an architectural gem in Northern Italy, where she was born and raised. While growing up in Venice, she discovered a meticulous art form that led her to pursue her passion for beauty, creativity, and the art of planning by precision. She received a degree in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan and studied abroad at the ESADE University in Barcelona. She went to UCLA to earn a specialization in Marketing & PR.

For 15 years, Mrs. Silvestri’s career was a path towards exceptional success. She was the Marketing & Events Director for prestigious luxury and automotive brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls-Royce. She has also worked with iconic corporate clients in organizing and executing large scale events, pop-ups, trade shows, and strategic partnerships. She has worked with clients such as Absolut Elyx, Alfa Romeo, Be Great Partners, Bulletproof, Coola, Delage, Dom Perignon, Louis XIII, Hublot, Poltrona Frau, Lucid Motors, Maserati, Moet-Hennessy, Morgan Stanley, Northerners, Nubocha, Olaya Beach Swimwear, Pencils of Promise, Pirelli, Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, and UFirst.

In her line of work, she focused on digital and web communication as her events were an avenue of compelling digital content while ensuring that integrated marketing strategies deliver the message and create an impact on the intended audience.

With Mrs. Silvestri’s 15 years of notable experiences, she created her team of creative women and launched her experiential marketing company, LSX LLC. Grounded on Mrs. Silvestri’s artistry, LSX is in the mission of creating extraordinary experiences by infusing together innovation and creativity, elegance, and attention to detail, logic, and art.

LSX is not just an ordinary event design and planning company. As execution is everything for Mrs. Silvestri, she puts her focus and dedication to the four services that help achieve LSX’s mission: Affiliate Marketing and PR, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Influencers’ Marketing.

In experiential marketing, the art of storytelling is achieved by using visceral and experience-driven methods of narration. Their purpose is to create unforgettable experiences for their guests while ensuring tangible results for the clients.

In event planning, design, and production, Mrs. Silvestri focuses on creativity and precision. They plan, design, and execute the events as multi-sensorial experiences that put the brand and guests at the core of the project.

By infusing innovation and elegance, the digital marketing service focuses on leaving a strong impression. LSX aims to create an impact through research, planning, proper execution, and measurement in cross-functional vertical platforms. 

To stand out to the consumer, thorough planning on utilizing traditional and digital channels is maximized to leave the first impression. Furthermore, narrating the client’s stories in a visual, immersive, and textual manner is the perfect way for the LSX team to showcase brand identity or vision.

Mrs. Silvestri’s LSX has revolutionized the marketing and events of clients. Their creative approach to launches and themed parties brings a whole new perspective in the visual art of attention to details and imagination. Some of the events that LSX has successfully launched are the new Delage D12 in a Gatsby themed fete and Games of Thrones event for the Koenigsegg Jesko.

Mrs. Silvestri continues to connect with her intended audience. Through her artistry in LSX, she is bound to conquer corporate events, social events, and weddings. Her creative, disruptive thinking out of the box approach is her competitive advantage. With a deep understanding of the needs of her intended audience and execution as its core, Mrs. Silvestri is impeccable in creating experiences that leave a long-lasting imprint.

Check Mrs. Silvestri’s portfolio of experiences on the LSX website. Follow her Instagram to keep updated on her projects.

Tito Dudley: The Amazing Journey from Cancer Survivor to Natural Food Chef and Fitness Trainer

Living to tell the tale of having survived cancer at a young age is such an extraordinary testimony. What becomes of one’s life after cancer is a testament to all the realizations gathered throughout the experience. Celebrity chef, Tito Dudley, is making it his personal advocacy to help people live healthy lives after beating cancer at 15. 

Chef Tito has been in the business of helping people eat better and stay fit at the same time for the past 25 years. Fighting cancer and surviving it opened his eyes to the importance of eating natural food, a consistent exercise routine, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He is constantly learning new ways of preparing delicious and nutritious meals using naturally-grown food as his way of giving back to the community. He also wants to teach people how to prevent cancer by simply taking care of one’s body.

His cancer journey started when he woke up one morning to feel a lump on his neck. He knew right away that it wasn’t supposed to be there. Without thinking twice, his mother took him to a physician. He didn’t know what to expect back then, but he braced himself for whatever diagnosis will be given. No 15-year-old would ever anticipate having cancer at such a young age. Much to his dismay, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a form of lymph node cancer. 

The initial shock was understandable. Once he got over it, he pushed himself to fight back and went through treatment. His faith in God was strong enough to make him confident that he will overcome the disease. While he was going through biweekly chemotherapy, Chef Tito disciplined himself to be a bodybuilder on his free days. Aside from his exercise routine, he started to educate himself about proper nutrition. To help his body heal faster, he started seeing a nutritionist who helps him understand the right food combinations and supplementation. 

His determination and hard work to survive cancer truly paid off. Six months after his diagnosis, Chef Tito was declared cancer-free, and he has been advocating healthy living through his dishes ever since. He finished his culinary degree at the Natural Gourmet School in New York City. He created his company, Simple Eats with Chef T, in 2012 and has helped people revolutionize their way of life by choosing healthy options.  

To be able to reach other people, Chef Tito is providing dietary ebooks with specific content to suit the reader’s needs. The objective is to teach people how to prepare healthy and quick meals that will sustain their nutritional needs. He also does a regular podcast on Spotify teaching followers on health, food, and plant culture. 

Chef Tito has been incredibly fortunate to have cooked for some of the most notable organizations in and outside of NYC. These include First Descents, The JCC in Manhattan, The Palette Foundation, Tu Lu’s Bakery, and Aamann Copenhagen, to name a few.

Chef Tito’s advocacy is very personal. It is his way of sparing people from the costly and deadly effects of cancer. He may not be able to reach everyone at this point, but he is willing to try if it means saving more lives. 

To get healthy recipes and helpful resources, visit Chef Tito’s company website today.

Coûteux Cheveux, Promoting Morality and Beauty

Society usually puts a lot of emphasis on the physical look of a person, which creates a lot of unrealistic standards of beauty. There is always pressure to look groomed, and more often than not, people usually go to great lengths to ensure they look fantastic.

One aspect of beauty that people usually fixate on is to have good hair. Businesses relating to the hair industry are always booming because people cannot seem to stop buying different hair products, which includes hair dyes, styling products, hair treatment, and of course, shampoos and conditioners. 

The hair is an essential part of someone’s appearance and can usually make or break your look. Some people grow their hair naturally, but some also use wigs or hair extensions to make their hair look more fabulous. 

Chanelle Dontrese Murray established Coûteux Cheveux, a company that offers several services and products related to hair extensions. It specializes in providing exotic hair extensions which simulate styles from various cultures around the world. 

Hair extension involves the addition of artificial or real hair to a person’s natural hair with an adhesive or clip-on to make it look thicker and longer. The process can be time-consuming, seeing as the extensions are applied strand by strand.  

For clients with shorter or thinner hair, Coûteux Cheveux offers hair weave. It is a type of hair extension which involves braiding the whole hair before extensions are sewn into the braids. 

The company takes pride in providing excellent service to the people by supplying high-end quality hair extensions. Chanelle says it’s a person’s responsibility to be aware of how they are perceived, and she wants to provide great ways for you to style your hair and make you feel good about yourself. The company exists to see you excel in your talent or profession and make sure you look beautiful while doing it.

Chanelle’s reason for putting up Coûteux Cheveux is to stop investing in someone else’s business and instead start fulfilling her own. She also sees this as an opportunity to work and earn at home. It is important for her to be near and available for her children, especially with the crisis the world is going through right now because of the pandemic and racial injustice.

As a woman of West Indian descent, Chanelle is a huge advocate for human rights and equality. She actively speaks up against injustice about her race and continues to be an uplifting voice for the oppressed. She also takes the time to educate herself and her children more about what’s happening and urge them to express their views.

Through Coûteux Cheveux, Chanelle reaches out to all clients who are working endlessly to seek change. She wants to connect with people from all walks of life who take the stand for morality, ethics, and beauty.

You can contact the company by visiting the Coûteux Cheveux website for more information about the services and products available. And make sure to like and follow their Facebook page here to see ratings and reviews from customers.

Share Shield: Promoting Safety Partitions to Keep People Safe from COVID-19

Multiple industries are continuously suffering because of the pandemic. And as the number of infected cases and fatalities keep rising, it might be long before businesses reopen, and the economy goes back to normal.

Life has been more challenging for Timothy Lawson, who works as a policeman and a part-time Uber and Lyft driver. Driving has been a source of supplemental income, and he had to stop temporarily for his safety and the safety of his family. The fact that he could not gain more for his family and provide service to the customers through ride-sharing, disappointed him.

Things changed when his daughter, Brooklynn, raised a question he has not thought about before, “Why can’t you just place a separator in your car like the one in your police car?” This query is what inspired Timothy to start thinking about making a brand and developing his car divider product.

He wanted a product that would not have to be a permanent part of the car so as not to mar or alter the vehicle in any way. This product would be the most beneficial for the Uber and Lyft drivers who do not own the car they’re driving, thus eliminating the concern of having to return a damaged car. 

Share Shield was later on crafted as a removable car divider screen, providing the ease of access where users can quickly and safely assemble, take apart, and move from one vehicle to another. Share Shield does not require any tools for removing and installing, and one person can effortlessly handle it.

An essential function of Share Shield is that it separates the driver from the passenger completely, and acts as a barrier to reduce the spread of bacteria brought by cold, cough, and sneezes. This clear product still allows for safe communication and visual transparency for the rider and driver. Still, the product remains breathable and non-restrictive and looks pleasing. Moreover, Safe Shield is 100% made from recyclable materials and PET, which makes it flexible, durable, and light. 

Share Shield is a one-size-fits-most product, which is incredibly lightweight and lays flat on any surface. What makes Share Shield an efficient product is that it does not require any drilling or sticking of materials into the car. The product is also tested and proven to remain in place for the whole duration of the ride. 

More of the products are in the works. But due to the rising cost of materials during the pandemic, Timothy has decided to open up a Kick Starter to launch Share Shield. It is a platform where people can provide necessary financial assistance to show support for the idea and the development of the product.

Seeing how it is a product that can continuously protect drivers and riders, Share Shield could be an absolute necessity not only during these times of pandemic but also in the future. 

If you want to check out Share Shield and show support through a donation, you can view the product here.

Downtown Dame: The Master Rapper with a Master Plan

It was former US Secretary of State Colin Powell who once said that there is no secret to success. According to him, success “is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Luckily, Downtown Dame has all of these things in his arsenal, as he is set to take over the music world by storm.

Damion Brown, who goes by the alias Downtown Dame, is an upcoming artist and rapper from Brooklyn, NY, who is currently based in Broward County, FL. With his unique sound and natural charisma, Downtown Dame has started to make waves in the South Florida music scene. Currently, he is working on a new EP, B.C.B Tape Vol. 2, to be released on all music platforms soon.

Being influenced by rap artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris, and 2Pac, Downtown Dame takes inspiration from these legends of the industry, mixing them with his own taste to create a unique music style that stands out from the rest. Downtown Dame is a master lyricist, and he showcases this lyricism by complementing it with a melodic flow. His songs, including “Taking Thrones,” “Feel My Flow,” and “You Feel Me,” showcase the extent of his musical prowess.

Downtown Dame has gotten Broward buzzing and taking notice of him as he is making his mark with his unique style and sick beats. Even as a fairly new rapper in the game, Downtown Dame has been recognized by some of the veterans in the music scene, and he was fortunate enough to work with them for his new EP. Aside from his upcoming release, Downtown Dame is also set to perform at The Spot Wynwood this upcoming June 26.

However, innate musical talent is not the only thing Downtown Dame has going for him, as he couples his talents with an innate sense of passion and perseverance. Hailing from the poorest neighborhood in NYC, the young Damion Brown moved out at 17 years old, hoping to find success on his own with his music and build his own multi-million dollar empire. With hard work and determination, he built his black-owned record label. 

Ultimately, Downtown Dame wants to become an inspiration to every hardworking person out there who listens to his music. Music is so special to Damion Brown’s life because it saved his life, and in return, he wants to be that spark for someone else and help change their lives through the songs he puts out. Aside from being an inspiration to others, Damion Brown is working hard to give back to his community, teaches black entrepreneurship and modern music business classes for free. 

Success truly comes to those that want it the most, and it won’t come as a surprise when many people see Downtown Dame’s name headlining shows all over the world. With natural talent coupled with fierce determination, it won’t be too long until Downtown Dame takes over the world by storm.     

To know more about Downtown Dame, you can visit his website or follow him on his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. His music is also available to stream on all major streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and SoundCloud

McKenzie Young: Never Too Young for Success

Strategies in your online business are very important – but they won’t work if you are missing these key aspects. Someone who overcomes not just the external obstacles to success, but masters themselves and their money mindset along the way can accomplish anything. 

This philosophy, advocated by McKenzie Young, highlights the importance of having a good mindset. McKenzie is an online business and money mindset coach.  And at just twenty-two years old, she already owns three online businesses generating a multiple six-figure income. In return, she helps entrepreneurs start and scale their online businesses to 6-figures by implementing the scalability strategies that feel aligned with her clients.

Today, this hotshot may be flying airplanes during her free time for fun. However, her life of prosperity did not come without a backstory. She was raised by a single mother who was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer a few years ago. When her mom got sick, McKenzie decided to go all in with her businesses and scale them – allowing her to payoff her mother’s debt and help her get through treatments. But growing up on government assistance, McKenzie was no stranger to life’s adversities. 

McKenzie humbly started her first online business with only $800 to her name. But with her focused vision and her grandfather’s words of wisdom “You can achieve anything you set your mind to”, she decided to go for it. She quit her jobs, declined a full-ride scholarship to University, and went all-in with her online businesses. It was a risk she is glad she took. At this point, things were finally starting to look up for her, and this prompted her to create a platform where she can promote her advocacies and share her strategies with the whole world. She wants her success story to be a testament of faith and perseverance. 

For this young entrepreneur, a good strategy should always be coupled with the proper mindset. One would be futile without the other. And with thousands enrolled in her online courses and hundreds in her group programs, she could see just how effective her methods are. It’s no wonder that even in just a short span of time, her clients have already grown exponentially. 

One key ingredient to McKenzie’s approach is doing away with what she calls the “cookie-cutter” method of building an online business. She believes that there are no hard and fast rules in the pursuit of success. As a matter of fact, incredible results can be created out of implementing different strategy alternatives just as long as the two constants are there – strategy and mindset. 

In some of her interviews, McKenzie would mention that her ideal clients are those who understand the value of doing inner work. She adds that one must be willing to put in both mind and heart to be able to succeed in life. This draws the line between those who keep going amidst difficulties and those who quit entirely. 

As someone who has been dealt with a harder hand earlier in her life, McKenzie teaches her clients that success is born out of resilience and fortitude. Greatness doesn’t come easy. To know more of  McKenzie’s tips and tricks and how to work with her, you may head on to her website and Instagram.