How young designer Landon Marsh spreads his passion for home design through Instagram

Ever since the establishment of social media, people have used it as a tool for various purposes. Some used it as a means of connecting to family, friends, and acquaintances while others used it as an advertising and marketing tool. There are also some who used it to share their passion in the world, amongst them is seventeen-year-old Landon Marsh. 

Landon Marsh is an incoming senior student in Nicholasville, Kentucky. And like any other teenager, Landon is addicted to social media. He can be seen scrolling through different social networking sites day in and day out. However, until any teenager, Landon haad early on recognized the power of social media and had used it to start making his dreams come true. 

Now, Landon Marsh is the designer behind the Instagram page  Most Glam Homes of Insta. He started this page as a ninth-grader who wants to share his passion for designing beautiful homes in the world. Fast-forward to now, Landon Marsh is currently the youngest home decor influencer with almost over seventy-seven thousand followers and over one million monthly viewers. 

However, the road he traveled to get to where he is right now was not easy Landon’s hometown was, in fact, not the most welcoming when it comes to the idea of glamorous homes. From where he lives, most people prefer homes with exuding the style of a rustic look. For them, a glamorous home meant flashy and tacky designs. But Landon was dedicated to changing that perception. For him, glam means elegance and taste. It was only a matter of doing it right.

Landon did not let these hurdles stop him from growing and expanding his reach. He dedicated himself to pursuing more knowledge in the latest trends and thereby creating his own trend through his unique style. Over time, people have taken notice. Even several major companies have collaborated with him to help renovate his home. 

Landon knows how much effort it takes to become good at what he does. As such, Landon is committed to helping other businesses grow. Landon is not selfish, he shares whatever knowledge he has learned in his journey to help smaller businesses grow their pages and following as well. For Landon, it is only right to root for others and extend a helping hand to fellow dreamers.

What was once only his passion for beautiful homes, turned out to be something more significant. Not only is he able to inspire people to take their homes to the next level, but he also encouraged people not to let their age hinder them but use it as an advantage. 

Young entrepreneur Landon Marsh attributes his success to people who believed in him. As such, he aspires to influence others to the best of his abilities. He believes that he is only starting and that there is much more to learn.

How Matthias Mazur Built Multimillion-Dollar Internet Businesses

You would be hard-pressed to find another man with such an incredible story as Matthias Mazur.

In his youth, Matthias was ranked the number 1 junior tennis player in Switzerland and was recruited by Roger Federer’s coach as a highly-touted prospect, equivalent to a first-round draft pick. On the European and World Junior Tennis Tour, Matthias competed against some of the all-time best, such as Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

In a surreal turn of events, Matthias suffered a leg injury that ended his tennis career forever. He was devastated. But not for long.

He swiftly turned his focus to entrepreneurship. Starting from scratch, he built several multimillion-dollar Internet businesses. His internet strategies have generated over $100 million for his businesses and clients, and he is the author of four books about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and internet advertising. He is followed by over 120,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives on Facebook and other social media channels. 

Matthias is the founder and CEO of Zuramedia, a leading eight-figure digital advertising and social media portfolio business, with headquarters in London (UK). Zuramedia focuses on creating, acquiring, and selling profitable multimillion-dollar internet businesses in the education, consumer, and software markets. Every month, millions of people visit Matthias’ web properties, and the marketing guru’s vision for the future of internet marketing and digital advertising is leading the charge.

Matthias also cultivates his passion for education and learning; he shares and teaches his digital marketing strategies and entrepreneurial experience at conferences and events around the world. He has pledged to donate two thousand printed copies to a variety of educational institutions across the globe of his upcoming book 30 Golden Rules for Entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs and creators. The book, a bestseller in the French language, has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners and shares Matthias’s story and lessonsfrom his humble beginnings, to the promising tennis career that ended with an injury, to building an eight-figure business on the internet.

Matthias aims to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are not getting enough visibility and results with social media and the internet as well as bigger clients and even companies that have the same problem.

You would think that with his great credentials Matthias would be a snob, but he behaves the opposite way. When hiring and recruiting people, he rarely looks at CVs and resumes, choosing instead to focus on what each person can offer him. Matthis is also a pioneer in remote working; all his teams, including executives, have been predominantly virtual since 2007.

Matthias’s teams are on the cutting edge of social media trends and digital media, and they use all the tools that they themselves teach their students.

Even though Matthias Mazur is immensely successful, he still knows his roots, aiming to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are stumbling their way.

Matthias Mazur can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. He also has a personal website found here

How Olyasha Novozhylova turned her passion into a fashion and lifestyle blog to inspire young women to create their own extraordinary style

Olaysha Novozhylova is the founder and creator of NotBasicBlonde and also a model, blogger, influencer, and a celebrity podcast host of the NotBasicBlonde Podcast. She often partners with nationwide beauty, jewelry, makeup, skincare and clothing brands such as Cartier, Revolve, TooFaced, Tarte, and many more. Not Basic Blonde is a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style. The Russian model led an impressive ten year career in fashion and runway in Atlanta and overseas as well as enjoying several acting roles. Now a leading influencer, Olaysha shares her beauty, wellness, and fashion tips with an audience that exceeds over half a million followers. 

When she is not documenting her travels through the world, Novozhylova is busy educating women how to create iconic fashion looks with a mix of affordable and designer pieces, as well as offering makeup, skincare, and fitness tips to encourage her followers to live their best and most beautiful lives. Olaysha is Russian and has been a fashionista since she was a child, and has had a unique and extraordinary style since the day she started dressing herself! She came to the US when she was 17 and has been here for 14 years and started modeling when she was only 13 years old. Novozhylova’s parents put a strong emphasis on the importance of education and she graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Managerial Sciences. Olaysha had a successful career in IT/Project Management before she became a model, blogger, and influencer full time. The reason she decided to make this switch was because she has always had a passion for fashion and finally decided to share it in hopes to inspire other women. Since Novozhylova had such a unique and lively fashion sense and constantly got questions about her outfits, that is when she decided to start her blog and brand NotBasicBlonde. 

Olaysha’s motivation and inspiration for starting her business was her mom who was always a huge fashionista and still is! When Novozhylova was a child, her mother would dress her based on the latest fashion trends. Olaysha always loved an extraordinary style which inspired her to start her brand to help other women dress fashionably as well. Novozhylova started her business over four years ago and doesn’t regret it at all, she only wishes she would have started it earlier. She started her business because she wanted to share her passion for fashion with other women and create a community where women would complement and support each other while helping each other succeed. Once Olaysha got her feet on the ground with her business and established her brand, she was often complemented frequently on her voice which motivated her to start a celebrity podcast, NotBasicBlonde Podcast. The podcast is very successful and includes celebrity guests such as Forbes Public Figures, models, musicians, Bravo TV celebrities and many more. Olaysha says “Launching NotBasicBlonde Podcast in 2019 was one of the most rewarding projects! I get the chance to interview unique guests with inspiring stories. I get a lot of positive feedback, and many people have told me that it changed their life and inspired them, which was my goal!”

When asked what the biggest challenges were when starting a business, Novozhylova replied with “When you’re starting a business you have to remember that it takes a lot of time and effort. The biggest challenge is that you have to be fully dedicated, committed, and be ready to make sacrifices.” Being an influencer and podcast host does require a lot of time, planning and producing content, weekly photoshoots, long hours, and even working during vacations most of the time. “When you are starting a business, you should remember that it requires way more time than just having a 9-5 job, but being an entrepreneur is so rewarding. It is crucial to be ready to invest in yourself, because it will pay off later.” When starting a business, it is always better to have savings or investors to help you jumpstart your business. Another challenge Novozhylova said you have to be ready for as an entrepreneur is to not expect to be paid or profit right away because when you are first starting, it takes time to establish your business and brand to make it well known. Olaysha says it often takes a couple years or more depending on your brand to break even and make a profitable business, so perseverance through these years is what is most important to a successful business in the long run. 

A strong mindset is arguably the most important thing to have when starting a business. Novozhylova says “You have to be confident and stay true to yourself, otherwise you will not succeed! You have to not be afraid to fail, otherwise you will not learn from those failures. You have to be ready to educate yourself and constantly want to further your knowledge, because that is how you will grow and bring your business to a new level.” Her advice for someone who is trying to start their own brand is that you have to be willing to work long hours for free, you have to be ready to invest in yourself, and have lots of patience because it doesn’t happen overnight. Novozhylova says “Don’t ever compare yourself to others because it lowers your self-esteem, and you never know all the work, effort, and sacrifice that people have put in to get to the place they are in right now. You have to be flexible, constantly networking and making connections, get feedback from your customers and target audience, and keep learning all the time.” Olaysha’s best advice is to not be afraid of your dreams and new ideas. If you can dream it, you can do it! If you want to start something, don’t wait for a perfect time because there is never a perfect time, just start doing it. 

When asked what fear means to her, Olaysha responded with “I think everyone has a fear of the new and unknown, but it is crucial to make it work for you, not against you. When fear works against you, it stops you from moving forward and trying new ways. When you get fear to work with you, it excites you and pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. Fear is what keeps me going and helps me grow, and I take it as a challenge! When you overcome fear, it definitely gives you a confidence boost.” On the contrary, when asked what success means to Novozhylova she replied with “To me, success means to have a goal, plan the steps to achieve it, implement the plan, and finally achieve the goal. Success means to produce high quality work before the deadline. Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals. Additionally, success to me means when a person is successful in all aspects of life, and not just their career.” Olaysha’s perspective of success and fear is what drove her to build her business with integrity and passion and ultimately lead to her own success. 

In regards to how Novozhylova differentiates herself with competitors, she always tries to provide unique and quality content that will stand out for her audience. She says “Branding plays a huge role in establishing exactly who you are and what you do. And through that, comes trust! High-quality, but most importantly, consistent branding can make you stand out from your competition, Your personal touch and your individuality is what makes you stand out.” When looking at what the future holds for Novozhylova, she says she has a few very exciting projects that she is working on, but does not like to disclose details when the projects are still in progress, so very soon we will find out more about what the future holds for her as an individual as well as her brand and business! To learn more about Olaysha through her instagram page, click here.

Discovering Rising Singer-Songwriter Jack Powell

There are days when streaming platforms randomly bring about songs that you have never heard before but resonated with you wholeheartedly. You check the source, and you find out that they are an indie artist. They exhibit such talent that pulled you in at first listen. You find yourself listening to a different song of the artist, then another and another, until before you know it, you’ve already swept through their entire discography in one sitting.

As music streaming platforms are on the rise, so are the emerging indie artists who are excited to share their creations to wherever it could reach. Music, as proven by history, is an integral part of the human experience. Music has the power to connect strangers in the form of performance, be it singing or playing instruments. Looking through new music is like looking for a unique emotional connection.

If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a Jack Powell song.

Jack Powell is an eighteen-year-old music artist. He has the skill to write his rap and verses, and he knows how to tug at the heartstrings of his listeners. He spits out fire and goes hard on the beat, and he can transition to vocals at ease, while the accompanied melodies satisfyingly elevate the mood he is aiming to achieve.

Talented and raw, his hard-hitting songs have accumulated nearly four million streams on all of his music platforms. The music genres he’s actively creating songs in are Rap and Hip-Hop Tuga, also known as Portuguese hip-hop (Tuga being short for Portugal), as evident in his Genius profile. Displaying such an exceptional skill in music, Jack Powell is steadily heading to become the next music sensation.

Not only does his music capture your attention, but Jack also makes you feel worthy of attention. He makes music for himself and his experiences, but at the same time, he has his listeners on his mind. Balancing between making music for himself and other people is no easy feat, but Jack knows how to make it work. He can create songs within fifteen minutes, but he prefers to exert more time and effort into the music he makes because he prefers quality over quantity. For Jack, quality is evoking emotions from your listeners and connecting with them intimately.

While he is a musical genius, he is a softie at heart. Jack puts in efforts to interact with his fans and make them feel like they can trust him with anything they need. Jack goes out of his way for his fans because he knows the feeling of having no one, and he doesn’t want anyone, especially his fans, where he’s in a place to help, to experience it. 

Anybody and everybody willing to be vulnerable and face the rawness of Jack’s music are very welcome to listen to his music. Jack believes that feelings are what make us all human and that there is no need to curb or deny them. Because of this approach, Jack makes music that lasts lifetimes.

Jack Powell has accumulated nearly four million streams of his music on all his platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. He also uses Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. He is a verified artist in Genius, where you can see all of his tracklists and annotated lyrics.

David Roush: The Mastermind Behind Aerie Collective


He is not only changing the game of the drone industry, but he’s also leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic through Aerie Collective.

David Roush didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. He was a former US Marine, to begin with. And, the rest of his journey shows us that he can do anything. He’s a philanthropist, martial artist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and he can also do magic.

Looking back, David spent years in Asia, where he extended his help in humanitarian aid for Japan during the catastrophic earthquake that happened way back in 2011. He also supported work with the governments of the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea. During and after his time in the military, David trained people in fitness and martial arts. After all, he is trained and skilled in different disciplines such as Shiri-riu, Shorin-riu, Iaido, Aiki Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, and boxing.

After serving in the military, David decided to study Aeronautics at Liberty University while simultaneously starting his companies: an online marketing firm, a real estate company, a landscape company, then, a bitcoin company. When he started flying private jets all over the East Coast, he became intrigued by drones. This made him realize what he wanted to do for his fifth company. David started a commercial drone service company called Aerie Collective. 

He wasn’t joking when he said he could also do magic. “I am also a practical magician, and I use my skills to inspire people everywhere I go,” David shares. He even partnered up with another professional magician and performed shows all over the East Coast, England, and California. 

Last year, he published a book called Regret Nothing on Amazon. The book talks about valuable strategies on how to live the life of your dreams. The book also talks about his grandfather, who he looked up to. His grandfather was a WWII pilot and US Marine. What inspired David was what his grandfather would always say in a nonchalant manner, “I never expected to make it this far, and I have already done everything I wanted to do.”  David, later on, used and perfected it to live the life of his dreams.

David Roush is, by far, living proof that there are people who are capable of doing anything they put their minds into. Today, he is most known for his work in shaking up the AUV industry.

David and his team at Aerie Collective have been leading both the hydrogen movement and the disruption of the commercial drone industry. They have since built solid connections with companies across the country and in England, which can soon help them grow and expand their markets. The goal of Aerie Collective is to enhance the infrastructure of the drone industry and create a sustainable future for all types of drone flights. Through the use of hydrogen fuel cells, they can increase UAV efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint, helping not only pilots but also the planet. 

More than that, in this crisis, David took extra steps to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. “We believe that drones can save the world,” says David. Today, drones can help by delivering life-saving medicines to those who cannot go out, transporting COVID-19 tests directly from the testing center to the CDC or hospital, refreshing protective equipment stores for first responders, and so much more. He’s also committed to developing programs for the future to assist in emergencies. 

David has proven that he can do anything, but one can’t help but ask, what’s next for David Roush?

Allen Holmes Guides Fitness Aspirants to See the Best Versions of Themselves

The idea of fitness and pursuing a healthier lifestyle can be daunting, especially for beginners. It is easy to set a couple of fitness goals at the beginning of the year as our New Year’s resolutions, but the follow-through is always the more difficult step. Where do you correctly start? What does it even mean to be fit?

Allen Holmes, an online coach, bodybuilder, and fitness model, can provide you with the answers. 

Allen started working out when he was fifteen years old, and ever since then, he has been religious about training his body and keeping fit. Five years ago, Allen put together a five-year plan to guide his entry to the fitness industry. His beginnings are humble — he worked for the New York Sports Club as a housekeeper, maintaining the cleanliness of the gym.

Allen’s experience working at the gym changed things for him, for it cemented his passion for fitness, leading him to study to become a personal trainer and online coach. For two years now, he has been helping out other people fulfill their fitness goals, guiding them in their journey to becoming healthier. From coaching about proper workouts to recommending meal plans and supplements, Allen does it all for his customers. 

In addition to coaching, Allen has also been training to grace the bodybuilding stage. With plans to make his pro debut this September, Allen has also documented his progress and posted them online to inspire others on the same journey. 

He is also currently a legionnaire for one of the biggest supplement brands, 1stphorm, and has been involved in their transformation challenges. His involvement with 1stphorm gives him ample opportunities to improve himself and provide better services to those he is helping out. Allen has also signed an endorsement deal with Michelob ULTRA beer company, a significant accomplishment to be added to his growing list of achievements in the fitness industry. Furthermore, Allen is now under the modeling agency, FOMO Models. 

Some of us might find it challenging to reconcile our jobs and passion, but Allen feels fortunate enough to be doing something he truly loves. Since he was young, he has been inclined toward physical health and fitness, and deciding to make a career out of his interest is one of the easiest decisions he has done. 

And while he is continuously grinding to have his name well-known in the industry, he never fails to guide others to achieve the same improvement in themselves that Allen has seen for himself. As a coach, he loves the vision of people feeling their best and believing the best about themselves. He wants to influence others to stay on the right track in terms of developing their mind, body, and spirit. 

Allen makes use of his online platform to provide not just helpful workout tips but also offers encouraging words about self-discipline, self-improvement, and how to live life better. He has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram, and it is clear to see why people have continued to heed his words — they are both practical and motivational. His faith in everyone’s potential to become better versions of themselves effortlessly reflect in his thoughts and actions. And for people who want to know how anything could be possible if you put your mind to it, Allen is an exemplary model to follow.