TikTunes Is a Talent Agency That Has TikTok Influencers’ Best Interest at Heart

Amid the pandemic, it seems that everyone and their mother has switched to one form of entertainment: TikTok. This platform is the ultimate place for short-form mobile videos, driven by a community of young, creative, and exciting users. Users started as mostly Gen Z, but since the pandemic, TikTok has seen a rise in users of all ages. TikTok is available in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, and has been downloaded over 165 million times in the United States alone. With this kind of numbers, the reach you could potentially have using this app is enormous.

In an instant, your video could reach thousands and spread like wildfire. Whether you’re doing a cover of a TikTok dance, showing off your acting chops in a skit, doing a video educating people on an issue, or doing a video with a completely fresh concept, you never know when you could go viral.

But once you go viral and you amass a large following, where do you go from there? How do you capitalize on your TikTok fame and make sure you keep the brand you’ve built for yourself?

Well, TikTunes is just the answer for you! TikTunes is a talent agency that connects record labels, brands, mobile apps, and surveys with TikTok influencers. Once you sign up, they can leverage their own media pages to build up TikTok creators on other platforms besides TikTok. They offer a variety of services and products for TikTok influencers to promote, so you won’t have to worry about finding gigs for yourself.

TikTunes is here for the service of influencers, and they always have the influencers’ interest at heart. Unlike all other agencies, they do not block creators from working with other agencies. In fact, they offer creators free consulting and support on how to handle interest from other brands, agencies, and companies. On top of that, they also aim to make sure no one is stealing your content without your approval.

TikTunes prides itself on being one of the agencies that do not require you to sign a contract. Moreover, they know what it feels like to be an influencer because they are the only agency that is entirely run by influencers themselves. And they know that no one wants to be glued to a contract that would restrict them. Plus, because TikTunes agents are influencers that have experience in building audiences in the millions across all platforms, you can trust them with your content.

As an agency, TikTunes strives to look out for and serve the influencers’ interests. Lately, the influencer trend has been growing, and this makes companies and brands think it’s okay to take advantage of content creators. But with TikTunes on your side, you will never get ripped off, and you can monetize your influence in the right way.

Partnering with TikTunes means introducing your promotions into this massive network for unparalleled exposure. If you’re a content creator on TikTok, you should sign with this incredible agency.

Jimmy Dasaint: A Legend In the Hip-Hop Community To Look Out For

Every book always starts from a blank page before the first drop of ink touches the surface. A blank canvas that can turn to a masterpiece that can inspire people from different walks of life and bring them to a place of solace, Believe it or not, every single word from the prologue to the epilogue tells a story about the person holding the pen. For Jimmy Dasaint, the novels he writes serve as a reflection of the life he has led—from bruising his knees to getting back up on his feet and walking towards a better life.

Jimmy Dasaint is the author of the best-selling novel “Black Scarface,” which he co-wrote with Freeway Rick Ross. His book tells a story about a young man who aspired to become one of the most distinguished and most notorious kingpins in the USA. The “Black Scarface” series has gained recognition from various critics and readers all over the world. However, the success Jimmy has accomplished with his novel comes with an exciting background story.

According to Jimmy, he is not ashamed to share what inspired him to write his novel. “Black Scarface” is inspired by the trials he has gone through and how he conquered them. In his earlier years, he has made undesirable decisions that cost him his freedom—from being involved in the ruthless drug game, to getting shot ten times. Jimmy spent ten years of his life in federal prison, after which he faced a fork in the road. And while it is common for the society to view ex-convicts as hopeless deviants, Jimmy did not budge and decided to turn his life around and make the best out of the second chance he has gotten.

Jimmy’s successful novel “Black Scarface” is only one of the many award-winning books he has written. It was finally a breath of fresh air for him, but he did not stop just yet. Aside from writing novels, Jimmy has also written two featured films. In 2019, his documentary “American Hustler,” a TV series showcasing the impressive turnarounds in the lives of the urban community, gained recognition and was featured in Amazon Prime.

Moving forward, Jimmy is the founder of Dasaint Entertainment, a multimedia company in Philadelphia that produces books, films, and concerts. He also founded Urban Magazine, the number 1 Hip-Hop magazine in the greater Philadelphia area. Jimmy is also one of the top promoters for Live Nation, where he is the Lead Promoter for Springfest, Summerfest, Back-to-School Concert, and the highly anticipated Philly Hip-Hop Awards.

Jimmy is currently a CEO, an award-winning author, music producer, film producer, and entrepreneur. From time to time, Jimmy gets invited as a motivational speaker, where he gets to share his inspirational story with more people.

Jimmy is living proof that everyone has the power to change the course of their lives. Losing is a part of getting to success, and making a conscious choice of defeating your doubts is what will take you a step closer to your goal.

To know more about Jimmy’s works, you may visit his website here.

Nothing to Stop an Athlete’s Game through HeadSharp app

“Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” A TV ad for a popular sports drink once used this generic quote to promote their product. True to its words, the will of the mind is a powerful agent in winning if used to one’s favor. However, there is a lack of emphasis on these skills in the youth sports industry. Sports performance company app, HeadSharp, has long developed this strategy for its athletes. Competition is highly regarded as 90% mental, but athletes spend 90% of their time training their bodies.


HeadSharp has been on a mission to disrupt the youth sports industry and is passing its goals with flying colors. In 2018 HeadSharp launched their sports performance app that serves as a “Mindset Coach in your pocket.” It aims to motivate & empower athletes to bring out their best on and off the field. They believe that the toughest opponent to beat is one’s self, and its finally time to stop getting beat by yourself! They have a team of over 25,000 athletes from youth champions, to professionals all around the world.


As an app boosting athletic efficiency through mental conditioning, it is the perfect app for youth sports. Most mindfulness apps out today are just a collection of meditation files. HeadSharp is much more than that offering a functional and informative app with a sleek interface. It is also user friendly that is easy to use. An exclusive peeks on some of its contents showcase (1) a 5-minute whiteboard animation videos for fun and retentive learning, (2) SMART exercises, (3) daily routines, and (3) blended written, physical or mental exercises. The app is also self-paced, so athletes can access its contents at any time. 


HeadSharp is offering a free four-week program for its users to build a foundation in the mental game. This offer is specifically for athletes who want to learn more on topics covering motivation, confidence, goal setting, and dominance. This the perfect opportunity for student-athletes who wish to keep their minds sharp while at home. Staying mentally sharp while being unable to compete on the field keeps them one step ahead when competition ahead. 


Previous users of the app attest to its effectiveness. Three-peat Pan Kids Jiu-Jitsu Champion Liam Zeh said, “I used to let my nerves and lack of confidence get the best of me. Your System has been a game-changer.”. Other testimonials back up the potency of HeadSharp with “them staying focused and eliminating noise,” “being calm and unfazed by all the hype.” Grappling Champion Colleen Quinn even cited one of the features of the app! According to her, “The Game Day Checklist was perfect. Instead of getting nervous, I stepped on the mat, confident, and ready.”


The HeadSharp App is your mental edge to the championship. Teaching the winner mentality has never been this systematic and accessible – until now! All in the palm of your hands, you can learn the secrets of champion athletes to boost confidence, shake nerves, and build consistency through their self-paced training program. 


Be unstoppable in your game with HeadSharp. Join its team of champion athletes in-the-making on their website: www.headsharp.com.

A Unique Perfume from Le Bijoux Parfum for Every Type of Woman

Every perfume bottle reflects its owner’s unique and exciting personality. From chic, confident, timid, outgoing, sensual, to fun-loving, Le Bijoux Parfum has the perfect product to compliment every woman’s special characteristic.

Launched in May 2015, company founder Adeline Dorsainvil understood the competitive nature of the online fragrance industry. Armed with a well-developed business plan, an in-depth knowledge of product trademark, and business licensing, she took a leap of faith and penetrated the market.

Her love for perfumes, crystals, and fashion jewelry, even as a young girl, are all captivated in every Le Bijoux Parfum bottle. Swarovski crystal gems in the perfume bottle is one of the company’s defining features. Ouds, on the other hand, is beautifully created with 24k gold. These one-of-a-kind and innovative features have allowed Le Bijoux Parfum to successfully grow itself to impact both men and women.

Each Le Bijoux Parfum variant is carefully formulated to ensure its premium quality. It is also best known to give long-lasting fragrances to its users. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfume that keeps users smelling fresh and confident all day long.

The company name is French in origin. It means the “perfume jewelry.” It has perfectly met the inclination of women whose passion includes perfume and jewelry.

There are four bestsellers in the company’s fragrance line. These standout variants are sought after by women for their extraordinary scents. The Le Bijoux Parfum infused with Swarovski crystals is a captivating citrusy creation perfect for the modern, independent, and confident woman. This floral scent is specially designed for those who prefer a light and flowery fragrance – attractive and pleasing to the senses.

The latest addition to the Le Bijoux Parfum family is Venezia, an irresistible formulation guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Women who intend to stand out and make an impact in every encounter are sure to achieve this with this variety. It suits the fighting spirit of driven and career-oriented women who face work challenges head-on.

The Jezebel Bombshell Oud, on the other hand, is an exotic and seductive masterpiece that is designed to enhance every woman’s sexiness. It highlight’s every woman’s striking features regardless of age, shape, and ethnic origin. Interestingly, this unique variant goes well with any lotion or body spray.

For those who want to exude the fresh and relaxing effect of a bouquet of roses, the Artesian Rose Oud is the item of choice. Its genie lamp inspired packaging creates a magical feel for every user. It is highly recommended for women going to an evening date, a night of fun, and new beginnings.

Even with the wide range of luxurious perfume brands to choose from today, Le Bijoux Parfum remains highly competitive as it continues to offer high-quality perfumes and ouds for men and women alike. Women clients can expect more exciting products in the future that will keep them feeling like queens bravely conquering the world.

To know more about Le Bijoux Parfum’s wide variety of products and how to order them, visit www.lebijouxparfum.com today.

Rising Star K’Danye Is Taking the World by Storm with Her Latest Release, Rocky No More

Kedanieh Myers grew up writing songs when she was in high school, inspired by the music she often listened to with genres ranging from Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B. She has always been a musician at heart, but her most significant influence came with hip-hop, where she eventually paved her own path in the Jamaican music scene. Taking up the mantle of K’Danye, she refined her musical prowess by figuring out the right sound that matched with her unique voice and personality. K’Danye eventually landed on the genre where she feels most comfortable, Conscious, and Lover’s Rock. Blending together the best aspects of both styles, she has found her own unique sound and continues to make catchy and meaningful songs that dominate the airwaves.

Standing out from the rest of the crowd K’Danye’s striking fashion sense is a sight to behold. Crafting her own fashion sense that harmoniously matches with her music, she has been seen performing in various places such as Kat’s Café, Red Light Café, Apache Café, and The Caribbean Student Association (Carbisa) events back in 2014.

K’Danye began to rise as an artist in 2018, where she was given the opportunity to perform at a live show on stage for the first time in her entire career at the GT Taylor Extravaganza in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. K’Danye also performed alongside famous Jamaican artist Michelle T.

In 2019, the height of her fame and exposure rose massively, allowing her the opportunity for paid gigs in various places. And 2020 is looking to be an even better year for K’Danye as she continues to make her music and make meaningful connections within the industry. She recently launched an EP called “Ms. International” following with 4 singles called “Mr. Poverty,” “Ready or Not,” “Brave Up,” and “Rocky No More,” all of which show how much K’Danye has grown as an artist.

K’Danye’s talents are shining through slowly but surely, and more and more people are bearing witness to a rising star. She puts her own unique twist to the music genres that most people have been accustomed to, improving upon the sounds of the music from different genres, K’Danye’s passion for music bleeds through her creative process and the sheer artistry of her songs. With her recent releases and the various gigs and musical appearances that she’s been scoring, it won’t be long until “Ms. International” goes worldwide, and what a sight to see it would be.