22-Year-Old Concert Photographer Nominated for “Best Photographer” Award at the SCM Awards 2020

Tyra Grayson, 22, is hardly an amateur photographer. Even though she is a senior at Full Sail University in their Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree program, the Alabama native has her own successful concert photography and graphic design business. Several notable music artists have already hired Grayson to take photographs of them during their concerts. Some of them include Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, Lizzo, Future, Boosie Badazz, Logan Henderson, and Yelawolf.

“I’ve been doing graphic design for a year and photography for almost three years,” said Grayson. “My grandad got me into these two career fields. I was previously making music before this and playing basketball, and now I thank him every day for helping me find a new love in the music industry. May he rest in peace.”

Grayson remains humble about her talents and her future career path. She doesn’t pretend to know everything about the music industry, even though she loves it so much. Her ambition allows herself to be realistic and open so that she can listen and learn from others along the way.

“So many creative people in my field want to do everything themselves and get the work done without any help,” said Grayson. “If you’re going to make it in this business, you’ll need help along the way and must be willing to work under pressure while keeping an open mind.”

Grayson’s attempts at keeping an open mind have finally paid off. She has already been nominated for “Best Photographer” at the upcoming SCM Awards 2020 in July. The SCM Awards are more like an independent awards ceremony held each year. They award the achievements of notable independent creative artists in the music industry, such as music producers, DJs, music business owners, dancers, stylists, graphic designers, and photographers.

“The slogan of my company is ‘Create with Passion,’ which signifies to do what you love and do it with passion,” said Grayson. “I do what I do because I love to create for others and make a difference. I’m honored to have received this nomination. It is something I never expected to happen. It just motivates me that much more to keep on doing what I’m doing and create the best work possible.”

In addition to her SCM Awards 2020 nomination, Grayson has also been nominated for “Bama’s Hottest Photographer” at the 2020 Alabama Music Awards. This award show has only been around for six years, and yet, it has become the biggest annual event in Alabama. The award show celebrates and honors all the creative talent who have come from Alabama.

“I feel like I’m different than most people who try to succeed,” said Grayson. “I am a risk-taker, and I push the barrier until the barrier is broken. I’ve never taken a ‘no’ for an answer and moved on. I’ve always found other ways to get my dream done. That is why I’ve been this successful so far.” 

Meet LeadJolt – The Smartest Guys in Real Estate Advertising

Real estate can be a very profitable industry, but it’s often very difficult to become successful with. In fact, 87% of real estate agents fail in their first five years, and that’s mainly due to not having reliable leads. Quality leads are the most important part of running and sustaining a successful real estate business, and that’s exactly what LeadJolt has been generating for their clients.

LeadJolt is a cutting edge real estate client generation company based out of Franklin, TN. Founders John Danes and Adam Artemis have been able to provide such great results for their clients because of their personal experience in the real estate game.

After a nightmare experience at a health and wellness company, John and Adam turned their sites towards real estate. They got involved with a brokerage and started studying for their real estate exams, and quickly realized that real estate was much more difficult than they imagined.

 They spent all their days’ cold calling, attending networking events, and reaching out to everyone they knew, but were still having problems booking appointments. They realized they needed to change their approach.

This is when they turned to Facebook advertising. They were the youngest guys in their office and both had marketing experience so Facebook ads seemed like a good niche for them. They started running ads and immediately started having success.

This led them to leave their agency and building their own business using these new skills they had developed. Their new appreciation and understanding of what real estate agents go through had given them great insight into helping their clients.

 They were able to scale their agency to six figures very quickly, but this was in the general space. They had worked with a few real estate agents and had gotten great results, so they decided to focus on attacking the one niche that made them want to start their business in the first place.

 A lot of advertisers were very leery when Facebook introduced special ad categories, but John and Adam saw an opportunity and were able to take advantage of it. They started using Facebook advertising very aggressively and produced fantastic results for their clients.

 Even though LeadJolt is still a young company, they have already served over 50 clients and are looking to take on more. They have built a massive following based around social media and online marketing and have multiple top 100 marketing podcasts. They are already recognized as a Facebook marketing partner and are looking forward to continuing to dominate the Facebook ad space.

 LeadJolt is an exciting new company that has already produced incredible results for their clients. John and Adam have made it a goal to have over 100 active clients by the end of 2020. If you have any questions you can visit their website here and learn more about LeadJolt and even watch testimonials of happy customers.